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Dear Ye


To think, to love obsessively,

To be crazy in all of the lights,

To bastardize the sins with lies,

False prophets come and go,

You live with hatred so let go,

You hire the talent making a good boss,

Otherwise you would be engineering the paperwork around the clock,

As much as you might be right,

Your ego is getting in the way of God’s song,

Making you cum off as wrong,

Your battle with Satan is apparent,

So go and be a good parent,

Go make the community strong,

Not just those the that look like your mom,

Take a deep breath and read the history,

That way your story won’t end up wrong,

Listen more so your words make sense to all,

You don’t know something well enough until it becomes a psalm.

I used to despise you, Ye. As time has gone on, I more or less understand you and have become one of your fans. I too overthink and love too much at times. The problem is that in such states, I come off wrong too and it is my job to realign myself in a way that empowers fellow man instead of spewing more hate into an already dark age of man. To channel a great thought is only part of the job. Too much noise can cancel all of the senses which is as good as being uselessly numb. Understand that the products that have come from you are done by the technicians and talent you surround yourself around, not because you are God, even if I could play with the concept of we are all made in his image. Don’t let your ego isolate you because some of your points really deserve to be heard, however narcissism is not the way of God. He will punish people who act in such a way. Get a hold of yourself and get back to stasis in a way that doesn’t burn all your bridges. Focus on your family and local community. Don’t be racist and I’m not even talking about the talk of antisemitism because we all come from Africa. When you try to act you are a part of a chosen group, you have misunderstood the truth of God’s people. Your contradictions point towards the level of instability you are encumbered by. You do reap what you sow though so good luck with the rest of the yarn on your stick.

If you want to help me Grow My Community, I would love to expand the opportunity of community sustainability. #letsgrow

A Gangsta’s Paradise Is Where We Live

“Been spendin’ most their lives, livin’ in the gangsta’s paradise.”

We like to view a gangsta as someone in the streets, but really it’s those who sell war for profit while the soldiers fight to make a living. It is those selling a shot to get a kick back. It’s those who control the money supply and inflation. It’s the wolfs that prowl on wallstreet choosing profit over humanity. Let’s be real; Pharma, Elected Officials, Military Contracts, Infrastructure Contracts are all the real gangsters of today and we are living in their paradise. The power and the money is who cooks our meals. We consume what hurts you and me. We are walking around blind, ignorant to what is killing us. We must wake up before it’s too late.

To those who have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and kept on walking, I commend you for chasing your dreams instead of living in one for eternity.

I can merely only think that the “vx” killed Coolio but I honestly don’t know. It certainly wasn’t “old age” like our Queen of England. It’s hard to know in such a dishonest and corrupt society. All we can do is try to keep making it minute by minute and hour by hour. Gratitude of the life we have is where we must live to create our own paradise. Create, hope, share, and believe that we can do better by fixing what is broken. Thou art with me through this valley. Let the pain from evil’s Rod, empower the people to not fear but be comforted by the purpose of their heartbeat.

RIP Coolio

Live Good

How Work Works

-Real Work-

Work is a part of life. Bees work, trees work, the process of life is work. Work is applied energy to acquire an outcome, whether intended or not. Work is a means to make money in modern terms. Work is a way to progress from point A to point B. Work is a mechanism to acquire basic human needs through an economic system. Work is a means to keep humans away from the doom and gloom that boredom offers. Physics describes work as displacing something via transferring energy from one thing to another. Jobs are a human construct that has confused the modern man’s interpretation of, “what the fuck am I doing,” also known as purpose that modernity has disguised as work. If work is a mere construct of a function, then we can change the variable so that work regains its’ true value. In this essay, I will undergo an explanation of what work is today and what work could become when right thought is implemented into the master plan of humanity.

The laws of thermodynamics play a role in all that matters of life, including the economic life. Momentum is essential for productivity and efficacy in any endeavor. Entropy eventually engulfs the prevalent system at hand as the wounds that erupt from the broken parts fester into unhealable wounds like a bacterial infection that has become immune to the antibiotics. When applying this physics concept into the world of economics, one must understand that we must keep moving which is where progress takes foot. Progress also finds new problems to solve, often more problematic than the original more conservative problem. Life cannot be severed from the reality that life is hard and things break. However, when something breaks, it is vital to not just fix the broken part, but to figure out WHY it broke in the first place. No doubt, time wears down on everything but time also has a funny way of allowing perspective to fix what time couldn’t break. If your company does without a boss for 6 months then did you really need the boss? The modern economy is a government funded corporate oligarchy that is focused on keeping us busy in either jail, working for the government, or working for a company funded in some way or another by the government. The government focuses on GDP, Gross Domestic Product (aka money), as the value of a nation. The government steals the mineral rights of the people without appropriate compensation and sets value standards for living expenses that inherently steal the people’s time. This misappropriation of resources and energy is causing a breakdown in the idea of moderation and sustainable growth. My preference to an economic system would focus on what I call, gross domestic quality of life, by using a resource allocation model to orient the people in a way they can be most present and healthy in all areas, Personal, Social, and Economic.

So what is work beyond a technical definition? Work becomes a skill, something we have largely stopped teaching in the school curriculum. Teaching working skills in school would negate the entire function of how the modern economy works. The government wants useless people who are specialized and overworked. The more everyone works, the less they can manage. This mechanization of the world has made a generation of people who don’t know how anything works, can’t do anything, unhealthy, and totally dependent on the system to take care of them. The majority of work available is demeaning, underpaid, useless in the grand scheme of things, and also unhelpful and dangerous/toxic. If everyone could do basic tasks, there wouldn’t be a need to have so many jobs. If the monetary system wasn’t inflated, people could spend more time at home rather than paying someone else to cook for us, raise our kids, fix our cars, and grow our food. Cooking, cleaning, farming, general maintenance on machines, critical thinking, art, sewing, communicating, building, plumbing, electrical, programming, self-learning, understanding manuals, and so many more skills could individually empower the people, but the government won’t have as much power if the people don’t need the system. When the government takes away our time through manipulating the market, relationships collapse and indoctrination becomes the best weapon against the people most evidently targeted at the children and weak minded adults. If people didn’t need work, what would they do? That is the real question. A old co-worker of mine, Shawn, used to say “The Devil lives in the white spaces of the calendar.” This truth is more prevalent than ever due to the nihilistic reality of so many people living without purpose. People can be manipulated if they have their basic needs met without an obvious other option of how to attain such things. This demoralization of the human spirit has given us a dangerous generation unable to take care of themselves nor think for themselves as the elder generation ages out of the workforce. Boredom will be the next epidemic if we mechanize everything and leave human’s higher level needs behind.

The government’s intervention into the way the local community’s live their lives has reached a point of tyranny that should have never been accepted. The federal government’s job is to protect the population from foreign invaders, not dictate what we wear or how our medical treatments are to be handled. In an economic sense, the government is supposed to help open up trade routes for raw materials but instead what we have done is enslave people all around the world to serve our gluttonous and wasteful lifestyles. Our government is very corrupt in nearly every sense of the word corrupt, but that doesn’t mean the bones of this country aren’t worth keeping. The federal system, state system, county & state, down to local HOA organization structures are a brilliant way to approach a governing system. The biggest problem is how the federal government has watered down the value of money in ways that inhibit local communities from being able to self-sustain. Governing in a democracy only works in small groups. When the system gets too big, democracy dies and corporate control takes effect. The master plans that were written decades ago forced the suburbanization of America that empowered the government backed/subsidized industries. This caused an extremely inefficient way to get what we need while sucking the maximum amount of time from the people such as spending 15 hours just driving to and from work, or having the mom work just enough to pay for daycare and utility bills. This would be one of the central arguments for moving past capitalism and into communism. Let it be known, I am not for communism. I’m for community-ism. This expansion of the workforce due to the suburbanizing also caused people to be doing work outside of their community, typically in the major cities. The best way to have you lose your humanity is to stop loving your neighbor. The best way to stop loving your neighbor is to stop knowing them. The less human we become, the more we marry the system that feeds us.

Real work fulfills the soul in ways pleasantries and money cannot. When you have purpose in your life, you are able to remain occupied via implementing small goals to attain the intended purpose. The modern education system has taught us that graduation is the end, but there is never an end. Learning is a life-long process. Our education system has made us hate learning and believing that we can end our education when we get a job. It’s a lie. There are only new beginnings after the last thing. It is easy to fall into the guise of slavery or communism when considering a large scale working environment as people become itemized and just a number encumbered as inconveniences. Even when you know something, you can develop individual techniques to perfect a skill. This ability to tune in, use one’s mind and apply the human touch gives man his name, his purpose, and his higher level of being. Any professional athlete will tell you they could be better. Most people cannot imagine the torture these athletes endure to become great and smile on the field. This is the byproduct of work, happiness. Even with machines consistency, even they can be further calibrated. At some point, we will have machines take over many of our jobs. What then? Will we open up a nationwide daycare for everyone no matter their age? Will people be banned to their living quarters and told everything will be taken care of. A life without work, is pure misery. A life where work is a form of slavery is treacherous. A life invested in family and purpose is what we should strive for.

I believe that we will need international relationships to acquire raw materials but to the extent that every person’s dependence on daily living is unlivable without the global system is beyond problematic. Our wasteful, fast, gluttonous, negligent lifestyles will not last forever. What we shouldn’t do is start cutting off resources so that people starve such that California and the EU is attempting to do. What we need to do is start developing micro-communities (a couple people-hundreds) whereby independent energy grids, stocked up supplies, local water access, seed banks, independent communication grids, and utilitarian-type individuals can begin living outside the system. Eventually stockpiles will deplete, but at a certain point of stockpiling, people could go decades without needing anything from the global system. If everyone built their life in such a way, we can extend the natural resources to a half-life of infinity. People need to do human things with their hands and minds. People need to work on things that they can see the result from. People need accountability through social relationships and individual pride of one’s work. Our needs are not being met and a revolution is brewing. Local vs International, a classic Star Wars scenario. I hope we can use the bones of the system that stands and we don’t fall into warfare but hopes and dreams are irrelevant from the reality at hand. The crimes against humanity the food system, pharmaceutical system, education system, and governing systems have performed over the past couple decades may never be forgiven. It is those of us who can still think and do to repair the system as it is. Whether the system is totally abolished, or simply better managed, I stay optimistic that humans will grow through the terror we have endured up until this point in our timeline. I pray, I learn, I write and produce content, and I do my best to perfect my own character flaws. Those of us that get it, must stick together, or at least keep in touch. Those who are disassociated from the bigger picture need to be identified and avoided both geographically as well as socially as often as possible, but that not with caution, not like a black sheep. As to befriending your neighbor, it is our job to lead by example. Don’t hate the ignorant mask wearers who demanded and still demand we shut down industry without having a backup plan, have sympathy for their stupidity and ignorance. Produce your content, grow your food, be honest, and look for your community to grow with. Know that a flood is coming, so build your ark, and trust the process.

