Not at the table, not at work, not with your family, not in public, better yet, just don’t do it. Be political, that is. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”(-Eleanor Roosevelt)  A political mind knows who he is talking to and entertains that person as the politician meets his/her audience where they are at.  Politics is merely a social game of charismatic charades.  Political topics are conversations regarding something the majority is actively conscious of. Hot topics if you will. People who can dominate these media driven talking points will accel in the social paradigm.  People who oppose these social constructs end up being forgotten by the algorithm and/or neglected by the rest of the herd.  You simply cannot have a great democracy when it is filled with small minds. There are a couple of personality types and a politician (aka a people pleaser) is one of them.  I don’t want to universally paint a politician as a bad person in this essay.  A successful social creature is persuasive but when the persuasion becomes purely selfish, you find the meaning of persuasion devolve into manipulation. My goal is to try and persuade you to think for yourself.

See, people connect based on commonalities.  Whether it is the commonality of time, place or a thing regarding an interest and/or experience, people vibe across race, gender, and generation.  A politician knows how to say what people want to hear.  This is where politics weasels its way into the modernized mechanical heart.  Media and journalism are partially to blame because they create narratives that emotionally affect personality types, cultural truths, and income level/job types.  We are pegged as Me vs. You because it is much easier to divide and conquer this way.  Another reason is because journalism is selling their content rather than sharing it with an altruistic approach. It is also much easier to paint a simple picture in a unidimensional manner than it is to explain all the layers of unintended consequences and related factors that have an effect on a situation or thing.  This act of laziness and also pursuit of the dollar has caused a world of disinformation, a generation of uninformed constituents, and a political state whereby politicians entrust their honor and duty towards the multi-billion dollar industries that are technically running our country rather than what is best for the people and Earth.

The majority of people act with their amygdala rather than prefrontal cortex. This becomes a key weapon in the eyes of political initiatives. Competition creates comradery and euphoria creates empathy.  Empathy isn’t always good and euphoria isn’t always pleasing. Empathy turns sour when virtue signaling becomes the method of showcasing empathetic feelings. Empathy can be a tool to gage and understand morals as well as perspective but it can also be a mechanism to excuse hatred in the name of supporting a cause that you don’t fully understand.  Comradery on the other hand becomes toxic like cancer when it leeches onto ignorant stances that which both the left and right political parties push due to the lazy work ethic and business minded approach by the media.  It isn’t that I believe in some grand conspiracy that lizards are trying to take over the world, rather I believe we are being shafted by the egomaniacs that control our supply chain driving the people to succumb to an inefficient, irresponsible, and depressive country.

Political topics entail all things that effect the population.  Economics, Moral/Cultural Philosophy, Innovation, Education, Wellness, and even personal truths.  There are two goals in conversation, to share an experience or idea and to listen to an experience or idea.  All information is at some level theoretical and a belief.  We must believe our eyes/ears, believe the data, believe the entity sharing the information, and remember the information at hand correctly.  We are living in a day and age whereby people take information as a matter of fact. When dealing with policies that effect people’s lives, you must be as certain as possible.  It is vital to remain humble when it comes to what you know. Specialists in every field are proven wrong in their own field daily, so who is to say that a processed piece of information spewed out by a tainted political narrative holds any validity at all?

Metaphors and similes are my favorite ways to explain something because it gives room for the creative spirit to understand without having to explain every little detail. This use of correlating themes expedites the learning curve and also gives insight of comprehension.  It seems that memories and relationships have much more in common than previously considered. Memory is formed by circles of neurons that entail information almost like segments of code from a website.  As more information gets piled into the cranial cavity, the brain makes the best use of ATP (biological energy) by branching off old memories to build new structures of neurons.  Memory is formed by the association of relative sensory inputs.  Relationships amongst people, similarly branch out of common interests and the level of convenience in meeting. You are who you surround yourself with but you don’t have to be.  Don’t be cheap with the information you believe and don’t be fake like a politician saying what is only wanted to be said.  Become an artist with your words so that you can delineate your thoughts appropriately and effectively. 

I wonder if there is some kind of intimate quantum entangled neurological intercourse when two individuals divulge in a conversation they are equally interested in as if the memories, endorphins and neurotransmitters have their very own language.  The more time spent together, the more the entangled memory cells expand causing a more severe emotional reaction as a larger part of the brain becomes dependent on the other neurological structure as much as its own cranial cavity. What if everyone’s secular memories were connected in some universally conscious mechanism?  Perhaps the tragedy and deceit portrayed by both the media and politicians alike can awaken a source of community that brings people together based on our common experience of abuse rather than having the weak-minded masses take the bait of divided hate funded by the Technocrats, Democrats and Republicans making us all inmates in the name of USA and the economy. 

My political stance is more of a criticism to the current political narrative per each dividing topic. Borders shouldn’t necessarily exist, but at the same time, people need to be accounted for by the governing body and there ought to be a process when someone moves from one legal system to a different legal system so they are properly oriented into the new set of laws and cultural norms. Education should be free, but not when it doesn’t produce a career and executives are making millions of dollars funneled through state grants and scholarships.  I believe war is horrendous but we must fix the infrastructure of the country first before cutting off resources from around the world.  We must stop supporting slave wage both in our country and also with the companies within our country.  We never won a war on slavery, we won a war to outsource it.  The health of the planet is essential and we must take action but we cannot cripple our economy by disrupting the supply chain of basic needs so it doesn’t cause more harm than it helps.  I believe Healthcare should be free but it can’t be “free” when you have insurance companies and legal firms cherry picking billions of dollars off the top, executives making millions of dollars annually with a nation full of unhealthy and sick people who refuse to take care of themselves.  I believe drugs should be legal and safe but we also need enough preventative health/mental health investments so that people don’t need medicine/drugs. All this to say that our political system is a joke that isn’t here to help the people.  The compartmentalized governing system is too inefficient and too corrupt to sustain much longer.

