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A Pet’s Life

Pet ownership is more than a responsibility. Owning and caring for another animal is a humanistic purpose. Since the dawn of man, humans have lived alongside and in congruence with all sorts of creatures from warm blood to cold blood. Animals never seem to disappoint when it comes to interest and intrigue to the complexitiesContinue reading “A Pet’s Life”

How To Enjoy Life

Be present, Perspective is everything, Don’t resent, Breathe In, Inspire and Consent, Exhale, Educate, and Build an Empire, Never retire, Preserve not preservatives, Work with life, not against it, Healthy not convenient, Simplifying the Complex, Content with disaster, Prepared for anything that comes after. Happiness is Life. The shit only feeds more life. So beContinue reading “How To Enjoy Life”

The Psychology of Doing

To become someone is the goal but how do we subject ourselves to such a place? To aim for a goal and accomplish it can leave us empty after the stage of fulfillment. Being full is merely a temporary state of being but one can remain hungry his whole life without ever being full. HowContinue reading “The Psychology of Doing”

My Covid19 Experience

Since 2020, Corona Virus has ripped through the fabric of our modern society effecting every single human on this planet whether it was active in their community or not. From people’s economic life to their private life, Covid19 has been a factor that we all have taken into account. As a world society, we haveContinue reading “My Covid19 Experience”

Night Shift Living

Growing up, I was always the first friend asleep at sleepovers. I would take a nap everyday while I school and always popped a nap during Oprah after school.  Sleep was my second nature.  My dad spent many years working night shift enduring frustrated sleep deprived days.  In my naive younger days, I swore toContinue reading “Night Shift Living”

Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires

Mother Nature is a funny beast. Visiting Arizona has given me an extremely unique perspective on the difficulties of life. The humbling grandiose level of gratitude this place holds compares to nothing that I can recall. It would be as though never tasting the flavor sour and then been given a lemon tree. I’ve seenContinue reading “Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires”

Interesting Experiences Open The Mind

Yesterday, while with the family at the public library, I struck up a conversation with an Autistic 40 year old and amidst the conversation I realized that our society has messed up big time. He had read half of the library. His memory was impeccable. He didn’t graduate college out of frustration from taking irrelevantContinue reading “Interesting Experiences Open The Mind”

Appreciate The Appreciation

“The Space Between Confidence, Being Humble, and Being Present” Appreciation is the master key to finding happiness.  A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with a note from a patient and it really did make my night.  Take time to soak up the little blessings that life offers. Gratitude is the first stepContinue reading “Appreciate The Appreciation”

I’m an Author at Heart

I have always loved telling stories and delivering information. I am working on a couple other books currently, but I am thrilled to tell this story. I have dreamt of being an author since being a kid. I have 2 additional books in the works, one with an intended 2021 release date and the otherContinue reading “I’m an Author at Heart”

Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization

Balancing Life’s Tasks To do or not to do, that is the question that wonders us all creatives.  Amidst the independent productions and blog articles that I work on, I am also juggling a full time job, full time college class schedule, and full time parent/partner.  I won’t even list the part about being aContinue reading “Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization”

The Witches Brew Strikes Back

Story time!Last night, my mother-in-law came to visit and stay the night. She was on some over the counter cold meds with pretty heavy congestion.I left to go to Walmart and bought: #Grapefruit, #Garlic, #Onion, #Ginger and threw in #Cloves, #GreenTea, #Cocuntoil, #Italianherbblend and #Tumeric as the blend boiled in about 4 cups of water.Continue reading “The Witches Brew Strikes Back”

Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.

Move consciously and be mindful of every ATP used. Conscious Movement is the brand created by Dr. Ryan Cecil to help inspire people to relearn how to move the way our bodies were designed to move.  In early 2019, I met back up with my old friend, Ryan Cecil. Dr. Ryan is a chiropractor andContinue reading “Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.”

Career vs Passion

This week, a patient rudely asked me what I’m doing with my life when I grow up.  I told her I’m grown.  I went on to say that I’m a Writer, Artist and Patient Care Tech who is currently taking care of her.  She was an insanely ill-mannered human and although her intentions may haveContinue reading “Career vs Passion”

What Is A Community Script-2015

This is one of my first videos ever produced. I began my career in video production to promote a business/Nonprofit venture called Grow My Community. This organization is an effort to localize and organize information and resources to help prevent monopolization and increase internal growth within each localized area. At this point, Grow My CommunityContinue reading “What Is A Community Script-2015”

Remodel Your Dreams

They say home is not a place or thing, it is a feeling.  We have been homeowners since 2018 and are finally getting around to the remodeling side of homeownership. One of the strongest motivators to remodeling is the idea of the accruing more value rather than the actual enjoyment of the new asthetics.  RegardlessContinue reading “Remodel Your Dreams”