Localize Everything


Localize Everything. When I say everything, I fully acknowledge the resource allocation difficulties from varying geographic locations. We need to redesign our economy and communities so the money within a local jurisdiction does not trickle up and out of the hands of our fellow neighbors.  The further away money travels, the less impact it will have on a designated area and the more it gets filtered out of helping the little guys.  Corporate Ownership, Celebrity Culture, Monopolies, Copyrights/Regulation, and Online Algorithms are ways that the little guy next door gets overlooked and squandered. The $20 an hour conversation is typically where mainstream takes this conversation, however I intend to making an actual difference with this post. Localizing communities will save the world. We must be careful about making local jurisdictions dependent on foreign governments. For this reason, I acknowledge the need for military and national/world government. To save the world, we must first save ourselves.

Localize Media. We need to start pushing our online focus on the local community. Our current internet is broken. We need to enable feeds to support those near us.  We watch information and stories that have little to zero impact on us personally, but if we focused on local media from local people, we could divert ads, and make data have more relevance and impact. This increase of valuable content could revolutionize the amount of impact the internet can provide. My solution is to use the current online galleries, such as YouTube or Pinterest, to organize artists and other forms of media on a grassroots level. Individuals all over would have to put in the time to list local information while also paying close attention to the media they are sharing out to not let it be irrelevant celebrity content. It is certainly inconvenient but that is what a grassroots movement is. Many people doing a little bit to overrun the monopolies. It is similar to the recent Robinhood/Doge coin situation of regular people taking down big players in the stock market. GrowMyCommunity.org was my attempt at localizing the internet. It seems to be more effective to work within the current systems and structures initially. Once there is enough local support, we can begin building local infrastructure for data and networks.

Localize Food.  From the pickings of fresh vegetation to the frying pan’s glory, food must be localized.  Localize farming, localize chefs/cooks, localize transporting and selling food. We have the technology to create greenhouse technology to replicate any climate on the world so why are we still spending the money to ship food around the world?  Some items such as oils and animals will be limited, however this is where the a flavor of anarchism becomes a relative concept to include into the new community. As for wildlife and naturally occuring substances, creating an economy that uses geographically unique material as a social/communities function, we could balance the scales of poverty. Of course people who work compared to those who don’t work deserve more, but the basic level of life should be provided in the 21st century. The government could reallocate the value of the land by using electricity, water, house, transportation, and healthcare as costs to the capital gained. Food is the root of life and the economy. When we fix the issue with food and water, we will fix the problems of this Earth.

Localize Personal Care. Focus on your immediate circle. Give attention to those closest to you. Help your family first, then help your neighbors, then help your country. I’m sure there are a million scenarios to dissuade this ideology but you really need to focus on what is most pressing. What is most pressing? Typically what is most pressing entails a locality. Try to focus on what matters. The Kardashians do not matter at all. ESPN does not matter at all. Sleep matters. Your quality of life matters. When I say localize everything, I mean focus on what you have control over. If we all focused on each other, we could overcome the neglect of our community. We have the power to push ad revenue, create talking points, and redirect the entire algorithm if we work cohesively. It takes work to make anything matter. Don’t be lazy, make it matter and make it local. #Letsgrow a more collective reality. #local #livingoodlife #locallife



Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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