There is a balance between individualism and collectivism that is attainable.  We must utilize respect, accountability, honesty, integrity, and creativity to find the middle point. It is important to remember there isn’t always a win-win solution, but there is always a better solution. History becomes a necessary memory to help avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. The singularity is coming, but it doesn’t have to be through a microchip, rather it can be through common understanding and common goals.

I don’t vote in a broken system. I am A-Political and will remain A-Political until we create a system that acknowledges the people and the environment of the people. I believe we should dissolve the United States and bring back states rights because the United States is too diverse both geographically and also culturally.  A small town has very different needs than a big city. I believe we should not vote for politicians, rather vote for professionals in an array of areas similar to the cabinet representatives, except the people would elect each cabinet member per each region.  I also believe it would be wise to create a public discussion board to allow research to be organized and shared in regards to each policy at hand so people do not get stuck in loops of pre-written rhetoric provided by the media.  Mixing a direct democracy with a representative democracy could truly work if done properly. At the end of the day, Voltaire said it best when he directs his readers to “[tend to their own garden.]” Lead by example in all social environments and only worry about what you can change.  Keep yourself busy and do something with your time that helps more than it hurts.  Most political conversations are typically outside of your power so allow these intense spaces to be a space of creativity rather than 2 opposing lectures.  People working together in grassroots movements can make a difference. Become political enough to reach people’s heart and soul but retain your integrity enough to not be a fake politician. Do what you believe is most right but always remember at some point you will be wrong. Don’t be a sore loser when you are wrong either. When a government fails, there is no winner, we all suffer.  Let’s start winning as a community again. This is no will to end America.  I believe our constitution grants us the abilities to do pretty much all that I mentioned.  I don’t vote because the vote doesn’t reflect policy action at all.  The system we have right now works regardless of how we vote. The big corporations that employ the masses are the real policy creators.  Perhaps it is for the best since they are technically the “professionals” per each policy.  I support those that vote on both sides and thoroughly enjoy hearing both sides. I could see myself voting for an intellectual that strikes a chord with me and all hope isn’t lost in our current democratic system.  You don’t have to agree in order to respect one another and believe in a common ideal of a better, safer, happier, and free society.

Remodel Your Dreams

Master Bathroom- Before
Master Bathroom- After

They say home is not a place or thing, it is a feeling.  We have been homeowners since 2018 and are finally getting around to the remodeling side of homeownership. One of the strongest motivators to remodeling is the idea of the accruing more value rather than the actual enjoyment of the new asthetics.  Regardless of the reason, updating a home is quite a fulfilling task, especially when you get to enjoy the new renovations yourself. These renovations, specifically, are enjoyed every time I greet Mr. Hankey (Southpark reference) so it was definitely worth it no matter how long we stay.

2 years ago, I worked with a general contractor for roughly 3 months. During this time, I was project managing 2 different subcontractors.  Of all the places I have worked, these subcontractors were the most jolly coworkers that I have ever worked alongside.  They were Hispanics consisting of both Guatemalans and Mexicans.  Their favorite time was “Luncho!” These guys worked their tails off through the heat, never complained, and could fix anything from plumbing to electrical to carpentry but when lunch time came around, it was 1 hour of communal jokes and rest. 

While working alongside these talented professional artists, I picked up a lot of construction knowledge which has proven to be extremely useful. The most functional tip in construction is to learn to use a new tool and you will learn to fix a new thing.  I have fixed my porch along with my step-dad’s help, put up a fence surrounding my garden, built a greenhouse, and now I have remodeled both of our bathrooms. Next will be replacing the rest of the flooring throughout the house. The master bathroom was the first to be worked on.  I began by taking out the vanity.  Initially, I intended to not need a plumber but as I was pulling out the master vanity, I clipped the cut off valve and a tiny leak began dripping.  In the middle of the night, Susan got up to use the restroom and noticed a puddle accumulating in the floor.  She rushed to turn the water off in the house and when I returned home from work in the morning I attempted to replace the cutoff valve.  After replacing two valves and still leaking, I noticed the vanity would not fit with the pipes coming through the floor. In the guest bathroom, I could simply cut the bottom of the vanity so the pipes could fit through, however, in the master bathroom, the vanity has a pull out drawer making it impossible to cut holes out for the pipes.  With the valve leaking nonstop and the vanity unable to fit, it was time to phone a friend. 

Susan went on to the Next Door app and asked for a trusted plumber in the area.  A friendly man in his 60s was referred but remember that in this business, you get what you pay for.  In this case, we sacrificed speed for cost. It took the kind man roughly 4 days to finally reroute the pipes and stop the leak but for the price of $150, I’ll take it. That could have easily cost me $600.  In the second bathroom, we were able to cut out the bottom of the vanity to not need to reroute the pipes.

After the floor was complete in each bathroom, the mirrors and lights were installed. Lights are surprisingly easy to install and cost us around $50 each. All you have to do is twist the matching color wires and screw the light in. Always make sure to cut the fuse before touching the electrical wires unless you are trying out home made shock therapy.  As for the mirror, simple drywall hooks did the trick.  Both mirrors were bought at Hobby Lobby for under $80 each.  In total, we spent roughly $600 for both bathrooms.  The value of the house went up approximately $7,500 so I would say that we did well for a bunch of newbies.

