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The problem with the internet is that it is a social utility owned by private companies with skewed and self interested persuasions in how they conduct business.  We use the internet like a drug and our society is the drug dealer. As pretty much all drugs can be used as a form of medicine, our internet service could become a medicinal remedy as well.  There are some key philosophical concepts concepts must be assessed before moving forward in this conversation. Privacy vs Functionality. Entertainment vs Education. In an ideal world, we could enjoy all 4 dimensions of content.

The internet is a network of inputs and outputs.  Let’s run through a quick analysis of all the components involved with bringing you this big bright light. It works almost exactly like the postal service with addresses, except instead of mass, we have electrical signals. The IP address is like your home address, it is the location of where the signal is transmitted from. The Network is basically the company the built the infrastructure mostly funded by the government. The Hardware is the actual lines of wire, towers, and satellites. The Interface is the hardware that the user uses to communicate with the rest of the hardware. The Backend is basically the directional language built to organize and direct information. The Great Algorithm is the way in which information populates per each search engine/website.  There are layers of the algorithm that can be used to suppress information and also promote a narrative. You see, Net Neutrality was supposed to protect the internet but now that it is gone, companies are acting without any recourse. Because these private companies own the hardware and infrastructure, they have undeserved power over who gets to say what.  Since Covid, we now see a huge oversight in independent speech/perspective.

Security, Safety, and Evil. The internet is a dark place but it can bring light beyond the color blue.  Marketing plays a big role in this truth of the dark side to the internet.  The fashion world has a lot of blame in the brainwashing efforts of manipulating the Prefrontal Cortex starting at young ages, but that is not the focus of this article.  “Copy” is persuasive language meant to a sell rather than progress humanity. At times, a product makes money and helps society progress, but that is more of a rarity. There was a time that I would accept porn as a progressive stake in the evolution of society, but at this point, it has become scorned with possessed forms of prefrontal cortex entrapment. Furthermore down this rabbit hole of evil, it sickens me how the internet promotes teen porn and there is little to zero protection for children online.  There is also zero accountability for cybercrime and identity theft. That level of disregard for the protection of our privacy makes the impression that the forces that are supposed to protect and serve are failing us immensely. Our kids are at danger, our security is in danger. Our online world is destroying the fabrics of human connection by seeing one another as a “bit” rather than biological being.

Individualized, Resource Allocation, Optimized with Geolocation is still unfortunately a dream, not reality. Google started with a mission to provide free information. I remember hearing in recent years a split amidst the core mission at Google. One set of owners wanted to remain with the goal of offering free information to the world as the other side of the company preferred to focus on the advertising and profit model of the company. It seems the advertising side of the company has taken the reigns. I still remember the CDs of The World’s Encyclopedia that blew away any library in the world. The Encyclopedia paved the way for the modern, Wikipedia, a crowd sourced information repository.  One beautiful part about the internet is that it can adapt and evolve. New websites can revolutionize a society and new communication forums could solve world peace.

GrowMyCommunity.org could help be a part of the new online paradigm. We could eventually link up transportation, finance, politics, religious, education, social functions, and economics (more prevalent) into a system that didn’t discriminate and helped allocate the resources appropriately. To organize information so that people can avoid manipulation would be revolutionary. To give people the private space to believe, make money, socialize, learn, be entertained, and help society become better. Perhaps one day, Grow My Community could build a self sustainable plot to become a city upon a hill. A man can dream right? A society can do good right? A world can believe right?

Grow My Community


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Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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