A Humble Ego

-To See The Mirror-

To believe in something and to identify with something are 2 concepts of similar conceptions that differ only by a mere technicality. To be humbled is to accept when you are wrong. To be humble is to accept you could be wrong. To have an ego is to be confident even in places of uncertainty. To be egoistical is to believe you are correct even if you are wrong. To walk a line of having a humble ego is the tight rope that Nietzsche explains as the overman. No man can follow the same path as the overman because of his focus, dexterity, and complexity to remain in control regardless of the wind pattern. This pathway is similar to health in that it is personal and situational that is only true to oneself according to what we currently understand.

What seems impossible could just be a futuristic endeavor that has yet to take place. We don’t know what we don’t know and this is where belief comes into effect. Belief is the placeholder instilled by the historical conclusions that keep cultures alive and well with longevity as a companion. The experience we have on Earth is existentially short in retrospect to the full spectrum of time itself. I believe in this short time we humans have on Earth, it is our purpose to create art in relationship to meaning and experiences while also helping our fellow companions on this planet as well as potentially beyond this planet when the time comes. To this point, every action could be considered an art form, and thereby every action we take should be treated as such. The more information and experiences we share, the quicker we can progress through prior tribulations and terrors that didn’t have solutions developed prior as a species, community, and individual. Life is cumulative and this equation will run unnecessary loops if we don’t record variables that can effect the outcome in ways that prevent prior problems.

Knowledge is a body of information that expands and integrates into reality. What we think we know thereby becomes our identity. Often times our identity is a visual confirmation of what we want others to know what we think and believe. We dress, talk, walk, and make the actions that transmutes our inner self in ways not even a camera can register. Knowledge is a premature idea of what we think we know. At the end of the day, no one really knows anything aside from the laws set in stone in reference to prior experiences/tests/statutes. Be careful becoming egotistical with what you think you know but never be ashamed for the information you believe. Hold your beliefs like a gun, accessible and close but also safe and secure. Train your knowledge so when it is time to use it, you are prepared but never be negligent of the dangers that prevalent knowledge can hold. Perhaps that is the realm of the forbidden fruit aka “the fruit of knowledge.” It evolves and if you walk on land that used to be dry but is now ridden with oceanic currents, you will find yourself not walking but drowning. To part the red seas is a mechanism of understanding how the tide of information evolves. In the moments of dire need, you must trust the lands are dry from your prior understandings.

What hill will you die on? No one wants to be a martyr if they are ultimately wrong. Many of times it is ego that drives man to such a place of flying on the wrong hill. What role will you play in the bigger picture? Most people will be a blip, but few make an impact that changes the trajectory of the human race for the better. It is the bad as well as the good that teach us lessons and unfortunately the scape goats become the reality of such lessons. What will you allow to happen to you and what will you stand behind to prevent from happening to others? A pacifists life is desirable but unrealistic. At some point we all must fight. Whether the war is internal or external, we will have to go to war in some shape or form. This is what we know thus far in the story of man. The world is a quantum space where X never equals just Y. The multi variant combination that makes life so beautiful also makes it so darn precious, dangerous, and rare. Life is a risk analysis that we must use a combination of experience, thought, and belief to concur the right way through it all. We must accept when we are wrong, explain our reasoning for said belief and understand that our thoughts today will make tomorrow a better place so long as we make our thoughts heard.

Buddhism envelops a mechanism called the 8 fold path that gives man the tools to move through life with clarity and accuracy. The eightfold path is as followed: Right Understanding, Right Speech, Right Thought, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. I considered putting these concepts in a specific order, but in actuality, people jump from each of these concepts throughout their life to further develop the other can concepts. Study and practice each of these practices to further develop your impact on the bigger picture in the most positive manner.

Machine Learning and AI become the mechanisms that give us the opportunity to propel beyond tragedy as a species and planet. Ben Franklin has a quote that goes along the lines of any society that will give up a little liberty to gain security will deserve neither and lose both. Although he could be correct, I believe our freedoms have brought us to a state of chronic illness and depression. Our capitalistic freedoms have taken us to a complex state of predatory usery that reaps benefits from a form of indentured servitude. Technology doesn’t have to evil, it is the algorithms in place that create such discrepancies. Literature is a form of technology that has been used thus far to progress humanity but we as a species have reached a throttling point of literary capacity whereby inputs are no longer producing outputs. When we can measure data that takes into consideration all of the variables pertaining to a situation/algorithm without bias, we can potentially create solutions that we all can agree on. Unfortunately, modern AI has bias built into it, but what is can always be better. Machine Learning and AI will give us accurate projections of what will happen rather than what could happen. Now, every instance can be a learning lesson in the equation of life. We must be careful to not believe 100% with our whole heart in such projections but rather accept them as a probability. Deep deep down, this is how belief works. It’s a probability spectrum that only what I describe as God can know for certain. Walk with confidence because you speak with experience. Most people can’t handle the truth, but I have seen the mirror and know what mask I’m wearing.

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Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

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  1. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 3DDUALITYREALITY Demands “Right and Wrong” EveryOne; when Ascended to 5D “Wrong and Right” No Longer Exist because only Experience Exists EveryBody

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎



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