Learn to be productive.  Learn to do things, fix things, and build things. The Nike saying, “Just Do It”, really is one of the best slogans because you simply have to initiate in a task in order to learn. Once you begin the learning process, you approach the learning curve whereby momentum potentially accumulates into a never ending artistic pursuit of perfection.  The first couple times doing something will be awkward and you will probably mess up.  This experience of inadequacy can be humiliating and frustrating.  As these feelings of discomfort are felt, resilience and confidence are also developed.  Life is an investment.  Beautify your surroundings and find reasons to be proud of who you are day in and day out.  Remodel your dreams.

ADHD, The World’s Biggest Misunderstanding

A world full of a dis-ease, few live with ease.  It is a crying shame to have a name for something with no one to blame, making people unable to tame nor sustain. Inflammation in the brain causes some to go insane, mostly teachers complain as the doctors campaign, parents say God’s name in vein, and the food web is contaminated like it’s animated, hyperactive cells activated until the child is lacerated, in prison, and castrated.  We must wake up. Add up the hype, and dis becomes the order of the next generation.

I have studied ADHD and similar neurological “dis-orders” for quite a few years now.  My son has been through the ringer when it comes to this diagnosis and my fiancé and myself have struggled with attention since being a kid, however I didn’t see a doctor until trying Adderall my senior year and my fiancé didn’t get off her meds until I met her and helped encourage her to do so.  A couple things to preface before getting too deep in this topic is that no person’s neurological makeup is the same and no one knows their mind and body like themselves nor their parents.  It is a very easy solution to the problem of modern parenting to just say that kids nowadays need a good ass whooping.  In fact, abuse could be the problem and simultaneously, that statement could hold some merit.  I share my thoughts, my perspective, the information I have come across, and personal beliefs because perspective is how we build consensus.  I don’t share this story to hurt anyone nor act like a parent isn’t doing enough.  I hope you can extract something useful out of this piece of work.

To start, I would like to redefine the idea of autism and other neurological “dis-orders” while making the point that no brain is truly neurotypical. In my opinion, everyone deals with spouts or levels to psychological disorders. All humans are on the so-called spectrum. Neurochemistry is still a fairly new field relative to Biology.  It is important to understand that neurodiersity is vital for a successful culture because it allows for specification of skill sets.  Much of the medication we prescribe to promote a “neurotypical” activity in this space uses a trial and error methodology that excludes many other contributing factors that I will indulge in throughout this article.   Neurochemistry deals with digestive health, circulatory health, environmental security, social/relationship health, while also carrying a genetic component that which I believe he genetics ultimately play a much smaller role than the scientific community assumes. Atypical neurological makeups are really a situation where the inputs from sensory neurons do not communicate directly with the prefrontal cortex (decision making part of the brain). To further explain this, I will further dissect the way dyslexia works because dyslexia and ADD are very similar in how the brain processes the information.  Dyslexia occurs when the auditory and visual cortexes do not send information back to the prefrontal cortex for appropriate use of the data received. The signal gets “lost” as it travels around the left brain (the creative side).  This action is exactly what makes engineering geniuses, savants, artists/creators, athletes, and almost every imaginable person that exceeds societies standards of normal. Now that I have established the framework of areas that this diagnosis entails, I’ll share my story about persevering ADHD both as a parent whose child is dealing with it and as a person with it.

Neuroplasticity is a term meaning you can change the pathways of the neurological connections, essentially meaning we aren’t just born with a certain amount of neurons, rather we can grow our neurons just like a regular muscle. Brain mapping is a tool to help create new memory circles that can streamline logic and appropriate use as well as comprehension of sensory inputs. Memory builds from previous memories. I’ll explain this network formed by a point of reference neurological network.  Memory cells become stronger the more points of referential information that is retained. During the summer, my son began working with a dyslexia teacher, Tabitha Molina, who actually utilizes this technique of brain mapping.  She uses spacial memory, rhyme schemes, history of language, color triggers, catchy phrases, physical touch, and much more to help build the memory of information which will help develop and reinforce the pathways of information received. There are more limitations to the neurological growth compared to skeletal muscle whereby pretty much anyone can tone up and stack on more muscle. That is unless they have some type off degenerative disease.  Neurological connections are more of tendencies rather than an exact determined fact. After seeing my son ending his 2nd grade year not knowing the entire alphabet to being able to read chapter books within just a few months, I believe we are just getting started in the revolution of the mind beyond the broken psychological/psychiatric institutions that have monopolized our ability to parent.

Can I get a Kale Yeah!? Yes, diet is more than important. It is a crying shame that our society has made children’s food the most toxic and unhealthy while slandering natural, healthy, and wholesome foods as a trendy scheme from parental scoffs at greens during dinner to televisions effort to make unhealthy cool. Our culture has also damned every single holiday with candy and deserts while pumping every meal full with carcinogens and inflammatory foods. Almost every item directed towards kids in the average supermarket is filled with neurotoxins and inflammatory reactants. At the average restaurant in America, you see zero vegetables, extra processed foods, and an incentive to get soda and sugary juice cocktails. Parents are causing mental illness in their kids under the guise of keeping them fat and happy. Inflammation is the brains biggest enemy as it restricts circulation to hungry neurons leading to mental decay.  If the neurons do not recieve proper blood flow, they will accumulate plaque and you will lose actual memory, hormonal control, physical abilities, and eventually death.  This brings about the most important part of neurological health, diet and hydration which will be the first animal to tackle. 

