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Garrett Livingood

I’m a hopeful romantic living through the highs and lows that life offers. Growing up, I was a high performing athlete which landed me hip surgery by the time I was 18 causing me to lose my full ride scholarship in soccer. After getting my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and working on building a local community database called Grow My Community, I started a media company, GMC Productions, with my fiancé, Susan. In 2019, I began a new career in natural health as a student in Chiropractic. During 2020, we officially put down our company. I also lost my funding to the doctorate program causing me to traverse and recreate my future endeavors. This led me to working at a local hospital as a Patient Care Tech in the wake of Covid. I’m excited to share my ideas, beliefs, experiences, and art through this medium we call blogging. Grow My Community ( is the goal.

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