Student Loans Vs Reality

The Bigger Picture

What most people don’t realize is that money is a figment of a collective’s imagination. Upon starting this essay, I quickly realized I could not simply talk about student loans but instead I needed to talk about the bigger picture at hand. Your money is fake. Your value is inherent to the need at hand. How you invest is directly related to the current economic system available.

The University system of America is a signifying point of where we are at as a nation. The predation of young kids, overcharging for less value, devaluation of the professors/those who should be most valued, inescapable debt, dishonesty as well as flat out ignorance of the market place, control of economic needs, and the destruction of the field science are all realities that the education system is involved with.

America has become a Nation of sales and deception, not knowledge, skills, purpose, nor family. The goal of liberty is supposed to lead us into virtuous ways listed above rather we have seemed to have missed the mark and in doing so become untamed beasts. Instead, with the help of a corrupted governing system, we have opened Pandora’s box of an indulgence driven marketplace of mutual usury. The big brother approach to approving who can work what job and how many people are allowed to work such jobs according to class size and accreditation requirements is the biggest fail for big government ever attempted in history.

Generational warfare has always been a thing. The problem is that the upcoming generation is the byproduct of the broken system whereby the children are so underdeveloped that they cannot even take care of themselves let alone the aging elderly population. From the food system, to the medical system, to the nonprofit system, to the overworked family unit, our country has fallen and I don’t think it can get up. All of these systems fall back into how the education system has entrapped the majority using the governing system, from the federal down to the local, to manipulating the masses into a psychosis of a classroom will fix anything. We see this most obscenely through the world economic forums’ conversations and press releases.

What hits close to home is how the normal family life is deteriorating in an attempt to keep up with the Jones. People can argue about how humans have developed communities but in reality, monogamy makes sense at the very least on a logical level. Man and Woman, worker and caregiver. Balance is essential to health and our balance of the family unit has officially capsized. This isn’t a drag on the LGB community because homosexuality has been a part of humanity since we are able to recorded human interactions. No, my point is that individuals no longer have a place in society. There is no trajectory kids can aim towards and envision themselves becoming, regardless the systems are as corrupt as the may be, this message is destroying children’s dream from the outside in. Perhaps the modern life is truly absurd and in need of a recalculation, the abrupt manner of destroying what is will not go without extreme backlash and human suffering.

In today’s world, things seems to be backwards. Women value shitty jobs and material goods over the beauty of motherhood and marriage. Men are devalued in the marketplace as well as society as machines take over skilled labor and the outsourcing of dangerous jobs in the form of slavery and machine driven technology takes place. All this is happening as suicide rates, drug use rises (legal and illegal) and plastic surgery are continuously rising. I am not here to judge someone for the life they live. I am here to say something isn’t right and it is systemic as much as I hate to blame a system where individuals are making the choices.

In an attempt to circle back to student debt, why would we force someone to pay a scam? There should be jail time for those who created such a system. There should be jail time for those who profited from the system knowing and being able to manipulate the policies at hand. But none of this will happen. Instead, more than likely, we will see a collapse of the US dollar which will make things like student debt obsolete. We can all sit around and pray that those who were tricked by the politicians and teachers/counselors will remain slaves to a broken economic system, or we can help others gain true intrinsic value that will transcend the prevalent currency. The government paying the fines will far exceed the cost of the actual loans that can be retrieved. Allowing bankruptcy would be something I can appreciate but we are stuck and can’t get up.

I am sitting over 50k in student loans debt as I spent 3 semesters pursuing a doctorate in chiropractic. I left due to personal/family issues that ended with me getting my son full time. Most doctors go into debt which is a serious problem as we should be helping those who help us the most, not enslave. Now what we have are doctors fully supported by the pharmaceutical industry who is also largely supporting the education system too. I do need help with my finances and me choosing to be a dad should not cause me decades of financial hardships. Regardless of the personal affiliation to the situation, I am continuing to buy things that will help my family self sustain. I am continuing my journey of education especially in the space self-sustainability considering I believe a major collapse is happening that will destroy modern economic measurements, therefore my worries of student loans are moot and irrelevant. I am growing everyday and my perspective merely evolves and adapts. I hope to help you grow with the words I share.

#letsgrow #growmycommunity #sustainability #college #financialcollapse #studentloans #universitysystem

A Pet’s Life

Pet ownership is more than a responsibility. Owning and caring for another animal is a humanistic purpose. Since the dawn of man, humans have lived alongside and in congruence with all sorts of creatures from warm blood to cold blood. Animals never seem to disappoint when it comes to interest and intrigue to the complexities of the animal itself as well as the adaptive process according to each specific ecosystem.

It was the great Friedrich Nietzsche who said that modern man would have more love for their pets than fellow man. This complex relationship to empathy and value is almost comical at the least and worrisome at its worse. In some ways, I believe that we are connected to nature in ways that only God can conceive. In other ways, it seems as if man continues to drift further and further away from one another. Many great writers, especially American writers, talk about the push back into nature away from society. I feel that the balance between the chaos in nature and the order in society gives room for domesticated animals to nuzzle their way into our hearts and minds. Regardless of the reasons of how and why we can love these creatures so much, we do love them. And love can mean many different things and come across many different ways.

When this article was started, we were giving away one of our dogs to an owner that could give him a better life. My wife, Susan, is a practice manager at a vet clinic. Over a year ago, she had a litter of puppies born with a bacteria that killed off half of the litter. One of the brothers actually died at our house in her arms while trying to ween it back to life. At this point, she was crushed so when she told me she wanted to keep the sibling, later named Cyrus, that if he made it, I literally couldn’t say no to taking him in. Now puppies are hard to deal with in general, let alone a 1/2 husky and 1/2 German Sheppard puppy. Needless to say, it has taken me a couple of weeks to write this article because my heart still sinks thinking about it even though I continue to land on the moral high ground.

We took him in from the rescue that originally brought him to the vet clinic. He flourished alongside our other 2 dogs aside from tearing up hundreds of dollars worth of things. My son absolutely adored Cyrus but often neglected him. Cyrus spent much of his time either outside in our fenced in yard or in his kennel since he was chew up furniture, eat anything he could reach, as he would frequently yelp out for attention. With our newborn on the way, stress has been heightened and sleep has been minimal. Cyrus would yelp all night long in his kennel and also while outside and this is something that is not conducive to a baby needing sleep. We decided that keeping Cyrus was not worth the stress and noise he made. We decided to start looking for a home that Cyrus could spread his wings and get the attention he deserved.

Although giving him away was by far one of the toughest decisions we have made as a couple (1st world problems, I know), we both get frequent reminders that he is in a better place. We came across a young couple who went on runs and could put all their attention into loving him. My wife and I have always been critical of people who get animals then give them away but I definitely think that if you do get an animal and you don’t keep it, it is your duty to find it a new home rather than putting it out into the wild to fend for itself or dropping it off at the Humane society. We gave Cyrus a home and food for over a year. We leash trained him and we taught him verbal commands. We loved him but we knew he deserved a better life and we had reached a limit with our patience and energy. Our house is much happier and calm now. We get to see Cyrus on social media living out his best life. His sweet, goofy self will always have a place in our hearts.

Resentment and anger form from not being fulfilled in one way or another. In times where you feel overwhelmed, think not of what you don’t have control but rather what do you have control over. As the seasons pass, we begin to understand that some seasons are spent dependent on other and some are spent helping those dependent on us. You cannot take care of others when your heart is tainted with negativity. Look into your life and consider if you have put more on your plate than what you can eat. It is never too late to cut your losses. The best time to sell a dying stock was yesterday. Obligations are one measurement that defines our level of integrity but obligations only go as far as they make sense to maintain. All investments of someone’s time and money should be treated in such a way. Many people all over the world develop attachments to earthly obligations that ultimately lead to their entire demise. The morality is heavily dependent on the context. Some hills are worth dying on and some are not. At some point, we have to say no. If we fail to speak when the time is right, we may end up with a bigger mess than had we dealt with the original conflict.

A Pet’s Life is a life of joy and bliss. As a human, we must take care of this world and all that inhabit it. We must know where and when to draw the line of self to caring for others. We should never do aimless hard and always try to do what is most right but ultimately we are still humans, emotional, inconsistent, irrational humans. Yet, with all of the traits that make us human, love is the most powerful. Love yourself enough so you have the abundance in life to take care of others.

How To Enjoy Life

Be present,

Perspective is everything,

Don’t resent,

Breathe In, Inspire and Consent,

Exhale, Educate, and Build an Empire,

Never retire,

Preserve not preservatives,

Work with life, not against it,

Healthy not convenient,

Simplifying the Complex,

Content with disaster,

Prepared for anything that comes after.

Happiness is Life.

The shit only feeds more life.

So be present and make life enjoyable.

Photo taken just before spit up on the bed, worth it.

Parenting In The Past Present And Future

Parenting. The single most important job that can be simultaneously partially secular from producing a positive outcome. You can do everything right and still raise a dangerous felon. You can do everything wrong or nothing at all and raise the next President, Professional Athlete, or Business Mogul. Life is funny in this way. Some people “get it” and mentally mature prepubescent and some people don’t get there until on their deathbed. The science of parenting will be the next forefront emerging from the many bodies of scientific literature into a single story and functional dialogue of if/then narratives.

The quantum approach to developing a human is biological, environmental, social, psychological, economic, historical, geographical, neurological, genetic, dietary, luck and so much more. As a tree branches outward, it also grows upward. People similarly move through the world in such a way, upward and outward. As we grow older and experience the flavors, frequencies, and colors this Earth provides, we gain understanding to the quantum reactions happening to then process and produce a fruitful or plausible reaction.

Religion and Culture have been the constructs to building the original building blocks to how we have raised enough successful generations to make it this far into the future as a species of the Human Race. Unfortunately these two models do not by themselves have all that entails parenting in a modern world, however with enough introspection, one could surprisingly draw a supple amount of conclusions by extrapolating from religious as well as cultural norms because the truth is, they have worked this long. The real question is, how can we do better? I believe up until this point in time, our attempt to do better and incorporate a scientific approach into the development of the next generation has led to a downfall of the next generation amidst the masses. Success stories are hopefully soon to be the norm but unfortunately our most recent generation has been the hypothetical Berlin Wall that is breaking the fabrics of what we thought we knew.