“Let food be thy medicine” -Socrates. Diet is a 2 part approach.  In one direction, you have things that promote the removal of toxins and prevention of inflammation.  In the other direction, you have nutrients to fortify and help promote healthy metabolic and enzymatic processes. I liken this concept to the two ways people are motivated, towards an idea/goal/pleasure and also away from an idea/failure/danger.  Getting an allergy test is a great place to start. Another thing to do is get blood work done to see your nutrient and electrolyte levels. Things to cut out immediately are gluten, starch, simple sugars, fried food, dairy (lactose is a type of sugar) and processed foods. I do not intend to get too hairy about the field of nutrition but I will certainly lay out a basis for supplements, vitamins, and minerals that I have noticed helps. 

Drink water! If you drink too much water, you can actually deplete necessary electrolytes so don’t think that drinking gallons of water will fix anything.  Drinking higher quality water with a slightly high PH will be much more absorbent. You can add a pinch of baking soda to your water to fix that problem.  The higher PH will help combat the additional acid produced by inflammation as well. Drink water 1st thing in the morning to clean out the gut. Your body absorbs water best on an empty stomach.  Now that we have established the importance of water, supplements and foods that are essential for maximum brain power.  If you look at at the every day multivitamin, you will see almost everything your body needs.  The problem is that most of that pill is shit right back out and very little is absorbed, especially if your microbiome is depleted.  Stack on the Omega fish oils! Cold water fish are the best to eat.  Recent studies from the Mayo Clinic show massive improvement of neurological function after consuming high grade fish oils.  DHA fish oil is key for the brain.  The brain is a hungry little monster and it needs fat! Throw in some avocado, coconut oil, high grade olive oil like what “Olive Tree and Vine” in Cartersville Georgia offers, and an array of nuts to bulk out these Omega fats in the system. The next food group to consume are Antioxidants.  Antioxidants help replenish cells by removing free radical oxygen molecules which act like shrapnel from an explosion inside the body.  These free radicals cause inflammation and can even cause the formation of cancers.  For the foods to eat that help with free radicals and other nutrient deficiencies, consider enjoying Berries (Elderberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, etc), Citrus fruits (grapefruits, lemons, oranges), leafy green vegetables (Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Bak Choi etc.), Roots (Ginger, Carrots, Tumeric/Curcumin, Beets, Garlic, Onion, etc), and additional herbs/teas (Basil, Sage, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Ginseng, Hibiscus, Green Tea, Ginko Biloba, CBD, and more).  Bacteria, Molds, Viruses, and Fungi can all increase inflammation in the body, so consuming these foods listed above will help your body fight off these toxins. It may seem a little weird at first when you snap into a raw vegetable for a snack, but that will reside the more you realize how weird opening up a plastic container filled with pesticide sprayed, preservative filled, processed fake food that causes far more problems than it helps.  If you claim, “my kid won’t eat that.” Then you have failed as a parent because I guarantee you that a hungry human will eat food given to them.  If they go on a hunger strike, then that is their problem.  It is extremely hard to watch your kid struggle, but that is the way to show Agape, the fatherly love. Take the Hippocratic Oath with your own kids instead of taking the modernized easy way out by pushing the problem into the Doctor’s hands which are tied by the constraints of both the pharmaceutical companies and legal frameworks.  Food is culture and a way of life.  We must get back into the kitchen and garden to relearn the value that food brings into the human experience.  Gut health is essential in helping produce the necessary neurotransmitters appropriate per each situation.  Do your best to eat GMO and pesticide free.  We are not at the whims of our biology, rather our biology is at the whims of our everyday actions and lifestyle.

Dope, I mean hope, I mean soap, clean like bleach, I say nope. I digress.
I am a huge supporter of natural health while also acknowledging the value of western medicine. While on the topic of natural medicine, I would like to recommend chiropractic care as it helps support a properly functioning nervous system helping the parasympathetic system activate and align sensory inputs. Pharmaceutical industries do some good, but it could be argued that they cause as many problems as they fix.  You could also argue that the way it currently functions completely violates the Nuremberg code established to disallow the use of human experimentation while also violating the Hippocratic Oath.  The treatment for ADHD is typically an amphetamine-type substance.  This is borderline Meth. Of course it isn’t the same stuff being smoked on the streets, but it is one small chemical away. Adderall is a popular Amphetamine used that can cause psychosis, dehydration, inflammation, insomnia, stomach ulcers, depression, digestive problems, and many other abnormalities. These aren’t rare occurrences either.  The idea is that Adderall will activate the Dopamine receptors, also known as the motivation neurotransmitter, located in the prefrontal cortex.  This means it artificially activates a part of the brain that is almost nonexistent in younger children.  Let me say that again in a different way.  We are diagnosing and prescribing dangerous Drugs to treat something that is a natural process of development.  Men’s PFC (prefrontal cortex) develops at a much slower rate which would make sense why boys are more often diagnosed with ADHD than females in elementary years. In recent years, I can even tell an immense difference in my own mental clarity since reaching the age 25. Motivation is also a key component.  I guarantee you that if a tv show is on with your ADHD child that they like and are interested in, they can sit there and pay attention like a grad student prepping for his MCAT.  The kids are simply not interested in sitting down all day learning how to do adult things like read. Kids need to move and develop their social muscles (also in the PFC). Movement and heart rate variability (training physically), actually increases the neuroplastic activity in the brain.  Let the kids run around and play.  We are raising a generation of zombies who are learning to be addicted at a young age.  Screen time is also a major problem when it comes to the ADHD epidemic.  Looking at a screen also artificially activates the PFC, so be aware of how much time you are letting the TV babysit your kid. 

