What Is Money Worth?

-Less or More Value To Who-

Would you rather is a real game player throughout the story of life. Is maintaining a moral compass worth the struggle? Is it worth living an extra 2 years? Is it worth living an extra 200 years? The hardest questions to ask are the ones that have yet to be answered. What we value is what we pay attention to. At the end of the day, Time is Money and Money is Time as understood in most languages and cultures throughout the history of mankind.

Is it worth being kind? Is it worth ruining someone’s day? Is it worth saving a baby’s life? Is it worth a new car? Is it worth my sanity? Is it worth my dignity? Is it worth my family? Is it worth humanity?

To be weak and despondent is a space in which regret, mistakes, and a lack of progression occur. It is impossible to live your life through someone else’s eyes no matter how much one wishes to neglect their responsibilities. At some point, it has to be about you. You cannot feed other if you have no food yourself.

Since Cyrus The Great walked the land, slaves have been given a sub economy to function within. We stay at war with one another in addition to oneself as our daily lifestyles breed destruction and chaos. The food we eat, entertainment we consume and produce, the clothes we wear, the electricity we produce, the internet searches we search, and selfish endeavors we endure leads it is fair to say that moral is not at the top of the humanistic priorities, rather the pursuit to a hierarchy that weighs convenience and quality. Humans are funny in that they pursue both perfection and pleasure which often times inhibit one another.

Our motivations are worth more than money itself, however are both still intimately related. With the NFT market jumping out of the sky and the crypto market flooding the streets, we are beginning to design new technologies that give the value back into the hands of the consumers and out of the global powers that be. Although, in my opinion, Crypto and NFTs are incomplete technologies, the opportunity of people developing a new system of economic trust may enhance the development of stronger community bonds and more resilient living situations. AI and Web3 will certainly have the strongest pushback from those who dominated the Web2 and Modern Economy.

What if we took ego out of the market place? What if we took livable expenditures out of the thought of income? What if we reimagined what money was worth and what it could do. The truth is, even those who make millions of dollars become more addicted to the game rather than the lifestyle. As our current dollar is unstable, people perform in a state of scarcity. Working until the day the die, missing out on kids growing up, destroying their body, for what? Jobs used to mean something for both oneself and one’s community but now, it is as if our dollar has become nihilistic and depressed. What if our money was embedded into something real? What if our money didn’t leave the community and instead enriched our neighbors future productions as well as quality of life?

I believe that one day what we spend our time one will reflect the most positive and optimal output. One day, our system will be function as it should. One day, kids will grow up with parents, community, and a country supporting them. Until then, make your money and do what you do with intention and self-awareness.

Inspired by a random Facebook post from a friend by the name of Haley Shane regarding her observations upon rewatching the great “Breaking Bad.”

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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