Not at the table, not at work, not with your family, not in public, better yet, just don’t do it. Be political, that is. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”(-Eleanor Roosevelt)  A political mind knows who he is talking to and entertains that person as the politician meets his/her audience where they are at.  Politics is merely a social game of charismatic charades.  Political topics are conversations regarding something the majority is actively conscious of. Hot topics if you will. People who can dominate these media driven talking points will accel in the social paradigm.  People who oppose these social constructs end up being forgotten by the algorithm and/or neglected by the rest of the herd.  You simply cannot have a great democracy when it is filled with small minds. There are a couple of personality types and a politician (aka a people pleaser) is one of them.  I don’t want to universally paint a politician as a bad person in this essay.  A successful social creature is persuasive but when the persuasion becomes purely selfish, you find the meaning of persuasion devolve into manipulation. My goal is to try and persuade you to think for yourself.

See, people connect based on commonalities.  Whether it is the commonality of time, place or a thing regarding an interest and/or experience, people vibe across race, gender, and generation.  A politician knows how to say what people want to hear.  This is where politics weasels its way into the modernized mechanical heart.  Media and journalism are partially to blame because they create narratives that emotionally affect personality types, cultural truths, and income level/job types.  We are pegged as Me vs. You because it is much easier to divide and conquer this way.  Another reason is because journalism is selling their content rather than sharing it with an altruistic approach. It is also much easier to paint a simple picture in a unidimensional manner than it is to explain all the layers of unintended consequences and related factors that have an effect on a situation or thing.  This act of laziness and also pursuit of the dollar has caused a world of disinformation, a generation of uninformed constituents, and a political state whereby politicians entrust their honor and duty towards the multi-billion dollar industries that are technically running our country rather than what is best for the people and Earth.

The majority of people act with their amygdala rather than prefrontal cortex. This becomes a key weapon in the eyes of political initiatives. Competition creates comradery and euphoria creates empathy.  Empathy isn’t always good and euphoria isn’t always pleasing. Empathy turns sour when virtue signaling becomes the method of showcasing empathetic feelings. Empathy can be a tool to gage and understand morals as well as perspective but it can also be a mechanism to excuse hatred in the name of supporting a cause that you don’t fully understand.  Comradery on the other hand becomes toxic like cancer when it leeches onto ignorant stances that which both the left and right political parties push due to the lazy work ethic and business minded approach by the media.  It isn’t that I believe in some grand conspiracy that lizards are trying to take over the world, rather I believe we are being shafted by the egomaniacs that control our supply chain driving the people to succumb to an inefficient, irresponsible, and depressive country.

Political topics entail all things that effect the population.  Economics, Moral/Cultural Philosophy, Innovation, Education, Wellness, and even personal truths.  There are two goals in conversation, to share an experience or idea and to listen to an experience or idea.  All information is at some level theoretical and a belief.  We must believe our eyes/ears, believe the data, believe the entity sharing the information, and remember the information at hand correctly.  We are living in a day and age whereby people take information as a matter of fact. When dealing with policies that effect people’s lives, you must be as certain as possible.  It is vital to remain humble when it comes to what you know. Specialists in every field are proven wrong in their own field daily, so who is to say that a processed piece of information spewed out by a tainted political narrative holds any validity at all?

Metaphors and similes are my favorite ways to explain something because it gives room for the creative spirit to understand without having to explain every little detail. This use of correlating themes expedites the learning curve and also gives insight of comprehension.  It seems that memories and relationships have much more in common than previously considered. Memory is formed by circles of neurons that entail information almost like segments of code from a website.  As more information gets piled into the cranial cavity, the brain makes the best use of ATP (biological energy) by branching off old memories to build new structures of neurons.  Memory is formed by the association of relative sensory inputs.  Relationships amongst people, similarly branch out of common interests and the level of convenience in meeting. You are who you surround yourself with but you don’t have to be.  Don’t be cheap with the information you believe and don’t be fake like a politician saying what is only wanted to be said.  Become an artist with your words so that you can delineate your thoughts appropriately and effectively. 

