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Dear Ye

Mania, To think, to love obsessively, To be crazy in all of the lights, To bastardize the sins with lies, False prophets come and go, You live with hatred so let go, You hire the talent making a good boss, Otherwise you would be engineering the paperwork around the clock, As much as you mightContinue reading “Dear Ye”

A Gangsta’s Paradise Is Where We Live

“Been spendin’ most their lives, livin’ in the gangsta’s paradise.” We like to view a gangsta as someone in the streets, but really it’s those who sell war for profit while the soldiers fight to make a living. It is those selling a shot to get a kick back. It’s those who control the moneyContinue reading “A Gangsta’s Paradise Is Where We Live”

Student Loans Vs Reality

What most people don’t realize is that money is a figment of a collective’s imagination. Upon starting this essay, I quickly realized I could not simply talk about student loans but instead I needed to talk about the bigger picture at hand. Your money is fake. Your value is inherent to the need at hand.Continue reading “Student Loans Vs Reality”

A Pet’s Life

Pet ownership is more than a responsibility. Owning and caring for another animal is a humanistic purpose. Since the dawn of man, humans have lived alongside and in congruence with all sorts of creatures from warm blood to cold blood. Animals never seem to disappoint when it comes to interest and intrigue to the complexitiesContinue reading “A Pet’s Life”

How To Enjoy Life

Be present, Perspective is everything, Don’t resent, Breathe In, Inspire and Consent, Exhale, Educate, and Build an Empire, Never retire, Preserve not preservatives, Work with life, not against it, Healthy not convenient, Simplifying the Complex, Content with disaster, Prepared for anything that comes after. Happiness is Life. The shit only feeds more life. So beContinue reading “How To Enjoy Life”

How Could You Miss This?

Telling your story could be the whole reason behind the existence of our species, for we are a story at the end of every season. The experiences we encumber become the defining edges that represent our every being. There are times where I cannot comprehend the amount of joy in one moment and others whereContinue reading “How Could You Miss This?”

Parenting In The Past Present And Future

Parenting. The single most important job that can be simultaneously partially secular from producing a positive outcome. You can do everything right and still raise a dangerous felon. You can do everything wrong or nothing at all and raise the next President, Professional Athlete, or Business Mogul. Life is funny in this way. Some peopleContinue reading “Parenting In The Past Present And Future”

A New Government

Grandiosity or Creative Enjoyment? A New Government is a playground of opportunity. If not a playground, perhaps a massacre of modernity. Each environment of humanity requires a different type of governing. A group of idiots will need a different set of guidelines compared to a group of intellects in the development of policies and goalsContinue reading “A New Government”

Grow My Community Is A Dream In Progress

Sustainable Design is a concept that is ever evolving. We can move mountains and we can move our attention to things with more value as well as longevity. This design is a concept that is my dream home design. This is a design that facilitates the many needs of the human experience. Food, Water, ShelterContinue reading “Grow My Community Is A Dream In Progress”

Trust the Process

The cliche, “trust the process”, is a way of moving through life without anxiety and excuses blocking the fruits of ideas and work from coming to fruition. When we let outside influencers and a lack of patience into our mind, we become distracted from our purpose, mission and vision. We lose our why as theContinue reading “Trust the Process”

The Psychology of Doing

To become someone is the goal but how do we subject ourselves to such a place? To aim for a goal and accomplish it can leave us empty after the stage of fulfillment. Being full is merely a temporary state of being but one can remain hungry his whole life without ever being full. HowContinue reading “The Psychology of Doing”

Think, But Don’t Tell

Learn from the fruits of your experience but don’t share from the tree of knowledge. For that is a sin, but it is not quite evil. In modern western culture, a bizarre reality has surfaced regarding the restriction of information through a broken and outdated legal system. Our system and laws were designed pre-Google eraContinue reading “Think, But Don’t Tell”

On Average, An Underdeveloped PFC, I Think

The brain circuitry is designed to tell you right from wrong as well as keep you alive via the vast organ systems simultaneously interacting together. The circuits of the mind connect your senses to your ability and reason to react. This makes our nervous system the power source that generates the motor (circulatory system) whichContinue reading “On Average, An Underdeveloped PFC, I Think”


Our bodies are the lamb that we sacrifice for the sake of safety, security, survival, and the future of humanity.  What is will not always be, but will be doesn’t have to be for the fact it has not come to fruition.  The fruits we bear are the opportunity for forever but if we areContinue reading “Sacrifice”

