My Covid19 Experience

Since 2020, Corona Virus has ripped through the fabric of our modern society effecting every single human on this planet whether it was active in their community or not. From people’s economic life to their private life, Covid19 has been a factor that we all have taken into account. As a world society, we have witnessed catastrophe after catastrophe and pandemic after pandemic but as a species, we always find a way to persevere. We have been able to persevere because we have always had pockets of secular communities that weren’t fully interdependent on one another. This allowed for reservoirs of the DNA to continue on despite natural disasters or viral epidemics. My optimism will hopefully shine through this post but many will scoff at my lack of degrees and licenses to speak on such matters. This is our first mistake. Experience is something that only those who have experienced can speak on behalf. The censoring that has taken place since CV19 has entered the world has been devastatingly regressive for the sake of progressing our common understanding and professional opinions.

Covid struck home for me personally. I was a Doctor of Chiropractic student when the meltdown occurred. While starting my 3rd quarter fresh off of starting to get a grip on my intense graduate level program, the shutdown happened. Aside from my personal family struggles, switching to fully online classes proved to be an impossible task with all other accessing points to the internet closed off and my home internet unable to stream the live classes. I dropped my quarter in hopes to start back next quarter. This action caused my withdrawal ratio to be so out of wack that I lost my chance at getting back my funding to continue in the program. In retrospect, I was able to get my son full time during this time and as he started up school, I found myself a brand new job at the hospital working as a Patient Screener (glorified doorman) and Patient Care Tech (Nurse Assistant).

Just to get the science right, correlation does not mean causation but in the quantum space it still could be related. Much of what we have witnessed over since 2020 has been the opposite of science. It has been authoritarian. The masks are a perfect example of such overreach. These masks we have to wear, don’t do much for our protection and the science is shaky in regards to the efficacy. Technically, the masks are supposed to be worn by the infected to prevent spread, not to prevent the person from catching the virus. If you are wearing a respirator or an N95, you actually are doing a decent job of lowering transmission rates, but the N95 masks are horrible for your physiology long term use. As for the respirators, they are simply an unrealistic ask for all of society members to wear. The only thing the cloth and surgical masks do is prevent large respiratory droplets from escaping which largely occurs when someone is coughing or sneezing and last I checked, I do those tasks into my elbow like a civilized human. In some cases, these masks are bacteria collectors and could be causing an increase in asthma and pneumonia conditions as well as bad breath which has been found to be a precursor to some neurological problems. All this being said, science is a big picture that encompasses many moving pieces which entail some variables that cannot be truly replicated such as a human subject. The fact we can’t have a true case study due to genetic and lifestyle differences, our level of science depends on the law of large numbers. Without proper preliminary lab tests, these data points have to be done on humans which is a major violation of The Nuremburg Trial and also the Geneva Convention. Having said that, understand my entire life has been a series of science experiments done on my generation from psych experiments, to GMO foods, to pesticide exposure, to countless pharmaceutical interventions and so much more.

As a Screener in the Emergency Room, I found myself getting to be a smiling face in some of people’s most tragic moments. I was put face to face with the most popular virus while also facing death and gore head on. I often help patients in and out of the car, some of whom were no longer breathing and we were able to bring back. Much of my time was spent watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime or reading a book since night shift in the ER can be a boring task at certain times (1 a.m.-5 a.m.). Within one month, I was trained and began work as a Patient Care Tech on a medsurg floor working with all sorts of patients. With my previous background in the sciences and my prior knowledge of health and wellness, I picked up a lot quickly and was able to have fun with diagnosing and suggesting treatment plans with the nurses although pharmacology wasn’t necessarily my strongsuit. My floor nicknamed me Dr. Garrett.

One thing to note is that from the point that I started working at the hospital, we had an incredibly low death rate of Covid patients. We have been treating these patients with incredible results and that is something to brag about. Between Antivirals (Remdesivir), Steroids (Prednesone), Fluids (Vitamin enhanced), Oxygen (Mask/Nasal Canula), Blood Transfusions containing Antibodies, Inhalers/Breathing Treatments (Albuterol), occasionally antibiotics when pneumonia sets in, and earlier on with the use of Antiparasitics (Hydroxychloriquine/Ivermectin), some would say we had a cure for 99.9% of the people. However Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine weren’t used much if at all in the hospital and the monoclonal antibodies were used early on in infection while many of times people weren’t given any medication after their initial diagnosis and ended up coming back days later half dead in need of hospitalization. When I say I think we should be proud of our low death rates, in no way shape or form do I think we did all that we could do.