I wonder if there is some kind of intimate quantum entangled neurological intercourse when two individuals divulge in a conversation they are equally interested in as if the memories, endorphins and neurotransmitters have their very own language.  The more time spent together, the more the entangled memory cells expand causing a more severe emotional reaction as a larger part of the brain becomes dependent on the other neurological structure as much as its own cranial cavity. What if everyone’s secular memories were connected in some universally conscious mechanism?  Perhaps the tragedy and deceit portrayed by both the media and politicians alike can awaken a source of community that brings people together based on our common experience of abuse rather than having the weak-minded masses take the bait of divided hate funded by the Technocrats, Democrats and Republicans making us all inmates in the name of USA and the economy. 

My political stance is more of a criticism to the current political narrative per each dividing topic. Borders shouldn’t necessarily exist, but at the same time, people need to be accounted for by the governing body and there ought to be a process when someone moves from one legal system to a different legal system so they are properly oriented into the new set of laws and cultural norms. Education should be free, but not when it doesn’t produce a career and executives are making millions of dollars funneled through state grants and scholarships.  I believe war is horrendous but we must fix the infrastructure of the country first before cutting off resources from around the world.  We must stop supporting slave wage both in our country and also with the companies within our country.  We never won a war on slavery, we won a war to outsource it.  The health of the planet is essential and we must take action but we cannot cripple our economy by disrupting the supply chain of basic needs so it doesn’t cause more harm than it helps.  I believe Healthcare should be free but it can’t be “free” when you have insurance companies and legal firms cherry picking billions of dollars off the top, executives making millions of dollars annually with a nation full of unhealthy and sick people who refuse to take care of themselves.  I believe drugs should be legal and safe but we also need enough preventative health/mental health investments so that people don’t need medicine/drugs. All this to say that our political system is a joke that isn’t here to help the people.  The compartmentalized governing system is too inefficient and too corrupt to sustain much longer.

There is a balance between individualism and collectivism that is attainable.  We must utilize respect, accountability, honesty, integrity, and creativity to find the middle point. It is important to remember there isn’t always a win-win solution, but there is always a better solution. History becomes a necessary memory to help avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. The singularity is coming, but it doesn’t have to be through a microchip, rather it can be through common understanding and common goals.

I don’t vote in a broken system. I am A-Political and will remain A-Political until we create a system that acknowledges the people and the environment of the people. I believe we should dissolve the United States and bring back states rights because the United States is too diverse both geographically and also culturally.  A small town has very different needs than a big city. I believe we should not vote for politicians, rather vote for professionals in an array of areas similar to the cabinet representatives, except the people would elect each cabinet member per each region.  I also believe it would be wise to create a public discussion board to allow research to be organized and shared in regards to each policy at hand so people do not get stuck in loops of pre-written rhetoric provided by the media.  Mixing a direct democracy with a representative democracy could truly work if done properly. At the end of the day, Voltaire said it best when he directs his readers to “[tend to their own garden.]” Lead by example in all social environments and only worry about what you can change.  Keep yourself busy and do something with your time that helps more than it hurts.  Most political conversations are typically outside of your power so allow these intense spaces to be a space of creativity rather than 2 opposing lectures.  People working together in grassroots movements can make a difference. Become political enough to reach people’s heart and soul but retain your integrity enough to not be a fake politician. Do what you believe is most right but always remember at some point you will be wrong. Don’t be a sore loser when you are wrong either. When a government fails, there is no winner, we all suffer.  Let’s start winning as a community again. This is no will to end America.  I believe our constitution grants us the abilities to do pretty much all that I mentioned.  I don’t vote because the vote doesn’t reflect policy action at all.  The system we have right now works regardless of how we vote. The big corporations that employ the masses are the real policy creators.  Perhaps it is for the best since they are technically the “professionals” per each policy.  I support those that vote on both sides and thoroughly enjoy hearing both sides. I could see myself voting for an intellectual that strikes a chord with me and all hope isn’t lost in our current democratic system.  You don’t have to agree in order to respect one another and believe in a common ideal of a better, safer, happier, and free society.

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media and now I'm pursuing a career in the Health and Wellness field.

4 thoughts on “A-Political

  1. What an interesting, provocative read. I’ve always loved that Eleanor Roosevelt quote, and thoroughly agree with your final statement: “You don’t have to agree in order to respect one another and believe in a common ideal of a better, safer, happier, and free society.”


  2. My favorite line, “…remain humble when it comes to what you know”

    Also, after a year where I felt that not discussing politics was almost irresponsible, you’ve caused me to wonder how nesessary these conversations really are. Well done! Particularly, when they are not with people whom you can collaborate and problem solve with.

    Liked by 1 person

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