My Covid19 Experience

Since 2020, Corona Virus has ripped through the fabric of our modern society effecting every single human on this planet whether it was active in their community or not. From people’s economic life to their private life, Covid19 has been a factor that we all have taken into account. As a world society, we haveContinue reading “My Covid19 Experience”

Your Life is a Form of Art

Your life is a form of art. Art is both conceptual and material just as the human experience is lived. Your life is a timeline of stories that build your ever-evolving character into who you with more depth and color as each day passes. Understand there is no mistake in the production of art. AsContinue reading “Your Life is a Form of Art”

National Childhood Obesity Day AKA Halloween

Halloween is a curse our world has yet to face, let alone defeat. These commercial companies have zero incentive to make your child live a better life. As new information coming out showing the harm of social media and excessive screen time can cause on the neurological and social development, very little about diet isContinue reading “National Childhood Obesity Day AKA Halloween”

Natural vs Unnatural

“The Really Beautiful Fake” The dangers of Natural and the Beauty of Fake.  A world of deception and opposing forces.  Lines in reality can be crossed but the truth eventually shines through. Deception and manipulation are tools to amuse and misappropriate the understanding left from right.  The direction doesn’t really matter when you are onContinue reading “Natural vs Unnatural”

Succeeding from a Sick Society

Grow My Community was started to bring the ideals of what a parallel society needs in order to deal with the sickening world we live in. I hope to inspire people to become sustainable in all areas of life. We have become so dependent on a broken system, most people forget what life is allContinue reading “Succeeding from a Sick Society”

Healthcare, Government, and Criminal Justice

There is a major problem when the government bureaucracies use the law to discern and intervene with individual’s freedoms and abilities to help one another. The medical community is arguably one of the most complicated systems aside from familial relationships because they both deal with the individual and the society at large. Healthcare workers workContinue reading “Healthcare, Government, and Criminal Justice”

The Institutions Could Work

Society is composed of many components. There are 3 main ways that I’ll explain the organization of society.   The human’s world is an accumulation of Economic (physical), Philosophical (intellectual), and Social (environmental) inputs/outputs. These ways to interact curate the three unique types of social contracts every culture ultimately submits to in order to have order. Continue reading “The Institutions Could Work”

A Humble Ego

To believe in something and to identify with something are 2 concepts of similar conceptions that differ only by a mere technicality. To be humbled is to accept when you are wrong. To be humble is to accept you could be wrong. To have an ego is to be confident even in places of uncertainty.Continue reading “A Humble Ego”

Night Shift Living

Growing up, I was always the first friend asleep at sleepovers. I would take a nap everyday while I school and always popped a nap during Oprah after school.  Sleep was my second nature.  My dad spent many years working night shift enduring frustrated sleep deprived days.  In my naive younger days, I swore toContinue reading “Night Shift Living”

Localize Everything

Localize Everything. When I say everything, I fully acknowledge the resource allocation difficulties from varying geographic locations. We need to redesign our economy and communities so the money within a local jurisdiction does not trickle up and out of the hands of our fellow neighbors.  The further away money travels, the less impact it willContinue reading “Localize Everything”

Hormones, Health, and Nature

Biology Meets “Contra”versy The female is beautiful.  The way her body is the home for the creation of life and her power grips the heart of life are some things to be praised. Every month she sacrifices a part of herself in hopes of one day continuing life for the greater good.  The female organsContinue reading “Hormones, Health, and Nature”

Communicate, Don’t Hate

Communication is the immunization from the viral effects of instigating stagnation in a nation constipated with obstructions beyond what the government implemented or inflated. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, This, That, The Other and Another. Word placement like a nuclear bomb erupting off the oral canvas, moral brushes, rigid from the timid self imageContinue reading “Communicate, Don’t Hate”

East vs Westworld

As I watch the HBO series Westworld, I am fascinated by the aspects of human nature that exhibit an almost exact parallel to reality itself. Although, that is the point of great art, right? Introspection. Watching people come in and out of the Emergency Room, I see those who are corrupted, those who weren’t givenContinue reading “East vs Westworld”

Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires

Mother Nature is a funny beast. Visiting Arizona has given me an extremely unique perspective on the difficulties of life. The humbling grandiose level of gratitude this place holds compares to nothing that I can recall. It would be as though never tasting the flavor sour and then been given a lemon tree. I’ve seenContinue reading “Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires”

