Parenting In The Past Present And Future

Parenting. The single most important job that can be simultaneously partially secular from producing a positive outcome. You can do everything right and still raise a dangerous felon. You can do everything wrong or nothing at all and raise the next President, Professional Athlete, or Business Mogul. Life is funny in this way. Some people “get it” and mentally mature prepubescent and some people don’t get there until on their deathbed. The science of parenting will be the next forefront emerging from the many bodies of scientific literature into a single story and functional dialogue of if/then narratives.

The quantum approach to developing a human is biological, environmental, social, psychological, economic, historical, geographical, neurological, genetic, dietary, luck and so much more. As a tree branches outward, it also grows upward. People similarly move through the world in such a way, upward and outward. As we grow older and experience the flavors, frequencies, and colors this Earth provides, we gain understanding to the quantum reactions happening to then process and produce a fruitful or plausible reaction.

Religion and Culture have been the constructs to building the original building blocks to how we have raised enough successful generations to make it this far into the future as a species of the Human Race. Unfortunately these two models do not by themselves have all that entails parenting in a modern world, however with enough introspection, one could surprisingly draw a supple amount of conclusions by extrapolating from religious as well as cultural norms because the truth is, they have worked this long. The real question is, how can we do better? I believe up until this point in time, our attempt to do better and incorporate a scientific approach into the development of the next generation has led to a downfall of the next generation amidst the masses. Success stories are hopefully soon to be the norm but unfortunately our most recent generation has been the hypothetical Berlin Wall that is breaking the fabrics of what we thought we knew.

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed. To spank or not to spank. To reward or to punish. To eat healthy or eat what makes them happy. To let the tv babysit or to let the house be dirty in an attempt to be an active parent. There is no simple answer to these parenting philosophies. Essentially the battle we face is short term happiness versus long term happiness. Happiness and human development are risky investments that require time, education, empathy, mistakes, risk, and hope. Moderation is always a quality guideline to apply in most applications in life but it is not a sole answer to parenting nor development of the individual. Some things like meth, obesity, or psychosis are preferred to never be encountered by the majority of sane people. Some things like toxicity tracing can drive a person made to pursue perfection while learning situational/social intelligence is an impossible concept to teach in just one lecture or book and is filled with bipolar caveats and philosophical indifferences.

My favorite concept to life is do what you can when you can where you can how you can and when you can in order to achieve the highest quality input and output in life. My next favorite quote for parenting and beyond is “lead by example” which I first heard from Psychotherapist Meghan Toups while doing video work together. There are an infinite sayings that can entertain the way to live a better and more fulfilled life such as the the Ten Commandments, Eye For an Eye, or the Eightfold Path. Culture becomes the most defining archetype to the focuses and nuances that develop the individual in all manners from social norms to dietary requirements. It is easy to blame society for all that is wrong but there is a level of individual effort that is always the largest variable to all statistics within the quantum approach to the human experience. As much as we attempt to protect our younglings from the dark side of society, we always risk raising a stereotypical preacher’s daughter full of the rebound effect.

As cells develop all complex living organisms, I think it’s safe to assume the little things do matter in the grand scheme of things. Give attention and be kind are two common themes that when parents get it wrong, it ties back to these two archetypes. Take the little chances to spend time together. Always add natural foods when you can and always remove artificial food when you can. Lead by example and communicate with the appropriate tone. No one is perfect and everyday, everyone is learning. Let gratitude be a power source during hard times and let hope be the fuel when times are seemingly optimistic.

Parents have far more power than every previously thought at every stage of their child’s life from preconception to moments before passing away to influence their child’s projection into the world. Do better and be more present. Teach morals and work ethic. Be kind and be strong. Parenting is fun and parenting is every emotion imaginable. It should be apparent, be a parent however, whenever, doing whatever with whoever is best to do whatever the parent must do.

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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