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed. To spank or not to spank. To reward or to punish. To eat healthy or eat what makes them happy. To let the tv babysit or to let the house be dirty in an attempt to be an active parent. There is no simple answer to these parenting philosophies. Essentially the battle we face is short term happiness versus long term happiness. Happiness and human development are risky investments that require time, education, empathy, mistakes, risk, and hope. Moderation is always a quality guideline to apply in most applications in life but it is not a sole answer to parenting nor development of the individual. Some things like meth, obesity, or psychosis are preferred to never be encountered by the majority of sane people. Some things like toxicity tracing can drive a person made to pursue perfection while learning situational/social intelligence is an impossible concept to teach in just one lecture or book and is filled with bipolar caveats and philosophical indifferences.

My favorite concept to life is do what you can when you can where you can how you can and when you can in order to achieve the highest quality input and output in life. My next favorite quote for parenting and beyond is “lead by example” which I first heard from Psychotherapist Meghan Toups while doing video work together. There are an infinite sayings that can entertain the way to live a better and more fulfilled life such as the the Ten Commandments, Eye For an Eye, or the Eightfold Path. Culture becomes the most defining archetype to the focuses and nuances that develop the individual in all manners from social norms to dietary requirements. It is easy to blame society for all that is wrong but there is a level of individual effort that is always the largest variable to all statistics within the quantum approach to the human experience. As much as we attempt to protect our younglings from the dark side of society, we always risk raising a stereotypical preacher’s daughter full of the rebound effect.

As cells develop all complex living organisms, I think it’s safe to assume the little things do matter in the grand scheme of things. Give attention and be kind are two common themes that when parents get it wrong, it ties back to these two archetypes. Take the little chances to spend time together. Always add natural foods when you can and always remove artificial food when you can. Lead by example and communicate with the appropriate tone. No one is perfect and everyday, everyone is learning. Let gratitude be a power source during hard times and let hope be the fuel when times are seemingly optimistic.

Parents have far more power than every previously thought at every stage of their child’s life from preconception to moments before passing away to influence their child’s projection into the world. Do better and be more present. Teach morals and work ethic. Be kind and be strong. Parenting is fun and parenting is every emotion imaginable. It should be apparent, be a parent however, whenever, doing whatever with whoever is best to do whatever the parent must do.

A New Government

Grandiosity or Creative Enjoyment? A New Government is a playground of opportunity. If not a playground, perhaps a massacre of modernity. Each environment of humanity requires a different type of governing. A group of idiots will need a different set of guidelines compared to a group of intellects in the development of policies and goals of a community/nation/state. A focus on security can oppose a focus on health which then can become a polar opposite paradigm to a focus in freedom, imagination, and independence. The idealism entrenched in a melting pot only goes to show that solids and liquids eventually separate when the normal climate takes place without abrasive adhesives holding them together.

Before explaining my conception of an ideal governing system, first we must explain the current state of affairs. The most apparent social media frenzy is the return of state’s rights in the matter of Abortion. As my opinion on the matter is nuanced and will be articulated at the end, the internet does not promote such concepts, rather it pushes dividing and hateful posts that get us nowhere. While on the topic, I do believe local jurisdictions deserve to make their own decisions without financial or criminal interferences from the federal government. The only job of the federal government is for protecting our borders and international trade/travel while upholding a few basic human rights that are well defined with modern scientific language so that obscure interpretations do not interfere with the federal government’s job.

Our country has 2 main factions with intersectionality amidst all of the differences and positions that both oppose and synergistically cohabitate within the governing and corporate overlords. There is the value/moral/constitution base, then there is the group focused on social movements and public support. Both of these entities, left and right, take issue with the government obstructing their own definition of freedom as well as ability to make choices based on right from wrong, hints the growing centrist movement. Both of these two factions want nothing to do with one another while using governing bodies in a corrupt and manipulative function to pin us against each other. Both of these two sides of the coin endure massive obstruction and compliance as money and selfish opportunity is introduced into the frame of the hopes and dreams that explicate the most ideal place to exist. The shame is that there is not enough communication that focuses on what we agree on and too much focusing on what we disagree on.

The only solution, in my confident opinion, is to allow states as well as local municipalities to make their own rules without the federal system overriding the state’s position aside from true and definitive violations of the constitution. This shouldn’t dissuade or negate the Supreme Court, but it does entail minimizing the rulings of this body. Perhaps starting from scratch on a new constitution that articulates and allows for states to be separate but equal with room to allow for people to move in and out of the state of residency so long as the local communities agree in a somewhat democratic function (I’ll explain said democratic function shortly). If you don’t like your local community’s rules, move. If no one else wants you, perhaps you should build a useful skill set and become valuable enough for a desired local community to allow someone without the same cultural beliefs to enter said place. The idea of local issues effecting the surrounding jurisdictions would need to be a specific piece of a new government. By localizing issues, it allows for a deeper scientific approach to creating and testing solutions to common problems that both parties deal with.

People adapt when they learn the how and why of the way people live. This goes into the Christian ethic of not judging others. When I moved to Rockmart, GA, I was very much so a liberal minded person with a Marxist point of view. Although I still have some philosophies from the left that I agree with, I have become integrated into the conservative mindset, especially since 2020. Both parties understand the damage the corporate political elites can do from these uncontrollable entities. There are some really fucked up cultures that perform genital mutilation, pedophilia, and murder as a norm. Although, these acts should never be committed, all we can control is what we have control over. This starts with our mind, then our house, then our local community. The state should be as far as we should go to control. What should define a state? A state should be able to self sustain and produce an output that supersedes the inputs. The further outside yourself you get, the more control one loses. The more dependent you are, the less safe and independent you become. The constitution was designed because the founding fathers understood that culture is more important than a philosophical idea and/or logical approach of right from wrong beyond what the Bill Of Rights outline. Borders and boundaries are a vital function to the human experience as our entire anatomy and social construct have embodied this universal framework.

The Democracy:

Deconstruction does nothing without reconstruction something new or at least putting to rest the wasted old and useless.

With this fact, let’s deconstruct and grow from the carbon dust. Lobbying must go. Lobbying is supposed to be an educational function, not a system to manipulate and unfairly persuade policy. Instead of having uneducated representatives, what if we had educated specialists that had a percentage of voting power while a direct democracy held another percentage of voting power. England’s Parliament has an interesting approach of allowing multiple representatives with a cascading percentage of votes to allow for nuance and centrists to have a voice. I have not studied their political system in depth, but from what I know, I like the premise of divvying out a percentage of votes to representatives of the people.

Categorizing functions of a policy would enable dialogue and solutions to be created rather than how bills are currently written. Areas of Interest, “AOI,” that encumber a so-called bill would entail elected teams specializing in: Biology/Health, Ecology/Environmental, Engineering/Physics, Accounting/Mathematics, Economics/Resource Allocation, History/Social Studies, Utilitarian/Trades/Technology, Linguist/Legal, International/Interstate Relations, Art/Culture/Social and perhaps a few more AOI that I didn’t not account for. Each elected team of specialists will have a percentage of viewpoints that are able to persuade policy in the form of committees.

Consider the highest level of every subject matter has different sects of interpretations, theories, and understandings/beliefs. By acknowledging this truth, we can skip 1/2 the uneducated and moot arguments in the first place. Breaking up policies/bills/laws into areas of interest, dialogue will guide the said policy with nuance, cohesiveness, and articulation as the main goal in mind. I will leave the percentage breakdowns of how the votes will work up to the statisticians while listening to the biologists regarding human anatomy. I’ll let the linguists/lawyers/literary experts help articulate the legitimacy of the sources used to influence the policy.

We must understand that governance is a systemic function that needs a systems approach. Collaboration rather than arguing should be the goal of developing policies. Although our current system has carried us this far, it is fair to say that it has lead us to this point in time where division and disagreement is at an all time high. The founding fathers gave us the foundation to truly build back better.

At the end of the day, localizing problems will empower the people, not disenfranchise them. As promised, here is my nuance the matter of abortion. Firstly, our state of moral integrity in today’s world has nearly entirely evaporated. Our Western culture is so destructive that the word evil doesn’t even equate to such a state. Changing the hearts and minds of the next generation will come through culture, media, and family units. Accountability, Morality, Ability, Freedom From, Freedom To, Purpose, Belief and other value systems that all come into play have created the heated state of modern division. I do believe an unborn baby is life but anything after the 1st trimester is an unbearable concept to kill. That doesn’t mean there aren’t situations that should at least be contemplated beyond the 1st trimester. Abortion is not birth control. Abortion should be the last option. Hormone therapy is not a sole option for the purpose of its inconsistency and damage to health. People can’t just be having babies without proper structure and the capacity to take care of the next generation. Vasectomies should also be a last option due to the fact it could be permanent and there could be higher rates of prostate cancer. Keep in mind, I was born after my dad’s first vasectomy didn’t take. Shame is a tool to encourage responsible behavior but can also lead someone to rebellion. Education is another brilliant tool that should be done carefully and appropriately. Should rape victims be allowed to abort? I think so but there would have to be a swift investigation to assure a wolf isn’t being cried out. Although I couldn’t fathom the idea of all the women who falsely accuse men of rape ruining the man’s life, if there was more of a stigma on the matter, perhaps men would be smarter about their sexual relations. Accountability is key here. Men must be held accountable but so must women. Killing unborn babies shouldn’t be the actual answer in my personal opinion, but I’m also not the one who has to go through with the procedure. I do have to pay child support and change my life afterwards and I did until acquiring full custody. A doctor should have a say if he/she wants to perform said procedure. Local jurisdictions should be the deciding points of whether to or not to do what you think you have to do. We must fix our foster system, healthcare system, culture and so much more. I definitely think that we as a society cannot continue to take care of unstable people who can’t take care of themselves. This is an economic truth. There is so much work to do, but I still believe we can make better choices so long as we utilize a structure similar to the one I have listed here. I do think it is sad that women choose career over the most joyous experience possible but to each their own. If they were to make such shallow choices, perhaps they shouldn’t have kids and would hurt more than help. Although, in today’s repressed economy, I can understand why they choose to do so. It is a sad day when we cannot afford the basics of food, water, shelter, relationships and purpose. It is an even sadder day when people are getting pregnant while society shuns them.

