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Student Loans Vs Reality

What most people don’t realize is that money is a figment of a collective’s imagination. Upon starting this essay, I quickly realized I could not simply talk about student loans but instead I needed to talk about the bigger picture at hand. Your money is fake. Your value is inherent to the need at hand.Continue reading “Student Loans Vs Reality”

Life Compared To What

Is an animal cell more important than a plant cell?  Is a breath more important than a thought?  Is an atom as important as a solar system? Is it the size of the organism or the depth of the life force? Power and meaning can have a correlation or be completely isolated. Remain humble inContinue reading “Life Compared To What”

Cocain Mane

Business is business just as people are people. Food is medicine but medicine can also a drug.  So let me get this straight, the same company that is causing bowel obstructions, cancer, obesity, High BP, Skin infections, GI problems, dehydration, and so much more via their product is the same company in bed with theContinue reading “Cocain Mane”

Career vs Passion

This week, a patient rudely asked me what I’m doing with my life when I grow up.  I told her I’m grown.  I went on to say that I’m a Writer, Artist and Patient Care Tech who is currently taking care of her.  She was an insanely ill-mannered human and although her intentions may haveContinue reading “Career vs Passion”