Communicate, Don’t Hate

-Listen To Yourself-

Communication is the immunization from the viral effects of instigating stagnation in a nation constipated with obstructions beyond what the government implemented or inflated. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, This, That, The Other and Another. Word placement like a nuclear bomb erupting off the oral canvas, moral brushes, rigid from the timid self image and smooth from the bullshit you never finished. Words make an impression far deeper than blurry vision. Be careful when engaging with a wordsmith, you may get contact high if you listen with intention.

Language shapes our reality. One’s reality reflects their language.   Words are a tool, weapon, toy, and artform. Language is a duality between comprehending and expressing. This paradigm of opposites creates room for style, purpose, creativity, individualism, collectivism, emotion and logic. The balance becomes the pursuit of interest. Every conversation is like a freestyle rap intertwined with a game of tetris. Learning to communicate is the single most important human skill. Through time, concepts of how to live become engraved into genetic memories that form a complementary relationship in the culture of our species. Language cannot be suppressed, rather it must be experienced and respected to get the full spectrum of value. To become great with your words, you must understand language inside and out. To understand the language you use, you must first understand yourself. Welcome to the interior of sound’s domain. Enjoy the vehicle of communication driven by yours truly.

Self talk is the first most important type of communication. Self talk is how you develop a moral compass, accumulate confidence, utilize motivation, and allow yourself to be present in the here and now.  Society in many ways has belittled your perspective with the use of college degree systems and shortsided political ideologies that are flawed at the beginning with a brainwashing effect to provide scripted arguments for the zombies to copy that originally was written as copy.  Stop being so sensitive and accept when you are wrong to be able to self correct.  Know when you are being a little bitch to be able to access more motivation and grit. Know yourself well enough to have insight on your own knowledge and your own beliefs as to not share misinformation or disinformation. Know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How you believe to know in order be heard most effectively and efficiently.

Why? Why waste your time? Why risk embarrassing yourself and being wrong? Upon every interaction and action, pondering why is a necessary foundation. The cost benefit analysis of to speak or not to speak is the living anxiety that excites all forms of communication.  The goal is to be heard, but that is nearly impossible when taking on the role of the rest of the herd. The herd just “baaaas.” Having a “Why” built into someone’s every action helps facilitate a higher purpose.  As a higher purpose is pursued, natural biological motivators are activated. Remember your why.  Sometimes the why is a simple passing of time. Other times it is to pass time for others.  My favorite is sharing thoughts that help others but at times, I get food for my own thought. The Why is the steering wheel in the car that guides every obstacle in the road.

Where is your destination? Living in the past will get you as far as getting full from thinking about food.  Energy is always prevalent, therefore, you can never be doing nothing.  At times, your destination is unconscious.  This can either be a beautiful accidental destination or it could be a real life nightmare. Where will you take the conversation? Where are you at physically and mentally when the conversation is endured? Where will the conversation take you? The Where is the engine of the conversation.  The direction you aim towards is the fuel to keep you going.

Who is communicating? The who in conversation is the direction and also the subject of shared words. The Who isn’t just who is speaking.  The Who entails a rich mix of charismatic unique flavors.  These two separate flavors of charisma intertwine into a small batch microbrew of local ingredients and international influence.  Depending on who is speaking, further depicts the way in which the conversation is approached. Depending on who is involved in the conversation, the listening to speaking ratio may change. The Who is the radiator that helps maintain the stasis no matter the statis.

What is the topic at hand? What are you going to talk about? What interests you? What gets you off? What is the world talking about? What do you value? Know when to shut out negative conversation and when to help redirect the negativity into positivity. At times, there is no need to interject positivity and the reception of emotion is the best approach.  I find that complainers actually fulfill the 1st step in the scientific method, they define the problem.  They also unconsciously search for someone who can find an answer as they spray the problems outward until someone is capable of fixing it. The What is the transmission that shifts from idea to emotion without interfefence.

When is the communication? Timing is everything.  Not too fast, not too quick.  Timing is the rhythmic flow between two separate voices.  The space between sounds gives room for other types of language to emerge. Know when to shut up and when to speak up. Don’t be too slow responding or else the other person may develop anxiety from the awkward nature of unwanted silence. The When is the tires that must be replaced and frequently reassessed.

How is your communication? The How is the flavor introduced and what complementary flavors accompany the main course of the conversation at hand.  The flavor is commonly understood to be the Tone.  The tone is how you introduce persuasive automated responses. Tone is the strength of the reach, the look on the face, the language of the body, and the eyebrow tilt. Tone expresses the historical relevance to experience. With the right tone, you can win arguments, teach the uneducated, make the disbelievers believe and make an already pissed off human, angry enough to fight. The How is the car’s computing system that makes everything in the background seemlessly.

Tell a story. Connect with other’s stories.. You can live your life as a mute Monk, but you will still need communication skills. Just remember that everyone is a weirdo to some extent so don’t let anxiety of other people’s ignorance prevent your anecdotes from being recorded and your perspective shared. Also, no one is ever 100% right, so don’t let insecurity inhibit you from communicating and sharing what you think you know. Laughing can cure almost any miscommunication and what laughing can’t fix, empathy and envoronmental awareness can help lessen the tension. For the moments where self awareness and the emotion of laughter is unacceptable, crying can usually mend the broken moment. There are times where an apology is warranted but more times than not, just have good intention. Be aware of your environment and know who you are talking to. There are people who will be upset no matter what so don’t spend your life trying to please everyone. Speaking things into existence has some merit in my books, so take time to meditate, pray, and visualize your needs and desires. Be true to yourself and speak with your heart, feel with your gut, and believe with your memories.

To be fully honest, I have been bitter on many conversations online, especially lately where logic is a means to be cancelled. Many of times, it comes from a place of satire or frustration from the inability for the other individual to acknowledge the facts or simple perspective attempted to be shared. Tone is a vital part of the human skill communication which is something my father lacks. Tone is an external affect reactionary signal to a situation or conversation. My goal is to grow and weeding is a part of that growth. Another part of growing is knowing your environment. Know the Who, What, When, Where, and How of the conversation to grow the right material into the talking points that can help the other person also grow. Be a nutrient, not a toxin in the world of communication.

Thanks for the conversation with myself. I always enjoy it.

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

8 thoughts on “Communicate, Don’t Hate

  1. Oh my gosh! this is absolutely brilliant! every single paragraph is vital, but your second-last paragraph is really it. Touching, honest, educative, all of it. My question is, how do i save this article for easy access whenever I need a recharge? Also, I wish I could write intelligently like you do. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece!

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