I had a child at 19 and it really set me behind pertaining to career and social abilities. The fact is that I persevered and it was/is all worth it. I made mistakes but I kept growing through them. The hardships I endured would have never been something that I would have opted for, but it made me the man I am today. My son was born into a difficult situation and I was irresponsible. As a parent, it is my goal to help guide my son to making the right choices. I am responsible for his actions and no matter what he does, I will help him throughout his life to the best of my ability. Family units need to be stronger. Community members need to work together. Policies need to reflect truth and understanding of the modern area of interest. We need to grow our communities in ways that transcend the bickering and arguing without hiding behind ignorant and emotional reactions.

We need to Grow My Community!

What Is Money Worth?

-Less or More Value To Who-

Would you rather is a real game player throughout the story of life. Is maintaining a moral compass worth the struggle? Is it worth living an extra 2 years? Is it worth living an extra 200 years? The hardest questions to ask are the ones that have yet to be answered. What we value is what we pay attention to. At the end of the day, Time is Money and Money is Time as understood in most languages and cultures throughout the history of mankind.

Is it worth being kind? Is it worth ruining someone’s day? Is it worth saving a baby’s life? Is it worth a new car? Is it worth my sanity? Is it worth my dignity? Is it worth my family? Is it worth humanity?

To be weak and despondent is a space in which regret, mistakes, and a lack of progression occur. It is impossible to live your life through someone else’s eyes no matter how much one wishes to neglect their responsibilities. At some point, it has to be about you. You cannot feed other if you have no food yourself.

Since Cyrus The Great walked the land, slaves have been given a sub economy to function within. We stay at war with one another in addition to oneself as our daily lifestyles breed destruction and chaos. The food we eat, entertainment we consume and produce, the clothes we wear, the electricity we produce, the internet searches we search, and selfish endeavors we endure leads it is fair to say that moral is not at the top of the humanistic priorities, rather the pursuit to a hierarchy that weighs convenience and quality. Humans are funny in that they pursue both perfection and pleasure which often times inhibit one another.

Our motivations are worth more than money itself, however are both still intimately related. With the NFT market jumping out of the sky and the crypto market flooding the streets, we are beginning to design new technologies that give the value back into the hands of the consumers and out of the global powers that be. Although, in my opinion, Crypto and NFTs are incomplete technologies, the opportunity of people developing a new system of economic trust may enhance the development of stronger community bonds and more resilient living situations. AI and Web3 will certainly have the strongest pushback from those who dominated the Web2 and Modern Economy.

What if we took ego out of the market place? What if we took livable expenditures out of the thought of income? What if we reimagined what money was worth and what it could do. The truth is, even those who make millions of dollars become more addicted to the game rather than the lifestyle. As our current dollar is unstable, people perform in a state of scarcity. Working until the day the die, missing out on kids growing up, destroying their body, for what? Jobs used to mean something for both oneself and one’s community but now, it is as if our dollar has become nihilistic and depressed. What if our money was embedded into something real? What if our money didn’t leave the community and instead enriched our neighbors future productions as well as quality of life?

I believe that one day what we spend our time one will reflect the most positive and optimal output. One day, our system will be function as it should. One day, kids will grow up with parents, community, and a country supporting them. Until then, make your money and do what you do with intention and self-awareness.

Inspired by a random Facebook post from a friend by the name of Haley Shane regarding her observations upon rewatching the great “Breaking Bad.”

Grow My Community Is A Dream In Progress

Sustainable Design is a concept that is ever evolving. We can move mountains and we can move our attention to things with more value as well as longevity.

This design is a concept that is my dream home design. This is a design that facilitates the many needs of the human experience. Food, Water, Shelter is all the home front needs. This property is designed for 2-4 small families. I am hopeful to set up a fund to help others build their own homestead to get off the grid and on to sustainability. If becoming 100% sustainable isn’t possible, reducing the dependence on the main system to any percentage will open up room for innovation and also preservation of resources and time.

We need to redesign how our communities are designed so that we don’t become dependent on unstable international economic goods. Americans live 1/2 an acre apart to 10 feet apart whereby they don’t know each other while merely producing waste without producing anything within the confines of their living boundaries.

Whether it is inner city or rural country, we all can do more. I’m not against large scale manufacturing nor the global system. In fact we need these global systems in order to design the future of living quarters and large scale systems do have value, however, lessening the load put on these systems enables a fail safe system to be installed whereby the two systems are able to compensate where needed for most optimal functions. During deep winters, shipping food in may be more valuable than trying to surging on the cans and frozen foods. But localizing the resources will assure the preservation of resources while enabling the ability for the redistribution of small regional exports’ back into the communities they effect. Creating smart contracts for the locals and public at large can change the future of local commerce.

Diversification is something that an ecosystem requires. By understanding this concept, we can plan for whatever comes our way. As for this design, l diversifying the mechanisms of water collection, energy production, food production as well as time of production. Even seasonal and annual foods are taken into account to assure there is at least some food. How many handfuls of berries would you optimally eat a year? Consider each handful is $5. Budgeting goes 2 directions: cutting spending and making more money. In the case where over production occurs, profit can be made. Energy can be sold, food can be sold and time can be allocated to more profitable trades or simply with the family.

If a collective group of people went in together or perhaps a developer initiated the design on the forefront of developing, specialization could and probably would be expanded as to open up the capacity and efficacy of producing the needs of sustainable design. Honey/Bees, Blacksmithing, Pottery, Fishing, Hunting, General Contractor, Farming, Tech Specialist, etc. Although we live in a day and age where the utilitarian man is within reach of all men thanks to Google, having the ability to specialize helps with efficiency and also efficacy. Start looking for your community today. Start saving for your land today. Start learning how to set up Solar today. Start learning about gardening and farming today. Just start learning something. Tomorrow could be too late.

Let’s grow one conversation at a time, one art piece at a time, and one home at a time.

Trust the Process

Trust The Process

The cliche, “trust the process”, is a way of moving through life without anxiety and excuses blocking the fruits of ideas and work from coming to fruition. When we let outside influencers and a lack of patience into our mind, we become distracted from our purpose, mission and vision. We lose our why as the what becomes louder and louder.

In today’s fast moving world, it can be such that industry moves faster than the speed it could take to profess in any one endeavor. There was a time where it took generations to perfect a craft, but with today’s accessibility to information and available time due to the improvement to the quality of life, the competition of skilled trades is easily flooded and watered down. This decreased financial reward and increased level of competition drives the prefrontal cortex to begin looking at more nutritious options while what’s feeding you is killing your budget and energy softly.

At times, changing the angle of the approach is all that is needed rather than a new approach entirely. This concept is piggy backed off the book, “The Lean Startup.” But that is a part of the process, to analyze and assess the cost benefit of the time and energy and make changes as needed. To live your life in accordance with how physical properties function is a life lived optimally. In physics, when a large object is moving in one direction towards a target, it takes much less energy to move the object left or right of the target while allowing it to move forward than it would take to stop the object entirely. In the same way, perhaps you wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but then after meeting a few doctors and seeing how they don’t have a personal life, live years in debt, and sacrifice 7 years of their life in school to become an idea of a career, they instead find themselves going to a tech school for a year and a half to work in sonography. Ideas evolve to match the demand of the present tense. This is an important truth to understand all that encompasses the process. This would fall in line with a quantum approach to the mind, body, and spirit in action.

Patience is not a virtue but a skill set. However, in modern society, we have let personality diagnoses dictate our ability to learn key skills such as attention and patience. One cannot sit idle expecting prayer to fix everything, nor does blaming a neurological structure. Although prayer isn’t a total waste, prayer alone is not enough similar to the fact that certain brain structures may need additional practice to reach the amount of required patience per the average situation, but blaming a personality type helps no one. In fact, this way of thinking makes a victim out of a situation where simple action and effort were all that was needed. Work and effort are the best remedies for accomplishing patience. Get busy and time will fly when you’re occupied. When time flies, patience is more easily dealt with.

One of my favorite analogies is that if you walk in one direction long enough, you will eventually find water but why work harder than you have to. Moses is my most often referenced character to this analogy because he eventually found the desired land through belief and also following through. Perhaps you need to dig down, or climb a tree to see if water is sitting right next to you. You could become more aware of your surroundings and track where other animals are sourcing their water. But this is where you can easily run in circles rather than reaching the destination most desired. A proper follow through is a must in order to avoid chasing your tail. A combination of grit and creativity will grant any man his wishes so long as they stay within the spectrum of gravity and reality.

Trust can go as far as the eyes can see but the process is something that dips behind horizon. This is where faith becomes a key factor. You must have faith that your work will produce a reward but as I mentioned earlier, faith alone is not enough to stand on. Belief is a circuit that requires action to be closed. Concepts of faith typically have a historical and scientific background which gives them a practical function in pursuing happiness and success. The process has an untold future. The future may become closely predictable if the eightfold noble path is endured. The eightfold path is a Buddhist practice to living the most optimal life. These practices are as followed: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. When utilizing these practices, patience becomes a natural side effect. There are many other philosophies that transpire into becoming successful or happy but no matter what, the process remains the same and exists to be endured.

The Psychology of Doing

Do Happiness

To become someone is the goal but how do we subject ourselves to such a place? To aim for a goal and accomplish it can leave us empty after the stage of fulfillment. Being full is merely a temporary state of being but one can remain hungry his whole life without ever being full. How do we keep pushing when the odds are stacked against us. How do we push ourselves when our neurochemistry is imbalanced? How do we believe in something that has proven to be nonexistent?

As a creative, I often get lost in the idea of something rather than professing in something specific for a long period of time. I’ll jump from project to project, more excited about the next one rather than indulging in the one I have already started entertaining. I tend to get bored with interests once I get to the point of doing them in a proficient manner. Many of my projects are still being worked on such as this blog, podcasts, my book, vlogs, drawings,, other video productions/photography, health&wellness, pottery, psychology, philosophy, religion/spirituality, business development, and still retaining a family life. After contemplating this dilemma, I have come to the conclusion that some of this mindset is left over due to my utter failure from losing my treasured sport as a kid from chronic pains developed from overuse and overtraining. It’s almost like a internal limiter I have acquired that stops the obsession part of my brain from overtaking the rest of my life.

