The Psychology of Doing

Do Happiness

To become someone is the goal but how do we subject ourselves to such a place? To aim for a goal and accomplish it can leave us empty after the stage of fulfillment. Being full is merely a temporary state of being but one can remain hungry his whole life without ever being full. How do we keep pushing when the odds are stacked against us. How do we push ourselves when our neurochemistry is imbalanced? How do we believe in something that has proven to be nonexistent?

As a creative, I often get lost in the idea of something rather than professing in something specific for a long period of time. I’ll jump from project to project, more excited about the next one rather than indulging in the one I have already started entertaining. I tend to get bored with interests once I get to the point of doing them in a proficient manner. Many of my projects are still being worked on such as this blog, podcasts, my book, vlogs, drawings,, other video productions/photography, health&wellness, pottery, psychology, philosophy, religion/spirituality, business development, and still retaining a family life. After contemplating this dilemma, I have come to the conclusion that some of this mindset is left over due to my utter failure from losing my treasured sport as a kid from chronic pains developed from overuse and overtraining. It’s almost like a internal limiter I have acquired that stops the obsession part of my brain from overtaking the rest of my life.

I study topics on my free time and go pretty deep into each topic I study. Countless hours have been spent trying to understand a number of things. It’s not a matter of being a know it all. I just don’t like feeling stupid, so I want to understand. At some point in the educational process, we realize how much we don’t know compared to how much we do know. This overwhelming stance could be perhaps where I leave certain topics of study. Maybe I just want to know enough to be able to converse about the space. Perhaps it is knowing enough to know how to implement it into my own life. To know a definition compared to being able to actualize and work in a space are two different worlds of concepts that I fully understand the difference of being. I don’t believe you need a degree to practice anything. Most jobs are typically simplified scripted steps. Few jobs entail creativity. Even in medicine, a Doctor matches symptoms to known diseases, then runs tests to solidify the theory in mind. It’s not rocket science. Many jobs are more about the tool than the actual user. As a surgeon, you may find a lot of practice but even then, anyone can practice. I’ve seen the most unathletic kids get sports scholarships because they practiced. There are however specific types of neurological structures that do better in certain jobs and degree programs. This limiting archetype is not a true measurement of who you can become. With neuroplasticity as a remedy, you can train yourself to growing in ways you never imagined. You can learn in ways that fit your learning style. You can train the parts of your brain that is underdeveloped. And when all else has failed, you can always take supplements and techniques to enhance your base level of abilities.

As far apart as 2 areas of knowledge may seem, there is always a string of connection that exists. From design to math and psychology to physics, all things are interconnected in some form or fashion. I like to think that Beauty is one of those intersecting points of reality. As important as one thing may be through a microscope, it may seem completely irrelevant when looking through a telescope. This controversial way of looking at how someone spends their time can be detrimental when it comes to finding fulfillment in any activity. You have to pick your scope and keep going. Never expect happiness to come at the end of the goal, for happiness is found amidst the journey. Each time a goal is hit, a form of high is reached. Don’t be a junkie, be motivated. Some people find ways to get micro-highs throughout their journey as though eating a sweet treat after a hearty meal of vegetables. The real goal is to have the vegetables offer that taste of fulfillment but that takes practice. Eventually your brain will correlate and attract what makes it stronger just as money feeds the motivators to keep you working a job/career. Depriving someone of necessary fuel that keeps them in the game is detrimental to the longevity spent in any one space of interest. I believe there is a lack of fuel available amidst that massive amounts of opportunity to learn and be great at an assortment of things. As of right now, there are countless of talented and educated individuals unable to turn their area of interest into a money making machine. Hence you end up with a society of useless talents and monopolized business opportunities that keep us running on a rat wheel of destructive ways of living.

The solution in my opinion revolves around crowdsourcing people and information. NFT art, cryptocurrency, open source projects, and eliminating the unnecessary costs that come with our unsustainable way of living will open the door so that people have the time to slow down and be the best person they can be in all areas of life. As of right now we have to choose between family, work, sleep, socializing, personal interests, health and entertainment. My hope is that societies all around the world will begin to shift their focus to making people happy and truly fulfilled rather than pursuing a fake idea of GDP. Give people the tools and the space to create their own happiness. People need work, but not enslavement. People need connection, not mutual usery. I’m an optimist who believes that humans will make heaven on Earth. We are all just working through purgatory first. All good things come in time as time is the ultimate healing mechanism. Our world is broken but it can be mended. Let’s grow our communities starting with growing oneself. As each individual grows, an orchard of fruitful opportunities becomes a potential outcome. Don’t let boredom kill your interest. Find ways to stay in the game and don’t be afraid to dig deeper. It’s okay to lose, it’s the only way to know which game is yours to beat.

-Photo by: Love Stories Co

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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