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Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires

The New Smokey Mountain

Mother Nature is a funny beast. Visiting Arizona has given me an extremely unique perspective on the difficulties of life. The humbling grandiose level of gratitude this place holds compares to nothing that I can recall. It would be as though never tasting the flavor sour and then been given a lemon tree. I’ve seen a lot compared to the average human ever to walk this Earth, but seeing this image, especially in such a state, reminds me of how little I am and how little I’ve seen. Smokey Mountains on the Westcoast inspires a better way of Livingood.

Take note that you are seeing smoke in both of these photos at The Grand Canyan. Wildfires have been raging through the region amidst my newlywed, Susan, and my honeymoon. It did block some of the visibility, but at the same time, a unique beauty was formed. The red sun, smokey topped mountain caps, and shadowed distant mountain tops really gave me a once in a lifetime view.

We often look past the proof of the most significant aspects to this universe. The little things add up to objects larger than The Grand Canyan itself. Little fires can destroy thousands of lives. But from a distance, those same fires might just be the most beautiful sunset to ever set. The countless mountain faces are each independently the most beautiful thing ever captured by my consciousness.

I sit out here and see so much potential for utilizing this land. The land may be expensive, but the living experience doesn’t have to be costly. What if the houses were underground to save on cooling costs and also to be protected from wildfires as well as other types of disasters? What if we designed mechanisms to capture the flashflood waters and redersertify the lands with organically fed animals? What if sprinkler systems could automatically link with heat sensors and projected fire locations to stop the wildfires? What if anywhere could be a smarter city that got better at fighting fires? Ideas can be a wildfire of a sort. Perhaps that’s my aim for the blog.

I am in Sedona, Arizona enjoying the honeymoon following a beautiful wet wedding in Blairsville Georgia. The contrast of draught and mountain landscapes are worth taking note of. I recently started working with so stay tuned for our future productions and collaborations on fixing societies. Hopefully we can build smarter communities in all geographic areas. I would like to note that after riding horses out in the desert earlier today, I may have fallen in love with this place. Stay blessed out there. Find beauty wherever you are.

A Grand Canyon View

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