Succeeding from a Sick Society


Grow My Community was started to bring the ideals of what a parallel society needs in order to deal with the sickening world we live in. I hope to inspire people to become sustainable in all areas of life.

We have become so dependent on a broken system, most people forget what life is all about amidst the fractionalized lives we live. Life is about living enough to accept death. Life shouldn’t be a flight away from the inevitable, rather a point in which we live until there is no more quality of life left to live. Death is a reminder of how precious life is. Death is a way of making the next season more fruitful than the last as the experience lived transcends time and space. Life is about continuing life and securing future generation’s lives. Life is about beauty. Life is about feeling not just the good but also understanding the good through experiencing the bad. This contrast is a part of what makes the beauty. Perhaps the bad could be experienced through education rather than 1st person experiences. That is an untested theory worthy of trying. Life is an experimental experience that we endure and one enjoy.

The idea of organizing people, places and things is a foundational concept to Grow My Community because resource allocation is an essential function to becoming self-sustainable. We know that no work at all creates restlessness and a disconnection from society compared to being overworked can do similar things to the human spirit. But designing a way to live in a healthy and purposeful manner is my dream. Making food, making art, making babies (responsibly), giving back, and practicing self-care should be our focus as a society. Instead we have been given a false sense of reality that never mapped out for my generation. Education doesn’t mean getting work. Honest work doesn’t mean you can afford the cost of living. Having a trade doesn’t mean getting gigs. As suicide and addiction rates climb, we begin to see society collapsing in front of our eyes. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can transcend the bullshit of modern life.

My first goal is to set up a food allocation system for local gardeners and farmers. After we have a mechanism to localize our food system, storing and accessing information is the next step. Once we have acquired enough information that is stored, organized and accessible that enables continuous growth in all areas of the human mind, we must create a means of international trade in order to acquire resources that are outside of the physical location where people live. Cryptocurrency can be a mechanism that allows these 3rd party jurisdictions to thrive but there still must be a good/service that is sold outside the jurisdictions that can help the communities survive and thrive. At some point, we may reach a point where the community/s are 100% self-sustainable such that no external resources are needed. That idea is far more unreasonable than a system that only has minimal interactions with the outside world.

My work with could be the tool that enables the jurisdictions to arrive at a safe and sustainable way of life. Regardless if my work with Grow My Community is a pipe dream or an actual business model, I do believe in the work I am doing and that is sufficient enough to keep me moving onward with the vision. My work has put incredible people in front of me and opened many doors through the years. Although many of those doors may never be opened again, I am confident those doors brought me to this very place that I sit. I hope people start designing their own life in such a manner that respects life and where they live. I have a dream that I’m not ashamed of sharing. I have a belief that I’m not afraid to preach. I have a way of life that I understand could bring people a lot of happiness.

Within the past year and a half since COVID-19 hit the streets, I have begun looking into moving away. It seems that the Tyranny of America has begun and I will move my family to somewhere that is safe from such Authoritarianism. A spark was lit and inspired me to continue on building a legacy out of Grow My Community. I am looking at moving to a region willing to succeed from the union. Whatever the case may be, I’m remaining an optimist at heart because I have creativity, God, and hard work on my side.

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Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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