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Student Loans Vs Reality

What most people don’t realize is that money is a figment of a collective’s imagination. Upon starting this essay, I quickly realized I could not simply talk about student loans but instead I needed to talk about the bigger picture at hand. Your money is fake. Your value is inherent to the need at hand.Continue reading “Student Loans Vs Reality”

The Institutions Could Work

Society is composed of many components. There are 3 main ways that I’ll explain the organization of society.   The human’s world is an accumulation of Economic (physical), Philosophical (intellectual), and Social (environmental) inputs/outputs. These ways to interact curate the three unique types of social contracts every culture ultimately submits to in order to have order. Continue reading “The Institutions Could Work”

Localize Everything

Localize Everything. When I say everything, I fully acknowledge the resource allocation difficulties from varying geographic locations. We need to redesign our economy and communities so the money within a local jurisdiction does not trickle up and out of the hands of our fellow neighbors.  The further away money travels, the less impact it willContinue reading “Localize Everything”

Communicate, Don’t Hate

Communication is the immunization from the viral effects of instigating stagnation in a nation constipated with obstructions beyond what the government implemented or inflated. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, This, That, The Other and Another. Word placement like a nuclear bomb erupting off the oral canvas, moral brushes, rigid from the timid self imageContinue reading “Communicate, Don’t Hate”

Life Compared To What

Is an animal cell more important than a plant cell?  Is a breath more important than a thought?  Is an atom as important as a solar system? Is it the size of the organism or the depth of the life force? Power and meaning can have a correlation or be completely isolated. Remain humble inContinue reading “Life Compared To What”

Functional Learning

An Integrated Educational Approach The modern day Education system is a broken and we all know it. We are stuck in a rat race being played on a mouse wheel looking backwards in time. History with Art, Literature, and Entertainment. History is the root of all information.  As we tell history, literature is produced.  TheContinue reading “Functional Learning”

Death’s Grip on Basic Life Saving Knowledge

White faced, hands clinched, glazed eyes staring at the ceiling, soaking with lifeless sweat. This is how someone was brought to the ER recently. You know, working at the hospital could be one of the best experiences of my life. Aside from learning incredibly necessary skills, I have also gained a stomach for things IContinue reading “Death’s Grip on Basic Life Saving Knowledge”

A New Internet with

The problem with the internet is that it is a social utility owned by private companies with skewed and self interested persuasions in how they conduct business.  We use the internet like a drug and our society is the drug dealer. As pretty much all drugs can be used as a form of medicine, ourContinue reading “A New Internet with”

Cocain Mane

Business is business just as people are people. Food is medicine but medicine can also a drug.  So let me get this straight, the same company that is causing bowel obstructions, cancer, obesity, High BP, Skin infections, GI problems, dehydration, and so much more via their product is the same company in bed with theContinue reading “Cocain Mane”

Greenhouse Technology

-Georgia Winters- Greenhouse technology is the future of humanity. Whether we are growing indoors completely with sun roofs and UV lights, or we are set up in a full on Greenhouse weathering the storms.  Modern farming is unsustainable, high risk for failure, and destructive. Implementing Greenhouse technology could save the way we think about foodContinue reading “Greenhouse Technology”

Appreciate The Appreciation

“The Space Between Confidence, Being Humble, and Being Present” Appreciation is the master key to finding happiness.  A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with a note from a patient and it really did make my night.  Take time to soak up the little blessings that life offers. Gratitude is the first stepContinue reading “Appreciate The Appreciation”

I’m an Author at Heart

I have always loved telling stories and delivering information. I am working on a couple other books currently, but I am thrilled to tell this story. I have dreamt of being an author since being a kid. I have 2 additional books in the works, one with an intended 2021 release date and the otherContinue reading “I’m an Author at Heart”

Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization

Balancing Life’s Tasks To do or not to do, that is the question that wonders us all creatives.  Amidst the independent productions and blog articles that I work on, I am also juggling a full time job, full time college class schedule, and full time parent/partner.  I won’t even list the part about being aContinue reading “Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization”

How to Start a Nonprofit

So you found a problem you are passionate about advocating for and fixing? Starting a nonprofit could be the next best logical thing to do. Starting a Nonprofit is very similar to starting a business. Listed below are important pieces to starting your own nonprofit. Mission and Vision Statements: An elevator pitch under 3 sentences.Continue reading “How to Start a Nonprofit”

Perspective is a Lifestyle

Pills can be medicine or a drug. Popping your joints can be a medicine or a drug. Food can be a medicine or a drug. Drinks can be a medicine or a drug. Herbs can be a medicine or a drug. Your breath can be a medicine or a drug. Your relationships can be aContinue reading “Perspective is a Lifestyle”

Career vs Passion

This week, a patient rudely asked me what I’m doing with my life when I grow up.  I told her I’m grown.  I went on to say that I’m a Writer, Artist and Patient Care Tech who is currently taking care of her.  She was an insanely ill-mannered human and although her intentions may haveContinue reading “Career vs Passion”

Shoot The Shit -An Anti-Anxiety Remedy

The clock is stopped as the anxiety begins to pulsate from the back of your brain to the tips of your fingernails. Stop. Breathe. Be present. Too often, we get so caught up on an idea of being someone else, somewhere else, the idea of perfection, or something else rather than being present and actuallyContinue reading “Shoot The Shit -An Anti-Anxiety Remedy”

Comedy, Drama, Honesty

Comedy, Drama, Honesty = TruthThese are the interpretations of the world. With one thought, one idea, and at times, one word, we can make the world of an entity, or we can lose trust and respect for him/her entirely. Our perception is either expanding or narrowing on the path for Truth, but the timing andContinue reading “Comedy, Drama, Honesty”


Not at the table, not at work, not with your family, not in public, better yet, just don’t do it. Be political, that is. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”(-Eleanor Roosevelt)  A political mind knows who he is talking to and entertains that person as the politician meets his/herContinue reading “A-Political”

What To Do

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong? History is the story of science unfolding with relics of art and data of information beholding the idea of what used to be.  There are many ways to study humanity and life itself, each with a scientific catalog to store the bodyContinue reading “What To Do”