I study topics on my free time and go pretty deep into each topic I study. Countless hours have been spent trying to understand a number of things. It’s not a matter of being a know it all. I just don’t like feeling stupid, so I want to understand. At some point in the educational process, we realize how much we don’t know compared to how much we do know. This overwhelming stance could be perhaps where I leave certain topics of study. Maybe I just want to know enough to be able to converse about the space. Perhaps it is knowing enough to know how to implement it into my own life. To know a definition compared to being able to actualize and work in a space are two different worlds of concepts that I fully understand the difference of being. I don’t believe you need a degree to practice anything. Most jobs are typically simplified scripted steps. Few jobs entail creativity. Even in medicine, a Doctor matches symptoms to known diseases, then runs tests to solidify the theory in mind. It’s not rocket science. Many jobs are more about the tool than the actual user. As a surgeon, you may find a lot of practice but even then, anyone can practice. I’ve seen the most unathletic kids get sports scholarships because they practiced. There are however specific types of neurological structures that do better in certain jobs and degree programs. This limiting archetype is not a true measurement of who you can become. With neuroplasticity as a remedy, you can train yourself to growing in ways you never imagined. You can learn in ways that fit your learning style. You can train the parts of your brain that is underdeveloped. And when all else has failed, you can always take supplements and techniques to enhance your base level of abilities.

As far apart as 2 areas of knowledge may seem, there is always a string of connection that exists. From design to math and psychology to physics, all things are interconnected in some form or fashion. I like to think that Beauty is one of those intersecting points of reality. As important as one thing may be through a microscope, it may seem completely irrelevant when looking through a telescope. This controversial way of looking at how someone spends their time can be detrimental when it comes to finding fulfillment in any activity. You have to pick your scope and keep going. Never expect happiness to come at the end of the goal, for happiness is found amidst the journey. Each time a goal is hit, a form of high is reached. Don’t be a junkie, be motivated. Some people find ways to get micro-highs throughout their journey as though eating a sweet treat after a hearty meal of vegetables. The real goal is to have the vegetables offer that taste of fulfillment but that takes practice. Eventually your brain will correlate and attract what makes it stronger just as money feeds the motivators to keep you working a job/career. Depriving someone of necessary fuel that keeps them in the game is detrimental to the longevity spent in any one space of interest. I believe there is a lack of fuel available amidst that massive amounts of opportunity to learn and be great at an assortment of things. As of right now, there are countless of talented and educated individuals unable to turn their area of interest into a money making machine. Hence you end up with a society of useless talents and monopolized business opportunities that keep us running on a rat wheel of destructive ways of living.

The solution in my opinion revolves around crowdsourcing people and information. NFT art, cryptocurrency, open source projects, and eliminating the unnecessary costs that come with our unsustainable way of living will open the door so that people have the time to slow down and be the best person they can be in all areas of life. As of right now we have to choose between family, work, sleep, socializing, personal interests, health and entertainment. My hope is that societies all around the world will begin to shift their focus to making people happy and truly fulfilled rather than pursuing a fake idea of GDP. Give people the tools and the space to create their own happiness. People need work, but not enslavement. People need connection, not mutual usery. I’m an optimist who believes that humans will make heaven on Earth. We are all just working through purgatory first. All good things come in time as time is the ultimate healing mechanism. Our world is broken but it can be mended. Let’s grow our communities starting with growing oneself. As each individual grows, an orchard of fruitful opportunities becomes a potential outcome. Don’t let boredom kill your interest. Find ways to stay in the game and don’t be afraid to dig deeper. It’s okay to lose, it’s the only way to know which game is yours to beat.

-Photo by: Love Stories Co

A War On What?


Russia, China, Resources, Corruption, Biden, Energy, Manufacturing, Self Sustainable, Purpose, War, Not War, Opportunity.

Is Ukraine really the focal point? How often do bombs and air raids happen somewhere on the globe on a regular basis? History is a almost a comical reality of contextualizing the why of what is today. Round and round we go as history repeats itself over and over again. I believe Karma is a personal belief that whether we live in a simulation or we are dependent on the whims of a higher power, we should naturally be programmed to have a cause and effect ultimatum that correlates to concepts within the realm of morality and truth. Karma is a pendulum that swings back and forth whereby fairness is a figment of one’s imagination. Although many may argue that the truly horrible people don’t get what the deserve, I would argue that happiness is an internal truth. Those who violate other humans have their own form of suffering that isn’t always visible. Silent suffering happens to those who pursue an indulgent life. Those who pursue a pure life of service, love, purpose, and presence will find heaven on Earth, possibly beyond Earth too.

Western Europe has been a honey hole for disaster and corruption for centuries. With the recent history of Hunter Biden’s business and the Ukrainian energy company, it seems that our president of the USA is compromised and nothing here forward is in good faith. I do believe there is always a diplomatic process to deal with international affairs, however when corporate interests, global supply chains, personal egos, nationalistic and political beliefs, corrupt media outlets, and dehumanized populations are all working against the truth and ultimate goal of bettering the quality of life for man and his fellow creatures of the world, we end up facing an uphill battle with weights in the shape of targets on our back.

Killing citizens is never okay and taking arms for political goals is simply wrong. Destroying current geopolitical structures for the gain of the western world is also wrong. Letting people starve is wrong. Forcing people to starve due to economic sanctions is wrong. Understanding the historical narrative that further defines the truth behind the global interactions happening today is what we should be doing rather than jumping on another bandwagon build on the foundations of maniacal lies. What do we really know and what are we supposed to really think? We do know people are suffering, but that is not unique to one region at any single point of time. The hungrier someone becomes, the more animalistic they become. Their prefrontal cortex begins to deteriorate as their amygdala becomes hyperactive. When people/countries are pushed to their extremes, they will become inhumane. But in a day and age where lab leaks of contagions that could be world ending are real, what if the goal is to take out medical labs facilitating such evil? The good is often hard to see through the mist of gunpowder and blood.

To observe the good and the bad in all man is a dangerous perspective to venture into. To empathize for a serial killer or to see where a victim of a heinous crime has lived in a less than optimal manner therefore leading to his/her demise is not an approach I would recommend for most. Judgement is not the job of man, but understanding as much as possible to make better is one of our goals as man. Understand this article is not an apologist to the Russians rather it is a wake up call to understand things are not what CNN and Fox make them seem. The allegory of the cave becomes prevalent because if you are only told one story, that is all you will know. The world has much more color than the shadows flashing on the screen. As the truth behind the economic capabilities, historical intrusions, geographic access, and cultural discrepancies surface, a good guy vs bad guy is no longer an appropriate lens to view this situation. Let’s be honest, no one seemingly cared about innocent people jailed, enslaved, and politically persecuted before. In fact, most people are supporting this broken nation’s independence to continue to overreach on their citizens. Depending on where you look, parts of Ukraine are anywhere from 25% to over 50% in support of Russia. For reference the United States seceded from English rule with approximately only 25% of the population in favor of the revolution. Russia’s GDP per capita is roughly 10k which in an area with poor agricultural lands means the country has to depend on its trades to keep its people alive. What if NATO was the bad guys here? What if the World Economic Forum is not the good guys here? What if we could see beyond our own nationalistic blinds past to a way of life that differs from our own. Consider the fact that I see the American Life as a truly optimal way of living but it is not sustainable without global wars, human slaves, and a disregard for environmental factors.

Western countries are not innocent. Covid shutdowns and the obliteration of our the constitutional rights in the name of medical authoritarianism is something I will never forget nor ever take lightly. The west has been setting up political coups to manipulate and extract resources from delicate regions since the dawn of its existence. Ukraine is a result of such destructive methods regarding such international affairs. We do these things in the name of capitalism and democracy but I think it’s more of a communistic intention of taking from the haves and giving it to the “have nots.” I don’t hate these systems but we no longer have a capitalistic market as government/private partnerships have monopolized markets and our democratic processes are obstructed due to corporate and global interests to keep people fighting instead of growing.

I believe there are quite a few dichotomous factions that society is oriented towards. The main difference in my opinion is those who want a constitution and those who want a religiously ruled society. Nationalism has its place as much as having a global conscious. Many of times nationalism and religion have a mutual residence as the people develop holy sites, holy crops, and cultural norms according to geographic relevance. Constitutional rights typically are associated with a democratic process due to a more universal understanding that having individual rights enable communities to form via speciation of skills and abilities. But we do not live in such a utopia. Nationalists are often racist and liberals are often psychotic. I believe that treating the land you walk on to be sacred is step one in actually building back a better world. Ethnocentrism is the core of human discord as the banking system is the core for democratic failures. We must move past our archaic way of governing and step into a smarter way of doing things. There is hope, and it is not because of a war in the stars.

A resource based economy would enable people to discern the value of their resources for both short term and long term purposes so that people can flourish from their own Garden of Eden. Land rights are supposed to do this but through the guise of corporate fascist policies, companies steal raw materials right from under the feet of the constituents while destroying the land for future use. This leads us into the need for a future economy of a resource based economy that is designed to optimize the quality of life of each and every constituent within each jurisdiction. Enabling a system for people to move to regions that fit their socio-cultural norms and also to escape from places that are not designed for optimizing the human experience, will/should be a key part of the future design of government. We must develop a system whereby people are motivated to have purpose. By removing unnecessary costs in the average person’s life such as technology, insurance, mortgage/rent, energy, and transportation by means of uncorrupted social enterprises, one could see that we shouldn’t work so many hours. As the great Fat Bastard once said, “I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat.” We have created an economy whereby we are enslaved to a lifestyle that is corrosive and wasteful. We have random people raise our children so that we can overwork ourselves into oblivion. We make more money to afford medical interventions cause by overwork. We need drugs to help us sleep and stay awake due to overwork. By all means, I’m not saying modern life is as bad as it gets but I am saying we can do better. We must do better and I want to be a part of the reconstruction. Humans needs are more simple than we think. We need Food, Water, Shelter, Social/Familial Relationships, and Purpose/Duty. In modern society, the only way to assure these things are to join military forces and succumb to socialist institutions. I believe in a better way.

Geography, natural resources, and individual capabilities of the population will be oriented in a way that redefines how we can build a better society. Sustainability is an asymptotic goal that starts with investing and innovating. To be fully self sustainable has its limitations without enough land, precious metals, equipment, real education and foresight of intelligent design pertaining to building and overall infrastructure. We must start investing into a smarter world today so we aren’t left at the will of world leader’s incompetence tomorrow.

We as the human race have built an incredibly complex system of commerce and resource sharing. The proof to such a beautiful architecture is the pure number of humans alive today. Life is an ecosystem. There is a hierarchy on all things in life that must be respected. Our world is finite but with a mindful approach, we can reduce, reuse, reclaim and recycle our way into a life of longevity far beyond the horizon. We can innovate our way to expanding life beyond the now and eventually elsewhere in the Universe so long as tend to our gardens and work on today.