Lastly, we have environmental factors. You have two types of modes your body switches from, fight and flight, also referred to as the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.  When you in an unsafe environment, your parasympathetic system shuts off and your sympathetic system is activated.  This hereby, raises cortisol levels and increases the heart rate lowering your ability to digest food as all the blood runs away from your stomach and into your skeletal muscles to help you escape the dangerous environment.  Learning breathing techniques are a great way to hijack the parasympathetic system and calm the nerves. I’m very interested in the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for ADD to help with neurological activity as shown by The Mayo Clinic while working with dementia patients.  When you live in a toxic environment, your brain cannot process information effectively because it is not focused on a coloring book or creating a future career, rather it is trying to build an escape plan.  My son was living in a toxic home before living with me full time and the more time he spent at our home, the more his nerves could calm and the better his attention became. This isn’t to bash his mom at all because she does love him immensely and still get regular visits with him. For anyone who wishes to bash her can go fuck off because she did the most selfless thing by letting me have him full time. She knew I had a strong support system and a loving home to help our son. If you are a parent and cannot communicate with your significant other, get out and get help! I swear my son’s mother and I get along better than most married couples. We haven’t always agreed, but we always try to respect one another. It is not fair to the child for parents to not get along. Grow up and communicate.  Children learn from the parents. If the parents throw big tantrums all the time for stupid little things, guess what the kids will do? You guessed it, they too will have tantrums too.  Simply beating your kid will only cause more trauma instead of setting him/her straight.  Be patient with your kid, teach them manners, patience, love, respect, and do so with your tone, body language, and eye contact.  Get down on their level and speak directly to them. Spend the time to explain the rules to help the child understand cause and effect on an intellectual manner as well as physical reality.  I believe there to be an incredible amount of research to be done on prenatal care in the form of epigenetics.  To all the pregnant mothers out there, it isn’t just your body so please don’t be selfish. Love yourself enough to be able to love another life enough to make the hard choices. If you are a mother with an Atypical child, it very well may not be your fault but there is still something you can do to help.

I always like to say it is called Attention Deficit Disorder because many of times the child is deficient from attention.  When you touch, look at, and talk to someone, you are engaging with their prefrontal cortex. This truth is one major issue I have with the mask debate but that is for another day.  It is important to give attention now.  In Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, people must move through each stage. If a child is inhibited from moving through a certain stage, they could be stuck there for life.  I like to correlate and layer Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help facilitate the needs of a human in order to progress and become their best possible self.  This idea of being stuck in a mental state would make sense of the data showing the correlation to mental illness and poverty.  

Being a parent is tough and we must start becoming held accountable to the next generation that we are raising.  There are broken institutions raising our children and we must stand up against them.  Acting as a community and a neighbor is a great place to start. Find friends that support your healthy lifestyles and put distance (not necessarily cut off) with those that are more or less considered toxic.  Eat healthy, be happy, sleep (removes plaque in the brain and increases mental clarity), obtain stability, love in all the ways the Greek language uses the word love and get help when things are outside of your control.  Perhaps there is a place for short term use of Amphetamines to help fire new pathways.  I often go back and forth between the use of nootropics to increase neurological function and the acknowledgement of them used as drugs with horrendous side effects.  At the end of the day, at least try.  Try essential oils, try diet, try chiropractic, try getting into a safe environment, just simply try and don’t give up.  Don’t be so hard on yourself either. Lead with Love. Follow your gut. Believe what seems probable and forgive yourself when you are wrong.

PS. I’m not a doctor so this is not medical advice. I’m not making any money sharing my experiences and information that I have come across.  Always be sure to check with a Healthcare professional as some vitamins and herbs can cause unintended consequences just like pharmaceuticals on account drugs are made to replicate chemicals that naturally occur.  On a side note, I find it incredibly illegal via 1st amendment to enact punitive charges against someone for sharing information and experience, no matter the topic of discussion. You cannot have authoritarianism and science in one system because science is inherently built to prove itself wrong in the name of becoming more precise.

Tame the Main Brain

Watch “Yoga’s Purpose” on YouTube

Yoga is something we could all incorporate into our lives. In today’s ugly world, it is vital to take time to observe the beauty that is still surfacing on a daily basis. Your focus becomes a key tool to gaging what to do and what not to do. Yoga gives our mind the time to let the chaos around us quiet long enough to focus on things we have control over while also letting the things we lack control over fade away into the distance. Tatiana Mark is a true inspiration for sharing her thoughts about Yoga. #Yoga #NaturalHealth #Movement #Workouts #Wellness

I Care About Health Care

If there was ever a hippopotamus in a small room, I think the Healthcare system would take the wedding cake and the main course when it comes to problems in our society. To take on this subject, I will do my very best to approach it with extreme honesty and as gently as I possibly can.  I’m absolutely not qualified to the standards of the AMA to really talk about this subject so let this sentence be my disclaimer that this is an opinion piece and not medical advice. Healthcare is a personal situation, cultural phenomenon and also a series of systematic organizations that should work in sync together for the betterment of humanity. At the end of this piece, I will weigh in on the covid conversation. I hope to escape the idealism role in our political and social stratospheres and enter more into a direct implementation of the most agreeable truths.  At the end of this article, I shared my favorite drink to Kickstart my immune system.

Before delving too deep into the state of Healthcare affairs, I believe the single most important issue to tackle is the unhealthy nature of our country as well as world. The concept of cost benefit analysis is an essential function to weighing the pros and cons of everyday actions. People are both more unhealthy than ever while also living longer than ever before in the history of humanity.  This conundrum has created quite a difficult solution, especially as you incorporate government policy, economic vs philanthropic philosophies, personal vs social decisions, and all of the emotional angst amidst it all.