Life Compared To What

Is an animal cell more important than a plant cell?  Is a breath more important than a thought?  Is an atom as important as a solar system? Is it the size of the organism or the depth of the life force? Power and meaning can have a correlation or be completely isolated. Remain humble inContinue reading “Life Compared To What”

Interesting Experiences Open The Mind

Yesterday, while with the family at the public library, I struck up a conversation with an Autistic 40 year old and amidst the conversation I realized that our society has messed up big time. He had read half of the library. His memory was impeccable. He didn’t graduate college out of frustration from taking irrelevantContinue reading “Interesting Experiences Open The Mind”

Functional Learning

An Integrated Educational Approach The modern day Education system is a broken and we all know it. We are stuck in a rat race being played on a mouse wheel looking backwards in time. History with Art, Literature, and Entertainment. History is the root of all information.  As we tell history, literature is produced.  TheContinue reading “Functional Learning”

Death’s Grip on Basic Life Saving Knowledge

White faced, hands clinched, glazed eyes staring at the ceiling, soaking with lifeless sweat. This is how someone was brought to the ER recently. You know, working at the hospital could be one of the best experiences of my life. Aside from learning incredibly necessary skills, I have also gained a stomach for things IContinue reading “Death’s Grip on Basic Life Saving Knowledge”

Time Travelers are God?

What if Time Travelers were our fallen angels that we consider to be God. What if they have given us the instructions of how to live through religious context? What if they can speak to us through the spirit? The idea would entail that time travelers are all knowing because they have already lived throughContinue reading “Time Travelers are God?”


At times I wonder how much of my life I should experience and how much I should share. I am frequently reminded that many of the remaining memories I have are extentions from relics that keep the spark of such experiences alive. How many memories do you have attached to photos or other symbolic figures?Continue reading “Memories”

A New Internet with

The problem with the internet is that it is a social utility owned by private companies with skewed and self interested persuasions in how they conduct business.  We use the internet like a drug and our society is the drug dealer. As pretty much all drugs can be used as a form of medicine, ourContinue reading “A New Internet with”


Cancel culture is a virtue signaling phenomenon rooted in a warfare of ethical ideologies. There are true virtuous concepts that I do support in the cancel culture movement but the out right will to destroy another’s sense of well being is far from empathetic and a decent way of living.  To believe in anything isContinue reading “Canceled”

Livingood Education

Education and Art are two parts of the same story.  Unfortunately in our mechanistic society, we have compartmentalized the concepts of Science, Math, Art, History, Engineering, and Philosophy.  This disconnection has removed the critical analysis approach that historically created logic.  Each of these topics are useless when put by themselves due to lack of functionalityContinue reading “Livingood Education”

Poetry Is…

Poetry is more than Rhyme and Rhythm. It’s more than perspective and depth. Poetry is beyond emotion and story. Poetry is complex purpose consolidated to reach most poignantly. Poetry is beauty and poetry is horror. Life is a poetic daydream mixed up in a paralytic nightmare tossed in a salad of a textured history thatContinue reading “Poetry Is…”

Cocain Mane

Business is business just as people are people. Food is medicine but medicine can also a drug.  So let me get this straight, the same company that is causing bowel obstructions, cancer, obesity, High BP, Skin infections, GI problems, dehydration, and so much more via their product is the same company in bed with theContinue reading “Cocain Mane”

Appreciate The Appreciation

“The Space Between Confidence, Being Humble, and Being Present” Appreciation is the master key to finding happiness.  A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with a note from a patient and it really did make my night.  Take time to soak up the little blessings that life offers. Gratitude is the first stepContinue reading “Appreciate The Appreciation”

Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization

Balancing Life’s Tasks To do or not to do, that is the question that wonders us all creatives.  Amidst the independent productions and blog articles that I work on, I am also juggling a full time job, full time college class schedule, and full time parent/partner.  I won’t even list the part about being aContinue reading “Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization”

How to Start a Nonprofit

So you found a problem you are passionate about advocating for and fixing? Starting a nonprofit could be the next best logical thing to do. Starting a Nonprofit is very similar to starting a business. Listed below are important pieces to starting your own nonprofit. Mission and Vision Statements: An elevator pitch under 3 sentences.Continue reading “How to Start a Nonprofit”

Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.

