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Trust the Process

The cliche, “trust the process”, is a way of moving through life without anxiety and excuses blocking the fruits of ideas and work from coming to fruition. When we let outside influencers and a lack of patience into our mind, we become distracted from our purpose, mission and vision. We lose our why as theContinue reading “Trust the Process”

My Covid19 Experience

Since 2020, Corona Virus has ripped through the fabric of our modern society effecting every single human on this planet whether it was active in their community or not. From people’s economic life to their private life, Covid19 has been a factor that we all have taken into account. As a world society, we haveContinue reading “My Covid19 Experience”

Your Life is a Form of Art

Your life is a form of art. Art is both conceptual and material just as the human experience is lived. Your life is a timeline of stories that build your ever-evolving character into who you with more depth and color as each day passes. Understand there is no mistake in the production of art. AsContinue reading “Your Life is a Form of Art”

Natural vs Unnatural

“The Really Beautiful Fake” The dangers of Natural and the Beauty of Fake.  A world of deception and opposing forces.  Lines in reality can be crossed but the truth eventually shines through. Deception and manipulation are tools to amuse and misappropriate the understanding left from right.  The direction doesn’t really matter when you are onContinue reading “Natural vs Unnatural”

Night Shift Living

Growing up, I was always the first friend asleep at sleepovers. I would take a nap everyday while I school and always popped a nap during Oprah after school.  Sleep was my second nature.  My dad spent many years working night shift enduring frustrated sleep deprived days.  In my naive younger days, I swore toContinue reading “Night Shift Living”

Hormones, Health, and Nature

Biology Meets “Contra”versy The female is beautiful.  The way her body is the home for the creation of life and her power grips the heart of life are some things to be praised. Every month she sacrifices a part of herself in hopes of one day continuing life for the greater good.  The female organsContinue reading “Hormones, Health, and Nature”

Life Compared To What

Is an animal cell more important than a plant cell?  Is a breath more important than a thought?  Is an atom as important as a solar system? Is it the size of the organism or the depth of the life force? Power and meaning can have a correlation or be completely isolated. Remain humble inContinue reading “Life Compared To What”

Livingood Education

Education and Art are two parts of the same story.  Unfortunately in our mechanistic society, we have compartmentalized the concepts of Science, Math, Art, History, Engineering, and Philosophy.  This disconnection has removed the critical analysis approach that historically created logic.  Each of these topics are useless when put by themselves due to lack of functionalityContinue reading “Livingood Education”

Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.

Move consciously and be mindful of every ATP used. Conscious Movement is the brand created by Dr. Ryan Cecil to help inspire people to relearn how to move the way our bodies were designed to move.  In early 2019, I met back up with my old friend, Ryan Cecil. Dr. Ryan is a chiropractor andContinue reading “Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.”