Personally, I’m a fan of natural medicine. My grandmother used to have a remedy called the Witches Brew which was a boiled Grapefruit, an aspirin and a shot of whiskey. She swore up and down that this would kill the flu or any cold. Come to find out, boiling a Grapefruit is one way to extract Quinine (the natural form of the synthetic Hydroxychloriquine) which also has been studied for Covid 19. You can also get Quinine from tonic water. I have used a mixture of natural remedies to treat my covid symptoms and also as a prophylactic over the past year and a half and I must say that I haven’t died yet. This concoction consisted of boiling or juicing Garlic (Antioxidant/Antiviral/Antibacterial), Tumeric (Anti-inflammatory/Antioxidant/Antibiotic), Onion (Antibacterial/Antifungal/Antiparasitic/Quercetin), Ginger (Antihistamine/Antiviral/Antimicrobial/Antibacterial/Antifungal), Grapefruit (Vitamin C/Quercetin/Quinine/), Mixed Berries (Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs, Fiber), Cloves (Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory), apple cider vinegar (Antibacterial/PH balancer/Detoxifying solution), water soluable Magnesium, Sunlight and supplement (Vitamin D) Calcium rich foods/drinks and leafy greens for micronutrients, minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Copper, Iron in addition to a classic multivitamin even though amongst these listed items cover nearly all there is in a multivitamin. More recently, I have started supplementing with NAC and have come across NAD as a means to help with cellular repair and energy as the cytotoxic spike protein can damage the cellular membrane.

In no way shape or form am I saying these supplements are what you should take because that would violate my freedom of speech, I mean to say, that would violate and overstep my boundaries of the jurisdiction of a doctor’s job, I mean jab, I mean job. Unfortunately, our legal system is set up to create a monopoly of information in certain job titles that is far outdated considering much of an MD’s job is decided by a machine that genetically sequences the illness then uses an automated directory of what to treat which illness. In this regard, I really appreciate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s effort to change modern medicine by incorporating a whole new system of marrying medicine and herbs on a synergistically cellular level to maximize the capability and functionality of our 2 worlds of treatment methodologies. He also is taking into account the ability to personalize medicine to prevent allergenic reactions as well as perfect the dosage prior to giving it to the patient beyond weight and gender but according to each individual’s DNA.

Back to this Covid animal that got us started here in the first place. Covid19 is definitely a bad virus and a seeming mysterious one at that. It’s almost like HIV f*cked Epstein Bar Virus who then had babies with the Swine Flu who then made sweet love with RSV to have the final product. Regardless of its origins, it is an inflammatory virus that attacks cells with the spike protein, which is pretty much all of your organs. It is highly contagious as it is aersolized. However there is a pattern of women, elderly, darker skin, middle aged men, substance users (not THC) and obese people are all seeming to be most at risk. Hormone-related immunological deficiencies could be the reality of this pattern considered some studies point towards Vitamin D deficiency as a common theme. It could also be a hormone such as testosterone that could be the common thread, but I haven’t seen any studies on that correlation yet although there might be.

I’ve noticed that liver and kidney damage are two of the main ways people are going down aside from respiratory illness throughout the Covid experience. There are currently (as of late July 2021) more ICU patients from CV19 but there are many more hospice patients and other permanently damaging illnesses related to the the organs I’ll list under this section who haven’t contracted it so don’t think that ICU admits, nor just CV hospitalizations are the only markers we should measuring pertaining to the 2021 data.

It is been known for some time now that the vaccines do not last long or at the very least do not prevent someone from getting nor transmitting the new variants of the virus, so forcing someone to get a dangerous medical intervention that doesn’t even work is something out of the movie “Idiocracy.” This vaccine is causing major damage beyond initial allergic reactions. Strokes, Blood Clots, GI Problems, Chronic Coughs, Urinary Problems, Female Organ Problems, Cardiac Problems, Skin Infections, Cancers, and Neurological Problems are all patterns I have noticed from post Vaccinated Patients. I could just be paranoid or I could be pointing out that every organ uses RBCs and therefore every organ is effected by the vaccine. The vaccines seem to be attacking more of the GI tract mostly with the gallbladder, colon, and kidneys as well as the cardiac system but the lungs, liver, and brain are also at risk. These organs have that spike protein we have heard so much about. If you have a family member who has had a stroke recently, consider the relationship to the vaccine instead of just throwing your hands up as if it’s just a natural happenstance.