Move consciously and be mindful of every ATP used. Conscious Movement is the brand created by Dr. Ryan Cecil to help inspire people to relearn how to move the way our bodies were designed to move.  In early 2019, I met back up with my old friend, Ryan Cecil. Dr. Ryan is a chiropractor andContinue reading “Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.”

Gut Feeling

Gut health is huge. One of the main reasons I see people coming into hospital and one of the main reasons I see people pass away is from issues with their colon.  Whether they have cancerous ulcers or a bowel is twisted/blocked, people with gut problems are in some of the worst pain possible.  ThereContinue reading “Gut Feeling”

Perspective is a Lifestyle

Pills can be medicine or a drug. Popping your joints can be a medicine or a drug. Food can be a medicine or a drug. Drinks can be a medicine or a drug. Herbs can be a medicine or a drug. Your breath can be a medicine or a drug. Your relationships can be aContinue reading “Perspective is a Lifestyle”

Career vs Passion

This week, a patient rudely asked me what I’m doing with my life when I grow up.  I told her I’m grown.  I went on to say that I’m a Writer, Artist and Patient Care Tech who is currently taking care of her.  She was an insanely ill-mannered human and although her intentions may haveContinue reading “Career vs Passion”

What Is A Community Script-2015

This is one of my first videos ever produced. I began my career in video production to promote a business/Nonprofit venture called Grow My Community. This organization is an effort to localize and organize information and resources to help prevent monopolization and increase internal growth within each localized area. At this point, Grow My CommunityContinue reading “What Is A Community Script-2015”

Shoot The Shit -An Anti-Anxiety Remedy

The clock is stopped as the anxiety begins to pulsate from the back of your brain to the tips of your fingernails. Stop. Breathe. Be present. Too often, we get so caught up on an idea of being someone else, somewhere else, the idea of perfection, or something else rather than being present and actuallyContinue reading “Shoot The Shit -An Anti-Anxiety Remedy”

Comedy, Drama, Honesty

Comedy, Drama, Honesty = TruthThese are the interpretations of the world. With one thought, one idea, and at times, one word, we can make the world of an entity, or we can lose trust and respect for him/her entirely. Our perception is either expanding or narrowing on the path for Truth, but the timing andContinue reading “Comedy, Drama, Honesty”

Gardening A New Generation

You reap what you sew so make sure to tend to your own garden.  There is a reason countless sayings incorporate something related to gardens and plants.  Gardening is a life force. However, where there is life, there can also be snakes and sin.  Gardening has always been a part of the human experience, thatContinue reading “Gardening A New Generation”


Not at the table, not at work, not with your family, not in public, better yet, just don’t do it. Be political, that is. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”(-Eleanor Roosevelt)  A political mind knows who he is talking to and entertains that person as the politician meets his/herContinue reading “A-Political”

Remodel Your Dreams

They say home is not a place or thing, it is a feeling.  We have been homeowners since 2018 and are finally getting around to the remodeling side of homeownership. One of the strongest motivators to remodeling is the idea of the accruing more value rather than the actual enjoyment of the new asthetics.  RegardlessContinue reading “Remodel Your Dreams”

ADHD, The World’s Biggest Misunderstanding

A world full of a dis-ease, few live with ease.  It is a crying shame to have a name for something with no one to blame, making people unable to tame nor sustain. Inflammation in the brain causes some to go insane, mostly teachers complain as the doctors campaign, parents say God’s name in vein,Continue reading “ADHD, The World’s Biggest Misunderstanding”

Watch “Yoga’s Purpose” on YouTube

Yoga is something we could all incorporate into our lives. In today’s ugly world, it is vital to take time to observe the beauty that is still surfacing on a daily basis. Your focus becomes a key tool to gaging what to do and what not to do. Yoga gives our mind the time toContinue reading “Watch “Yoga’s Purpose” on YouTube”

I Care About Health Care

If there was ever a hippopotamus in a small room, I think the Healthcare system would take the wedding cake and the main course when it comes to problems in our society. To take on this subject, I will do my very best to approach it with extreme honesty and as gently as I possiblyContinue reading “I Care About Health Care”

What To Do

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong? History is the story of science unfolding with relics of art and data of information beholding the idea of what used to be.  There are many ways to study humanity and life itself, each with a scientific catalog to store the bodyContinue reading “What To Do”