In my short time working in the hospital, I’ve noticed there are only a couple main reasons people pass away.  In no particular order, the first way is trauma.  Car wrecks, brain trauma, loss of blood or something of the sort would be the theme of this cause of death.  The next major cause of death is via infection.  Infections can come from a number of issues, from a simple cut, intestinal infections to cellulitis or a common infection from a virus that goes south.  When someone with diabetes gets an infection, their body has a really hard time both fighting the infection and also healing the wound.  Another big problem with infections is the case of becoming resistant to antibiotics.  Some of it is due to doctors preemptively over prescribing them for good reason and also the fact that antibiotics wipe out the gut bacteria which is one of the key sources of the immune system and also mental health.  Diabetes is a great segway into the next general cause of death, obesity.  Obesity is a lot of things. It isn’t just genetics, or a simple caloric equation of inputs and outputs.  Many of times, people are dehydrated and mistake thirst for hunger.  I also understand there to be a neurological relationship as well as hormonal influence on the outcome of obesity.  Once someone is obese, their circulation becomes restricted, starving cells of proper metabolic function causing a build of toxicity and acidity in the body.  A couple of terminal things can go wrong from here. Firstly, a lack of oxygen and circulation can lead to brain matter decay, also known as dementia or other neurological disorders. Cancer can form from the inability to excrete waste.  Necrosis can form from the lack of oxygen and nutrition to the cell.  Many of times, necrosis comes as a type of cancer too.  Organ failure is the other closely related problem when the circulation is obstructed.  There are other ways such as allergic reactions, but even this example relates to the previously mentioned circulatory restriction as a mechanism of death.  In some ways, gluttony is literally suicide in slow motion.  Freak accidents and genetic variances will always strike us sideways and give us moral quandaries to contemplate. Modern medicine has given us the ability to manage the vitals enough to enable us to live in an unhealthy manner.  It has also enabled us to not let common colds eradicate an entire population. In some ways, perhaps this is the pursuit of happiness, to have a cake and eat it too but I believe health is a true standard for actual happiness. Being healthy is vital for not just living, but livingood. Consuming an appropriate amount of vitamins, becoming aware of allergens and food sensitivities, getting active, seeking chiropractic care, retaining emotional health, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, sleeping, having shelter, and having healthy relationships are the keys to a happy lifestyle.

Death is half of life.  The darkness however creates a higher level attention to light.  The contrast of life beautifies all realities. It seems that by prolonging the inevitable has inadvertently caused us to become hypersensitive to the point of potential life long trauma upon every occurrence to death.  Memory has given us the ability to not make the same mistake twice so we do store an experience extra deep into our hippocampus that could prevent the end of one’s genetic lineage. Culture helps retain such rich information through the means of story.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons that urge me to write.  Regardless, with the topic of culture in mind, we must accept how much culture plays a role in the health of our nation.  One of my favorite quotes of all time is “Lead By Example” in reference to parenting as emphasized by Psychotherapist, Meghan Toups.  Our culture says money is more important than health, convenience is more important than health, taste is more important than nutrients, and unnatural is better than natural. Before we can fix the healthcare industry, we must first prioritize what really matters.  We must lead by example individually and collectively.

Lastly, in the topic of health care, we have the systematic beast to grapple with.  Firstly, the reality that economics is the driving force behind health care decisions is a major ethical violation.  With the amount of debt that Healthcare practitioners have to gamble with makes an understandable argument on their behalf, but this argument is short-sided if you were able to fix the education problem.  I’m not saying college should be entirely free per say, but higher education should at least be affordable and for those going into such industries that help people directly, these employees should never have to deal with economic hardships.  I quiver at the idea of being a Doctor with $400,000 in debt.  This was almost me had I continued my graduate program in Chiropractic.  Additional issues with the education system is both the inability to steer people in a career that society needs and can make a livable income and also the limited amount of students allowed in these programs.  I could go as far saying that the stringent GPA requirements is also a problem as it measures a very singular type of intelligence while neglecting other types of thinkers.  Insurance is the biggest scam our world has ever seen.  Insurance as an ideal is great, but when it comes to Healthcare, we should implement the concept of “the law of large numbers” and enforce a sales tax.  Personally, I believe we should utilize the “sin tax” in relation to all toxicities and nutrient deficient foods.  This would be a direct accountability program to the causes of people getting sick.  In addition to the taxation of unhealthy items in our economy, I think subsidies for healthier options could also help completely eradicate the myth of it being too expensive to eat healthy.  Another unique angle I would like to introduce into the conversation is the idea that patents are in fact atrocious in their nature when it comes to anything relating to helping save people’s lives.  The world of patents in fact withold scientific progression in the name of individual ego and economic selfishness.  Not only does it disallow the market system to drive down costs, it inhibits the speed of further innovation to the technology or disease at hand.