Let’s grow a better world for all to live and all to love!

-The Solution-

Think, But Don’t Tell

-Honest Silence-

Learn from the fruits of your experience but don’t share from the tree of knowledge. For that is a sin, but it is not quite evil.

In modern western culture, a bizarre reality has surfaced regarding the restriction of information through a broken and outdated legal system. Our system and laws were designed pre-Google era which means at this point, many laws have become obsolete. I urge my readers to rethink the concept of owning ideas, DNA, and information, for these things are God-Given, not actual property to be owned.

One of my favorite modern philosophers, Jordan Peterson talks about the natural hierarchy that forms throughout nature. I have loved Jordan’s conservative take on individual liberties as well as personal responsibilities. As much as Jordan is right, there is definite dialogue to be had pertaining to how much we enforce a hierarchy compared to how much we let it naturally occur. At this day and age, we are not living in a natural state thus we must reassess how we compose our social institutions to assure they create the most right results.

Since working at a hospital, I notice that the hierarchy in the medical field has become so rigid, that even sharing factual information can land you prison time for up to 8 years. The hospital literally requires specific colored uniforms per the job type which means the color you wear describes the conversations you are legally allowed to have. This concept does hold water in terms of protecting individuals from harmful advice and also following the HIPPA guidelines, but there is more than a fishy smell involved here, especially as unscientific medical processes are implemented as actual health standards and advice is ignored.

I am quite a talker and I have been fascinated with natural health for over a decade. This combination makes it very difficult to not educate the many patients I see on a regular shift. There has been so much misinformation and slander in the name or natural health that the fact natural health conversations are unprotected, gives worry to the manipulation protruding through the seams of our livelihood.

Since Google implemented a Q&A function into their AI, people have unlimited access to answers that only a few highly paid professionals did in the past. To defend the Hierarchical statement, getting a direct answer can misappropriate the reality of a simple answer due to the lack of context or story to the answer. Furthermore, it does take some intuitive interest or base level understanding to know exactly what to search in the first place. There is also contradictory information/research that takes a trained eye to distinguish. However, I believe people are quite lazy when it comes to finding the truth to an extent that bleeds into intended ignorance. Thus, we need communicators and educators.

I understand the reason certain rules exist, but at the same time, am I violating the Hippocratic Oath by not sharing information that I have researched pertaining to the individual at hand? I feel at odds when people show up at the hospital in dire need of helpful advice but leave with a prescription oblivious to the problem entirely. There are miracle drugs out there and many of times, doctors don’t have the time to sit down and put a plan together for reparation and prevention ler each patient. Many of times, a computer algorithm could diagnose someone. Other times, a diet could eradicate the problem, but instead of using these approaches, we are subjected to trusting outdated techniques and information distributed by a profit model that neglects the function of natural health and personal responsibility. I even recently advised a nurse on a diet to help with her chronic bronchitis post CV19 vaccine and she has up to this point not taken an initiative. Rest assured she has gone through 3 rounds of antibiotics.

I recently got in trouble l about advising a patient telling her she must watch her diet after dealing with a perforated bowel. I am baffled by the leftist ideology of protecting someone’s feelings over their health. But at the end of the day, I get it. These people don’t want help until they are on death’s door step. It kind of reminds me of a sinning Christian who refuses to change their actions but lives in a constant state of forgiveness. Let’s make honesty great again. Let’s make conversations legal again. Let’s train individual’s brains and encourage society to build better systems that we all support and need.

I wrote this piece while still at the hospital. Now after leaving the hospital and beginning a new career in HVAC, I am thrilled to be able to focus on my own happiness. It is as if a dark cloud has lifted and I can breathe in fresher air, despite the hours inside crawl spaces and crawling in attic spaces. I often miss the aspect of helping people in a direct sense but as an HVAC specialist, I still help people and to be quite frank, they are more appreciative in what I do now then what I was doing before. I’m excited to grow in all areas of life and am excited to share my journey as I do. #letsgrow

On Average, An Underdeveloped PFC, I Think

Love the Lobes

The brain circuitry is designed to tell you right from wrong as well as keep you alive via the vast organ systems simultaneously interacting together. The circuits of the mind connect your senses to your ability and reason to react. This makes our nervous system the power source that generates the motor (circulatory system) which then activates the machinery (cells/organs) to all work smoothly in-sync. A drunk person, dementia patient, certain forms of autism/special needs, sleep deprivation and a young child all can have somewhat similar looking brains when viewing through an FMRI machine. Blood flow is essential for healthy brain development, as is movement and multisensory learning/training tools. Depending on the activity, there is a variation of wave frequencies emitted.

A jellyfish has one of the most simplistic/unevolved nervous systems in the animal kingdom. It merely reacts as it bumps into something floating aimlessly in the abyss. It doesn’t think about food but rather bumps into it then absorbs the nutrients as needed. Some humans seem to live a similar lifestyle but their body does not react in such a manner. As the evolutionary process of life proceeds, the nervous system can think further into the future to the point of developing anxiety over things that may or may not even happen. These circuits help make you into an adult beyond the nature of a helpless child. The evolution of the Prefrontal Cortex is the greatest technology our lifeforms have created on this Earth and is one of the distinguishing factors of our overall sense of self as we can be motivated for reasons that transcend life and death. Interest and Compassion can be ulterior motives that take humanity to a better place, especially with the PFC in the front seat rather than the amygdala.

To properly analyze risk, both logic and creativity are used together to extrapolate a deeper understanding to the course of action regarding the variables at hand. Accessing the longterm memory circles as well as other lobes of the brain gives our brain the elasticity to imagine relative consequences to similar variables. Essentially, we can see ourselves in one another. We often call this truth seeking ability empathy or sympathy and is seemingly a higher level of thinking. The Prefrontal Cortex is the mom of the brain as it delegates actions of what someone needs to do.

We teeter totter on a scale of moderation and balance to allow just enough creativity into our lives that logic makes sound sense to all of our senses. This makes the artistic mind lean a little on the theoretical (crazy) side and the medical doctor to be more on the serious/factual side. Of course these generalizations are obviously incorrect in many instances, but there is some truth in acknowledging patterns that make up our ignorantly placed group identities. These basic group identities are broken down when top end obstruction and misconduct are identified. Remember that solving a crime requires quite the imagination to not to just see the evidence that exists but also the lack of evidence.

The prefrontal cortex is the part of Artificial Intelligence that computers have yet to conquer.  Humans also have yet to conquer this evolutionary development but we are still a step ahead of computers for now. Flow is something that transmutes beyond any machines capabilities acting on arguably a spiritual level.  We have the tool of neuroplasticity and communication mechanisms which means the different computing mechanisms designed in the different compartments of our brains can rebuild the structures that have once been severed or never connected. Human brains in my opinion are far superior to even supercomputers, especially on a collective scale. Machine’s hardware is limited to time and place but the human mind accumulates stories that transcend all matter and matters of this world.

Don’t fear the future, be a part of bettering it. Do what you can, when you can, where you can, how you can with whoever helps you grow.

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Our bodies are the lamb that we sacrifice for the sake of safety, security, survival, and the future of humanity.  What is will not always be, but will be doesn’t have to be for the fact it has not come to fruition.  The fruits we bear are the opportunity for forever but if we are bare, then the beauty of the plant is all the value left of the potential energy in such matter and matters. 

Every toxin we consume is a risk for a future genetic mutation. Every second we spend, we could invest elsewhere. Every drop of water we drink, we risk a microdose of a toxin.  Every food we eat, we risk poisons entering our bloodstream.  Every friendship we make, we risk betrayal or a broken heart.  Every day we drive a car, we risk entering into a trauma room.  Every supplement we intake, we risk a cancer forming.  Every night we sleep, we risk not waking up.  But we do.  We are the scientific method.

We make sacrifices because we believe in the sacrifice.  We make sacrifices out of the whims of hope that maybe we will live another day, or even better, another decade, or at worst a single good day.  Trial and error is the method to reducing the risk of each analysis that enters our central processing unit. 

For those who live by fear, one risks dying a sad life. For those who live by belief, one risks dying a hopeless life.  Tis a balance that controls our fate.  We microdose truths to remedy the pains of cognitive dissonance.  We indulge in pleasure to remedy the tragedies of yesterday.  But we keep on risking it all for the sake of something. 

What are you sacrificing and for what is your hopeful endpoint. Do you live today or live tomorrow? Do you live for yesterday’s truth or tomorrow’s dream?

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My Covid19 Experience

Since 2020, Corona Virus has ripped through the fabric of our modern society effecting every single human on this planet whether it was active in their community or not. From people’s economic life to their private life, Covid19 has been a factor that we all have taken into account. As a world society, we have witnessed catastrophe after catastrophe and pandemic after pandemic but as a species, we always find a way to persevere. We have been able to persevere because we have always had pockets of secular communities that weren’t fully interdependent on one another. This allowed for reservoirs of the DNA to continue on despite natural disasters or viral epidemics. My optimism will hopefully shine through this post but many will scoff at my lack of degrees and licenses to speak on such matters. This is our first mistake. Experience is something that only those who have experienced can speak on behalf. The censoring that has taken place since CV19 has entered the world has been devastatingly regressive for the sake of progressing our common understanding and professional opinions.

Covid struck home for me personally. I was a Doctor of Chiropractic student when the meltdown occurred. While starting my 3rd quarter fresh off of starting to get a grip on my intense graduate level program, the shutdown happened. Aside from my personal family struggles, switching to fully online classes proved to be an impossible task with all other accessing points to the internet closed off and my home internet unable to stream the live classes. I dropped my quarter in hopes to start back next quarter. This action caused my withdrawal ratio to be so out of wack that I lost my chance at getting back my funding to continue in the program. In retrospect, I was able to get my son full time during this time and as he started up school, I found myself a brand new job at the hospital working as a Patient Screener (glorified doorman) and Patient Care Tech (Nurse Assistant).

