East vs Westworld

As I watch the HBO series Westworld, I am fascinated by the aspects of human nature that exhibit an almost exact parallel to reality itself. Although, that is the point of great art, right? Introspection.

Watching people come in and out of the Emergency Room, I see those who are corrupted, those who weren’t given the tools to survive, and those of a seeming other species entirely. The people who have it together. Those who have purpose beyond the valley in front of them.

Drones walk among us, drugged up and institutionalized by the powerful and wicked. Lives ruined for the sake of making a buck. Infants who are permanently damaged by these same institutions. It’s easy to call someone racist, but to call a system broken requires a deeper explanation. The people themselves aren’t bad, but the data is. The protocols are.

Bad food corrupts us, evil entertainment corrupts us, drugs corrupt us, yet we continue to indulge knowing the outcome. I find it ever fascinating moving from Natural Health to Pharmaceutical Health. To see the people and personalities that indulge in each way of life creates a pattern that is easy to dissect. Sure poverty is a large part of the equation, but so are parents, social norms, and social institutions.

When I take this archetype to the animal kingdom, it makes a little more sense why there is a food chain. However, consciousness is supposed to bypass the natural order. It is supposed to allow creativity into the framework of freewill as well as purpose. That is how we were designed.

So what are we doing here? This is where I stop and believe. I believe that humans are here to be great, but not Gods. Some in just one thing. Some in many things. We are not here to own. We are not here to destroy. We are here to preserve and recycle the waste just as our digestive system was designed.

Our human nature is corrupted by breaking Darwin’s theory of evolution and for that, we must deal with the consequences. The greed and pursuit of living without pain had broken the human experiment. We are slaves to simply survive in a world where we so much is unless. No time for play, nor art. We consume without any expression of care for what comes after. We numb our pain to the point of forgetting why we hurt. Eventually even sedatives can’t stop the pain. They erode the very circuits that are designed to record our reality.

You tell someone how they will die and they continue on dying a slow ignorant life. But that is not how every story goes. Luckily after involving myself in the holistic health system, I still have hope that we can thrive as a great race once again. When we tumble down the towers that obstruct the butterfly wing’ waft of air from North America to reaching the arctic circle where it was destined to reach, we may just get back in touch with who we are and why we are here. We have created a fake world where many would rather die than continue on with sleepless nights and empty stomachs no matter how hard we work. Many more would rather turn into a drone and live the rest of their life asleep.

I still have hope that people will wake up from their own nightmare and begin walking with Faith. Whatever form of faith that gives one purpose is sufficient in my books. Faith that as long as people are trying to break the cycles of evil, we will continue to grow as a species individually and collectively. Acknowledge your sins and stop. You are not a machine. You have Will Power.

Let’s Grow a better world starting with your own narrative. #growmycommunity #letsgrow #community #humandevelopment

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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