The entire Healthcare Industrial Complex is dealing with a broken and compartmentalized approach to help the whole person.  Hospitals are a very progressive concept when it comes to efficacy and convenience. It is great you can come to one place and have immediate results for lab work, get a multitude of scans, have a baby, and even get your prescriptions, however convenience can come at a cost.  The main problem with this level of convenience is the accidental exposure to contagions.  I do think it would be wise for there to be two different types ocontagious for this exact reason.  The first hospital would deal with infections diseases such as Corona Viruses, Rhino Viruses, the Flu, other stomach bugs, and other viruses/bacterial infections as the other hospital would deal with emergency trauma-like situations.  There are two other types of facilities that need major funding that could alleviate the current Healthcare system immensely is elderly care and also mental health.  As far as mental health goes, the criminal justice system would have to be brought into the conversation.  Rehabilitation is another dimension of mental health that is in serious need of both scientific evolution as well as treating and preventing.  The DARE program in Elementary Schools and The War Against Drugs are both treacherous failures that need to be reassessed and addressed.  Helping the overall state of well being and helping assure people have all of their basic needs would be a great place to start when talking about the mental health institutions and reducing the healthcare system in general.  There is a massive presence of the homeless population that consumes beds in the hospitals.  For elderly care, we should invest into Healthcare professionals in this industry.  The elderly care centers have a massive misappropriation of funds by understaffing the staff to the point of the staff being unable to care for their patients as they take on sometimes a 20/1 ratio of patients to Healthcare professionals.  There is a revolving door between patients both in elderly care facilities and mental health facilities to hospitals.  This poor planning of public funds and professional talent is depleting limited resources in an already famished industry.  One of my favorite quotes I have heard online regarding the current state of Healthcare goes along the lines of it isn’t the building’s capacity to hold people that is the problem as to why it takes so long for a group of people to enter into a building at the same time but the limited accessibility points into the building. We have a plethora of doctors with private practices that depend on insurance for patients, not the supply/demand of sick patients.  Most people don’t even know where to go when they are sick besides the Emergency Room.  We must take a look at the entire picture of Healthcare including the frame if we want a real chance at helping the maximum amount of people in the most effective and efficient manner. 

One huge deal breaker in the agreeability of the healthcare conversation is the argument to force others to do something for the greater good. When it comes to doing it out of respect, it should be a no-bainer, but when it comes to trusting information, we pile on a whole other level of unrecognized detail.  Vaccines and Diet become almost opposing directions to this topic.  More recently and still relative to the vaccine/diet debate is the Covid-19 debacle. To quarantine and risk economic collapse and depression for the sake of not over running hospitals and infecting at-risk patients.  To read the literature on masks and wear them in public areas with the belief that it will slow the risk of transmission or not wear a mask from the research that shows their ineffectiveness and potential cause of other illnesses.  To remain 6 feet a part and disengage from the necessary action of human to human touch for the idea of the greater good, or retain the culture of affection and handshakes.  I believe vaccines do have their place but I also believe they could be safer and should never be rushed.  I do not believe rushing vaccines nor forcing vaccines should ever be allowed on an ethical level unless we were facing an illness with something closer to a 25% death count.  A final point I would like make is that we have a problem with our freedom of speech pertaining to this topic at hand.  You are legally bound to not share ideas or information regarding someone else’s Healthcare situation.  If I read something online or have lived through something myself then decide to share that with someone else, I could get sued and possibly jailed for practicing medicine without a license.  Although I do see the reason this law was created in terms of assuring bad advice is not given, on the contrary many of times this law inhibits the ability to try new or “untested” methods.  This also stops many Healthcare workers from having a voice in a time where perspective is needed more than ever.  If big pharma cannot profit on it, you better believe there will not be an evidence-based approach developed for health professionals to utilize.  This became a huge problem when it came to taking preventative measures via supplements and diet (Zinc, Vitamin C,  Vitamin D, and Quinine) which was especially important amidst the “Fake News” obsession during the pandemic/plandemic.  These vitamins/minerals have always been my goto when getting sick.  I did in fact use this combination this year when I believe to have gotten Corona Virus 19 and almost immediately started feeling better.  The hospitals are full, but they typically remain fairly full anyways. Any uptick in the amount of patients can cause massive wait times.  The dependence on a strict budget causes hospitals to treat their staff like a restaurant, cutting the staff on typically slowerly times and pushing the staff to their limit.  For the first time ever, I did see a commercial funded by a public organization promoting healthy and preventative measures for type 2 diabetes and I have also recently noticed an increase in commercials on vitamins and minerals.  I believe that science will find a way.  It is unfortunate that we have lost trust in science and the medical system, but when you have secret courts for vaccines, doctors prescribing meds instead of preaching lifestyle, surgeons doing unnecessary surgeries or persuading patients to use their area of expertise over someone else for the sake of money and ego, pharmaceutical companies running/sponsoring Continuing Education programs as well as incentive programs, lawsuits of damage caused by drugs that come out the same year patents become public domain such as Lipitor, by Pfizer, who is one of the CoVid-19 vaccine manufacturers and most importantly, the use of skewed and falsified research for the sake of selling methods to treat someone’s illness without considering or simply suppressing the dangerous side effects.  Historically, I have been a staunch speaker against the modern Healthcare system, however since beginning work in this field, I have a much greater sense of empathy to the barriers in place preventing the best care from being given.  The Healthcare system is a slave to the legal system as we treat lawsuits as much as patients.  At the end of the day, we are living in a sick world with a massive disconnect from what we should do compared to what we are actually doing.  My hope is that people begin to take their health more seriously and our government starts choosing to make laws for the people over big pharma and the stock market. 

Listed below is a recipe for what I call “Witches Brew,” an immune booster.
Boil for 30 minutes:
-6 cups of water with Green Tea and/or Hibiscus Tea
-3 Tablespoons of Tumeric
-3 Cloves of Garlic
-1 teaspoon of Black Pepper
-2 tablespoons of Cloves or 10 whole Cloves
-2 teaspoons of Cayenne Paper
-10 thin shavings of Garlic
-1 teaspoon of water solvable Magnesium
-1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
-2 tablespoons of Raw Local Honey
-1/2 Diced Onion
-Elderberry syrup at the end or a handful of whole Elderberries boiled
-Whole Grapefruit (including peel)
-Whole Lemon squeeze
-1 Oz of Apple Cider Vinegar
-1 teaspoon of gelatin

Strain it and mix it with Orange Juice to enhance the flavor and add some extra vitamin C.  You can also add EmergenC for additional vitamins/minerals and flavor. Be careful if you have issues with blood pressure when taking this blend. As mentioned before, I am not a medical professional with the licensing ability to treat sick patients. I can tell you this recipe is full of antivirals, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory remedies, antimicrobials, antifungal, and immune supporting vitamins/minerals.  There could always be unintended consequences to taking anything outside of health professional’s knowledge or recommendation but that doesn’t stop people from putting a honey bun in their mouth or drinking a mix drink at the bar.