Just to get the science right, correlation does not mean causation but in the quantum space it still could be related. Much of what we have witnessed over since 2020 has been the opposite of science. It has been authoritarian. The masks are a perfect example of such overreach. These masks we have to wear, don’t do much for our protection and the science is shaky in regards to the efficacy. Technically, the masks are supposed to be worn by the infected to prevent spread, not to prevent the person from catching the virus. If you are wearing a respirator or an N95, you actually are doing a decent job of lowering transmission rates, but the N95 masks are horrible for your physiology long term use. As for the respirators, they are simply an unrealistic ask for all of society members to wear. The only thing the cloth and surgical masks do is prevent large respiratory droplets from escaping which largely occurs when someone is coughing or sneezing and last I checked, I do those tasks into my elbow like a civilized human. In some cases, these masks are bacteria collectors and could be causing an increase in asthma and pneumonia conditions as well as bad breath which has been found to be a precursor to some neurological problems. All this being said, science is a big picture that encompasses many moving pieces which entail some variables that cannot be truly replicated such as a human subject. The fact we can’t have a true case study due to genetic and lifestyle differences, our level of science depends on the law of large numbers. Without proper preliminary lab tests, these data points have to be done on humans which is a major violation of The Nuremburg Trial and also the Geneva Convention. Having said that, understand my entire life has been a series of science experiments done on my generation from psych experiments, to GMO foods, to pesticide exposure, to countless pharmaceutical interventions and so much more.

As a Screener in the Emergency Room, I found myself getting to be a smiling face in some of people’s most tragic moments. I was put face to face with the most popular virus while also facing death and gore head on. I often help patients in and out of the car, some of whom were no longer breathing and we were able to bring back. Much of my time was spent watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime or reading a book since night shift in the ER can be a boring task at certain times (1 a.m.-5 a.m.). Within one month, I was trained and began work as a Patient Care Tech on a medsurg floor working with all sorts of patients. With my previous background in the sciences and my prior knowledge of health and wellness, I picked up a lot quickly and was able to have fun with diagnosing and suggesting treatment plans with the nurses although pharmacology wasn’t necessarily my strongsuit. My floor nicknamed me Dr. Garrett.

One thing to note is that from the point that I started working at the hospital, we had an incredibly low death rate of Covid patients. We have been treating these patients with incredible results and that is something to brag about. Between Antivirals (Remdesivir), Steroids (Prednesone), Fluids (Vitamin enhanced), Oxygen (Mask/Nasal Canula), Blood Transfusions containing Antibodies, Inhalers/Breathing Treatments (Albuterol), occasionally antibiotics when pneumonia sets in, and earlier on with the use of Antiparasitics (Hydroxychloriquine/Ivermectin), some would say we had a cure for 99.9% of the people. However Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine weren’t used much if at all in the hospital and the monoclonal antibodies were used early on in infection while many of times people weren’t given any medication after their initial diagnosis and ended up coming back days later half dead in need of hospitalization. When I say I think we should be proud of our low death rates, in no way shape or form do I think we did all that we could do.

Personally, I’m a fan of natural medicine. My grandmother used to have a remedy called the Witches Brew which was a boiled Grapefruit, an aspirin and a shot of whiskey. She swore up and down that this would kill the flu or any cold. Come to find out, boiling a Grapefruit is one way to extract Quinine (the natural form of the synthetic Hydroxychloriquine) which also has been studied for Covid 19. You can also get Quinine from tonic water. I have used a mixture of natural remedies to treat my covid symptoms and also as a prophylactic over the past year and a half and I must say that I haven’t died yet. This concoction consisted of boiling or juicing Garlic (Antioxidant/Antiviral/Antibacterial), Tumeric (Anti-inflammatory/Antioxidant/Antibiotic), Onion (Antibacterial/Antifungal/Antiparasitic/Quercetin), Ginger (Antihistamine/Antiviral/Antimicrobial/Antibacterial/Antifungal), Grapefruit (Vitamin C/Quercetin/Quinine/), Mixed Berries (Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs, Fiber), Cloves (Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory), apple cider vinegar (Antibacterial/PH balancer/Detoxifying solution), water soluable Magnesium, Sunlight and supplement (Vitamin D) Calcium rich foods/drinks and leafy greens for micronutrients, minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Copper, Iron in addition to a classic multivitamin even though amongst these listed items cover nearly all there is in a multivitamin. More recently, I have started supplementing with NAC and have come across NAD as a means to help with cellular repair and energy as the cytotoxic spike protein can damage the cellular membrane.

In no way shape or form am I saying these supplements are what you should take because that would violate my freedom of speech, I mean to say, that would violate and overstep my boundaries of the jurisdiction of a doctor’s job, I mean jab, I mean job. Unfortunately, our legal system is set up to create a monopoly of information in certain job titles that is far outdated considering much of an MD’s job is decided by a machine that genetically sequences the illness then uses an automated directory of what to treat which illness. In this regard, I really appreciate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s effort to change modern medicine by incorporating a whole new system of marrying medicine and herbs on a synergistically cellular level to maximize the capability and functionality of our 2 worlds of treatment methodologies. He also is taking into account the ability to personalize medicine to prevent allergenic reactions as well as perfect the dosage prior to giving it to the patient beyond weight and gender but according to each individual’s DNA.

Back to this Covid animal that got us started here in the first place. Covid19 is definitely a bad virus and a seeming mysterious one at that. It’s almost like HIV f*cked Epstein Bar Virus who then had babies with the Swine Flu who then made sweet love with RSV to have the final product. Regardless of its origins, it is an inflammatory virus that attacks cells with the spike protein, which is pretty much all of your organs. It is highly contagious as it is aersolized. However there is a pattern of women, elderly, darker skin, middle aged men, substance users (not THC) and obese people are all seeming to be most at risk. Hormone-related immunological deficiencies could be the reality of this pattern considered some studies point towards Vitamin D deficiency as a common theme. It could also be a hormone such as testosterone that could be the common thread, but I haven’t seen any studies on that correlation yet although there might be.

I’ve noticed that liver and kidney damage are two of the main ways people are going down aside from respiratory illness throughout the Covid experience. There are currently (as of late July 2021) more ICU patients from CV19 but there are many more hospice patients and other permanently damaging illnesses related to the the organs I’ll list under this section who haven’t contracted it so don’t think that ICU admits, nor just CV hospitalizations are the only markers we should measuring pertaining to the 2021 data.

It is been known for some time now that the vaccines do not last long or at the very least do not prevent someone from getting nor transmitting the new variants of the virus, so forcing someone to get a dangerous medical intervention that doesn’t even work is something out of the movie “Idiocracy.” This vaccine is causing major damage beyond initial allergic reactions. Strokes, Blood Clots, GI Problems, Chronic Coughs, Urinary Problems, Female Organ Problems, Cardiac Problems, Skin Infections, Cancers, and Neurological Problems are all patterns I have noticed from post Vaccinated Patients. I could just be paranoid or I could be pointing out that every organ uses RBCs and therefore every organ is effected by the vaccine. The vaccines seem to be attacking more of the GI tract mostly with the gallbladder, colon, and kidneys as well as the cardiac system but the lungs, liver, and brain are also at risk. These organs have that spike protein we have heard so much about. If you have a family member who has had a stroke recently, consider the relationship to the vaccine instead of just throwing your hands up as if it’s just a natural happenstance.

The virus itself is really putting a number on people’s lungs and liver. People with fatty livers from substance use or unhealthy habbits are most at risk from this virus. The kids that got hit hard may not even have considered the damage all that juice and candy is doing to their ability to fight off this virus. As for the individuals dealing with obesity or substance use, I believe prophylactic use of some of the options mentioned above is their best bet. At the very least, STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL or at the minimum stop drinking excessively. If you feel a little sick, cut it out now! I have a hunch people trying to self medicate with things like Theraflu or Day/Nyquil is also a huge detriment to their ability to detoxify the virus due to the eradication of the healthy microbiome, inhibiting the fever from killing the virus, and also putting extra work on the already overworked liver. Honestly, I believe that if we only shut down alcohol sales and kept the rest of the economy open, our hospitals would be in such better shape even though the hospitals are not overflowing with patients and not totally overflowing anymore. Nicotine is another common reason people end up doing damage to their liver and immune system so this substance too would keep people out of the hospital for a number of reasons beyond Covid. But at the end of the day, we live in an unhealthy society where people don’t value healthy foods or drink enough water. Beyond the fact of an unhealthy society, our medical system is broken in that it depends on sick people to survive. This swinging door of healing people causes the closing down business is an oxymoronic reality that cannot be left to one group or way of thinking. It’s a complex situation for sure, but definitely within reach of solving.

Recently after speaking with an ICU nurse from an undisclosed hospital, I was told that aside from not using Hydroxychloriquine anymore and never implementing Ivermectin, we also aren’t giving these patients enough fluid in fear of them holding water nor bumping their O² up high enough causing the patients to go hypoxic. In some cases the doctors are recommending to not use frequent breathing treatments on many patients in fear of pushing the viral particles throughout the floor, which might I say is total asinine. Vitamin therapy also isn’t considered a part of many patients plan which is a ridiculous in so many levels. In fact, I lost a relationship with a lifelong family friend last year who is an MD over the hypothesis of using Vitamin D, C, Quercetin, Quinine, and Zinc to help treat Covid patients. It’s so sad how brainwashed the medical community is nowadays. They deny basic facts of the immune system and metabolic health.

Let it be known the number of deaths via starvation from losing an economic ability to survive will far exceed the number of deaths from Covid. In the coming months to years, it is also likely, if it hasn’t happened already, that the number of deaths from the vaccine will also exceed the number of deaths from Covid considering the current VAERS reporting list, the preliminary failed animal studies, and the additional compounding toxins from the boosters shots. It is also likely that all of our numbers last year were wrong considering the PCR tests were unable to decipher between the Flu and Covid and the number of cycles during testing was over the recommended amount for retaining the integrity of the genetic sequence. We don’t know a lot and we may never know. I do know that my natural immunity has kept me alive this long and I intend on depending on my hypothesis of natural immunity amidst this fire storm. I won’t deny medications use when I see fit, but I will not be involving myself in such a dangerous experiment. I will be fired for noncompliance before offering my body up for sacrifice for the medical community’s effort to create a modern Apartheid. I will stand up to Tyranny everytime.

I’m not a doctor, I’m no where near qualified to actually talk about this topic, but I can tell you my personal observations and I can share some of the research I’m doing independently to help. And if someone is trying to help, that shouldn’t be shot down by the ego-driven hierarchy of the medical community, especially when the information is grounded in actual science. Below is a link to reference some of my supporting beliefs regarding this whole situation. I don’t really care to add more links because if people care to double check my information, they can. Chances are, people who will discredit this article wouldn’t spend the time trying to dissolve their cognitive dissonance anyways. I hope we can begin using science to better our world instead of divide and destroy it. Perhaps one day we can make our world great again with the tools developed by our fellow man and ancestors alongside the tools we have yet to discover.