The virus itself is really putting a number on people’s lungs and liver. People with fatty livers from substance use or unhealthy habbits are most at risk from this virus. The kids that got hit hard may not even have considered the damage all that juice and candy is doing to their ability to fight off this virus. As for the individuals dealing with obesity or substance use, I believe prophylactic use of some of the options mentioned above is their best bet. At the very least, STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL or at the minimum stop drinking excessively. If you feel a little sick, cut it out now! I have a hunch people trying to self medicate with things like Theraflu or Day/Nyquil is also a huge detriment to their ability to detoxify the virus due to the eradication of the healthy microbiome, inhibiting the fever from killing the virus, and also putting extra work on the already overworked liver. Honestly, I believe that if we only shut down alcohol sales and kept the rest of the economy open, our hospitals would be in such better shape even though the hospitals are not overflowing with patients and not totally overflowing anymore. Nicotine is another common reason people end up doing damage to their liver and immune system so this substance too would keep people out of the hospital for a number of reasons beyond Covid. But at the end of the day, we live in an unhealthy society where people don’t value healthy foods or drink enough water. Beyond the fact of an unhealthy society, our medical system is broken in that it depends on sick people to survive. This swinging door of healing people causes the closing down business is an oxymoronic reality that cannot be left to one group or way of thinking. It’s a complex situation for sure, but definitely within reach of solving.

Recently after speaking with an ICU nurse from an undisclosed hospital, I was told that aside from not using Hydroxychloriquine anymore and never implementing Ivermectin, we also aren’t giving these patients enough fluid in fear of them holding water nor bumping their O² up high enough causing the patients to go hypoxic. In some cases the doctors are recommending to not use frequent breathing treatments on many patients in fear of pushing the viral particles throughout the floor, which might I say is total asinine. Vitamin therapy also isn’t considered a part of many patients plan which is a ridiculous in so many levels. In fact, I lost a relationship with a lifelong family friend last year who is an MD over the hypothesis of using Vitamin D, C, Quercetin, Quinine, and Zinc to help treat Covid patients. It’s so sad how brainwashed the medical community is nowadays. They deny basic facts of the immune system and metabolic health.

Let it be known the number of deaths via starvation from losing an economic ability to survive will far exceed the number of deaths from Covid. In the coming months to years, it is also likely, if it hasn’t happened already, that the number of deaths from the vaccine will also exceed the number of deaths from Covid considering the current VAERS reporting list, the preliminary failed animal studies, and the additional compounding toxins from the boosters shots. It is also likely that all of our numbers last year were wrong considering the PCR tests were unable to decipher between the Flu and Covid and the number of cycles during testing was over the recommended amount for retaining the integrity of the genetic sequence. We don’t know a lot and we may never know. I do know that my natural immunity has kept me alive this long and I intend on depending on my hypothesis of natural immunity amidst this fire storm. I won’t deny medications use when I see fit, but I will not be involving myself in such a dangerous experiment. I will be fired for noncompliance before offering my body up for sacrifice for the medical community’s effort to create a modern Apartheid. I will stand up to Tyranny everytime.

I’m not a doctor, I’m no where near qualified to actually talk about this topic, but I can tell you my personal observations and I can share some of the research I’m doing independently to help. And if someone is trying to help, that shouldn’t be shot down by the ego-driven hierarchy of the medical community, especially when the information is grounded in actual science. Below is a link to reference some of my supporting beliefs regarding this whole situation. I don’t really care to add more links because if people care to double check my information, they can. Chances are, people who will discredit this article wouldn’t spend the time trying to dissolve their cognitive dissonance anyways. I hope we can begin using science to better our world instead of divide and destroy it. Perhaps one day we can make our world great again with the tools developed by our fellow man and ancestors alongside the tools we have yet to discover.

As of finishing this article in November of 2021, I have left the medical field entirely and begun a new career in the trades. I am currently loving working with my hands and doing work that isn’t political, isn’t causing daily abuse, and isn’t disrupting my sleep cycle. Perhaps decades down the road, I’ll take another stab at the medical/wellness community after retiring from the new work I have begun but all I can truly worry about is myself and my family in the now.

If you have additional links to articles, drop them below on the comments section, or better yet, submit your research to my directory at (This post was started in July and finished in November after leaving the hospital)

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I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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