Live long and prosper.  Thanks for enjoying the read. -Garrett Livingood

Writing From The Heart ❤

What To Do

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong?
History is the story of science unfolding with relics of art and data of information beholding the idea of what used to be.  There are many ways to study humanity and life itself, each with a scientific catalog to store the body of vocabulary terms to name each observation made by a demigod on the timeline of mankind. Upon each layer we peel away, we find a more convincing theory to prey our beliefs on. Tears fill our eyes in the wake of cognitive dissonance as if it was an onion we were peeling back. The truth is, it’s a mask you eventually unveil.

We all quake when faced with the true essence of life, death. Historically, death was a commonplace. People were faced with difficulties beyond finding toilet paper.  Most simply didn’t make it to adulthood.  Centuries would pass as lifestyles and ways of life would remain constant. What we knew was simplicity. We knew survival.  We were fit. Now, we are tredding in a bowl of jello with self destruction being our main course for Life.

Since the industrial age, we have built a relationship with technology that has made us completely dependent on a broken system.  From our homes that are unsustainable to our inefficient communities to our useless jobs that typically do little to nothing to progress and protect our species. We as a species arguably work harder, at the very least longer, than ever before as we spend less and less time doing what we enjoy with who we love and care for.  Time keeps on slipping into the future of the dark matter that really ends up not mattering at all.

We are slaves to an idea few understand. We are engaged to thoughts that few respect.  We are in love with actions that erode our brain matter.  We are killing ourselves softly with the cameras rolling in the live feed. We are neither living as monsters, nor dying as heros.  We are effortlessly turning grey in a world that is losing its saturation and contrast with the lines blurring in and out of consciousness until we become enlightened enough to not be fake woke. We are humans of the 21st century and we are sorry for being so wrong about everything. 

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong? My solution is transforming an interest into an artform.  Do whatever you find interesting and become better at it each day.  For starters, practice the art of focus.  It seems that focusing is a muscle that we have lost touch with. Once you have developed the skill of focus, diversify your time with things that make you happy, things that make you feel confident, things that are complicated, and things that are pleasing.  Don’t let the comfort of gravity pull you to submission of breathing rigor mortis. Focus on building your internal structures of health and neurological development in order to break the bonds that keep you happily ignorant of the poisons we dose up on daily. Observe your set point for self satisfaction sky rocket as you build a better world starting with yourself. When we reach a point of creating societies whereby everyone attempts to follow these basic principles, we will become proud to have the DNA sequences we were born with.
-Cheers humans


It is the 1st of the year in 2021 as I decide to build this blog. I’ve been writing over the past decade while maneuvering through my early 20s. I have found writing to be a form of therapy in addition to a way to externalize thoughts and ideas that keep me motivated and interested in an assortment of subjects from Multi-Media, Health, 3D Art to Philosophy and Physics.

Currently, between working, college classes, and parenting, I’m in the process of publishing my 1st book as I work on my 2nd and 3rd book. Starting this blog is a way to continue to publish my content outside of the normal social media platforms to assure I don’t get “cancelled” and also to give myself the freedom to share my thoughts without the ridicule from the woke class of ignoramuses.

In 2020, my company GMC Productions was put to rest. Susan, my fiance, and myself started GMC Productions in 2015 as a merger between her photography and my video production.  We had a blast working together even through our most abusive clients. Building a company focused on branding could have been my single most successful failure ever accomplished in my short time here on Earth. 

At the age 28, I’ve become competent in accounting, legitimating companies, marketing, sales, online platforms, design, storytelling/copy writing, real estate, insurance, law, construction, health and wellness, and simple time management. I’m no expert yet, but I am competent enough to decipher between a sales pitch and an unbiased source that is laying out pure data.  It would be nice to call it luck that I landed such a wide range of clients to learn about their industry but I’m not a believer in luck.  I have worked incredibly hard to learn what I have learned and obtain the information I have been exposed to.

Many people dread the name of 2020, but for me, it was a year of being reborn. Not in the way of a Christian, but I did endure a form of Ego death. I lost my funding for the Doctorate of Chiropractic program I started in 2019. I definitely struggled in the program. In fact, that program was one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. I lost my funding due to my drop/pass ratio going into my 3rd quarter. This dose of reality struck deep as an entire vision of my future disappeared once again amidst my wishes to simply take a semester off as the Covid outcry shutdown all of my study spots with an internet that couldn’t support the live streamed classes.  I remind myself that I chose the choices I made. I am exactly where I am supposed to be with each day, gaining more clarity and optimism than the last.

With the 1st of January coming to an end, I sit in the ER of a local hospital working as a Patient Care Tech, writing this piece.  I’ll begin taking my remaining prerequisites over the next 5 semesters for a different Health Science program at a local Community College, Chattahoochee Technical College.  The exact program I will start in 2022 isn’t completely decided upon but a Medical Lab Technician is in the top of my choosing. I do not however intend on stopping my education with my next certification or license.

Lastly, my family. I’m engaged with my love of my life and our wedding is set for June 30th 2021. My son is with me and Susan full time and doing better than ever before.  One thing is for sure, I am happy. I am whole.

It is a Happy New Year #2021

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