As of finishing this article in November of 2021, I have left the medical field entirely and begun a new career in the trades. I am currently loving working with my hands and doing work that isn’t political, isn’t causing daily abuse, and isn’t disrupting my sleep cycle. Perhaps decades down the road, I’ll take another stab at the medical/wellness community after retiring from the new work I have begun but all I can truly worry about is myself and my family in the now.

If you have additional links to articles, drop them below on the comments section, or better yet, submit your research to my directory at (This post was started in July and finished in November after leaving the hospital)

Your Life is a Form of Art

Your life is a form of art. Art is both conceptual and material just as the human experience is lived. Your life is a timeline of stories that build your ever-evolving character into who you with more depth and color as each day passes. Understand there is no mistake in the production of art. As you become a true artist, you learn to work with your mistakes disallowing them to have an effect on the overall picture.

There are many artforms possible within the reach of all man no matter the his/her place on Earth.  Every task we as a species set out to do, we condense the process and develop muscle memory to simplify and expedite the task at hand.  At some point, an artform will transform into new endeavors as bordem takes hold and limitations are encumbered.  Expansion from a single task/artform occurs due to the conscious implementation and/or comprehension of depth, color, dimension, scientific comprehension, mathematical/architectural, historical, relational, and medium. As the layers accumulate, appreciation, articulation, functionality, variability, and purpose is created. 

As an artist, I jump mediums faster than a frog on Frogger.  I could definitely benefit from sitting with one medium for a longer period.  The good ole saying of “jack of trades, master of none” is a relative concept.  I would however argue that in today’s world with the access to the internet, we can aquire techniques that masters from all over can help simplify the learning curve.  We also live in an economy whereby technology also allows for jumping mediums that intrinsically interrelate. Modern business owners end up being their own accountant, graphic artist, salesperson, manager, and product specialist, not to even mention the dozens of programs that go along with this job title.  Learning information itself is an artform because information follows the pathway of a story.

When you look at how the brain, neurons build circles which encompass actual memories.  In the standpoint of energetics, what is most efficient becomes the best way the body deals with processing ATP (energy).  It takes ATP to build and connect these pathways in the brain as expansions off of prior memory circles. When we bring this concept into learning new information and artforms, we can understand how the motor complex and also the memory complex in the brain build stronger pathways that communicate quicker and with more ease (less ATP).

Neuroplasticity is a very real thing and producing art is the best way to expand the minds ability to move through life with confidence, well roundedness, and articulation. One of my favorite concepts about building a career was given to me by Jason Silva where he explains the best way to find your passion is to make a list of the things you are interested in and formulate a strategy to make as many of them connected as possible. I am slowly but surely fulfilling my dreams of becoming the best person I can be one drawing at a time, one essay at a time, one subject at a time, and one plant at a time. Start somewhere and hold yourself accountable to keep going. Share it, feel it, be proud of it and watch your internal network build an external network.

National Childhood Obesity Day AKA Halloween

Halloween is a curse our world has yet to face, let alone defeat. These commercial companies have zero incentive to make your child live a better life. As new information coming out showing the harm of social media and excessive screen time can cause on the neurological and social development, very little about diet is spoken about. I hope to inspire a new generation of Livingood lives to break these sins we have passed down from generation to generation.

Halloween was started by the Celts 2000 years ago as a means to dress up and scare off ghosts. Now I’m not into arguing about supernatural events, as I have my own point of view about these happenstances, but can we just take a second to consider how this sacrificial holiday has turned into a market driven nightmare for the health and wellness of our nation? 1000 years after the Celts celebration started, we began using a flavor of this idea to celebrate those remembered souls who have passed before us, All Saints Day. Now, I am fully for the education about our ancestors as well as the trials, tribulations, and accomplishments of those who endured so much to continue the story of each and every human life living today. This is actually an essential part of teaching gratitude at the highest of levels. But we do not use these holidays and opportunities to do such. No, we instead celebrate gluttony and taking without earning. What an American ideal.

Now, let’s talk about about how sugar effects every organ system in the human body. It causes diabetes, neurological distress and disorders, loss of focus, poor mouth hygiene, emotional distress, fatty liver, systemic inflammation, uric acid accumulation, unhealthy skin, irritable bowels, and lowered immunity. Now after the past 2 years of people acting like they care about their health by wearing masks and getting shots up with an experimental drug from criminal organizations, you would think a focus on unnecessary simple sugars would be a talking point across all media stations, but it’s not. No, I’m fact, these education and media institutions are sponsored by these candy manufacturers and supply our developing youth with these gateway drugs.

Now consider, at the root of these candies typically lies natural food that are in fact nutritious such as dark chocolate and fruits. But we don’t celebrate these foods, no we go “ick” when talking about them then go on to spend money sending them to manufacturing facilities to turn them into toxic matter that is carcinogenic and corrosive to the body. Not to mention the percentage of child slaves used in this process. What happened?

Now let’s skip forward to these scary movies. I do believe that paranoia is a healthy trait to keep someone safe. It allows the mind to create potential harms that could happen but excessive paranoia to the point of inability to act is something that eventually turns into a mental disorder. It is a healthy balance of exposing your kids to potential harms and teaching them how to cope with reality and then also putting them in harms way. I would say that we definitely need more oversight on public platforms and mass media to protect the children, but this becomes a hairy line when you take this ideology and use it as an excuse to prevent content from getting to adults. The SECs rating scale has really lost its meaning over the years as we have spiraled down into complete chaos online of censorship mixed with a bad taste of manipulative advertising. We really need to be aware of what our kids are watching as to not shock their nervous system and predispose them to efforts of grooming psychopaths and emotionally disturbed adults.

Ultimately, I believe it is time that we, the intelligent class, isolate from the self-destructive ignorant masses. We have the technological abilities to build isolated networks and telecommunication systems that could integrate a holistic and truly progressive mission of building better lives in all areas. Our holidays should teach and inspire. Our education should be functional. Our lifestyles should be fulfilled. Let’s grow better communities one day at a time.

Natural vs Unnatural

“The Really Beautiful Fake”

-Unnatural Processes-
-Unnatural Land-

The dangers of Natural and the Beauty of Fake.  A world of deception and opposing forces.  Lines in reality can be crossed but the truth eventually shines through. Deception and manipulation are tools to amuse and misappropriate the understanding left from right.  The direction doesn’t really matter when you are on a sphere because eventually if you go far enough in one direction, you end up right back where you started.

Adderall vs Nootropics vs Brain Food. Chemicals and Processes are the first two mythical terms that must be understood when delving into the topic at hand. When we break things down into a chemical state, a naturally occurring item is almost indistinguishable from something created in a lab through a microscope.  Typically, lab extracted products are directly from actual superfoods and herbs. For example, Hydroxychloriquine is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring Quinine that you can find in the peel of grapefruit.   What is natural can still be unnatural no matter how you spin it.

The word chemical is massively misused as well.  Every “thing” has a chemical makeup.  Chemicals that our body cannot or has a very difficult time processing becomes a toxin which is many of times simply called chemicals by the general public. Chemicals are natural but what is natural at all about the world we live in anyways? Nothing is natural and therefore we must break down these concepts that are ignorant in nature and dive deeper into why negative connotations are associated with certain unnatural processes.

Processed food is a hot word that is also massively misunderstood.  Cooking is a process.  Extracting nutrients with boiling water is a process.  Digesting your food is a process. The real question we must entertain is HOW something is processed, not necessarily WHAT.  Another issue you run into when undergoing a chemical process is the fact that you eliminate the good microbiomes from the food when “processing” it.  You can also cook out much of the medicinal properties when cooking and processing food.  You also open the door for unhealthy additives and toxic preservatives to be used during the process of processing food in a facility outside of your control. 

As for the biggest argument against homeopathic remedies bought from the store is that you cannot trust the source because of the lack of consistency throughout the growing process, the extraction method and also the manufacturing process of dosing them.  Supplements directly extracted from superfoods and herbs go through a process that makes it extremely difficult to exactify the dose without extremely expensive equipment.  This can be a deadly mishap if the wrong supplement has too large of a dose.  The laws are arguably designed by Big Pharma to create a monopoly of the market.  For one, it is technically illegal to say X remedy can heal Y diagnosis.  The lack of empirical evidence is the case in point but might I ask how many medications over the years that are still in use today that cause more problems than the one they are trying to fix. Just because X chemical reacts to Y receptor still is not empirical because every human body is different. Now, they are actually epigenetically pretesting medicine on an individual basis which will greatly help the homeopathic way of life.  Pain medicine like Morphine literally slows down the digestive process and respiratory rate which is how your body get necessary nutrients and can/will lead to death from an assortment of issues.  I fully understand the value of empiracle evidence as well as pharmaceuticals but how much corruption exists in the current regulatory process voiding that argument against homeopathic remedies entirely.  How much current research is inherently flawed due to manipulated data, cherrypicked trials, and unidentified variables?  How much funding is the government allocating to have research done on natural remedies compared to the pharmaceutical industry?  How many deaths have Pharmaceuticals caused in the recent decades compared to homeopathic remedies?  I think when you really crunch the numbers, the risk analysis points towards using homeopathic remedies that I personally extract and eat directly.  This helps lower the risk of overdosing and also give you the control to learn and prevent illness from the start.  At the end of the day, every waking moment can create a deathly situation.  Every food you eat and supplement you take can have adverse reactions.  You don’t really know what you are consuming even if it comes from your own garden. Diseases and parasites can make their way into your life regardless of how careful you are.  There is no simple answer and there is no right answer that our current data is able to show besides the fact that humans have survived this long under the pretense of using actual food as medicine. We are living longer, but how much living is done in the average last 10 years of life. I can assure you, many geriatric patients died years before their heart stops pumping.

Natural processes vs unintended consequences of accelerated processes is something I haven’t read anywhere per say but I have run a thought experiment to understand it.   This is the exact type of language to get someone canceled by the scientific community even though all philosophers and scientists throughout time used thought experiments to develop hypotheses and measure patterns of probability. Adaption is a part of who we are as a biological species.  We adapt and homeostasis is constantly a balancing act.  Your environment is vital when referencing homeostasis and when the environment is toxic, death is the outcome.  Pharmaceuticals typically neglect the system at large in the attempt to fix symptom by symptom.  This creates a cascading effect that will either kill the organism immediately or change the organism entirely.  Evolution typically takes centuries to enable a feature of one organism/species more fit than the rest of the group.  Eventually, the group will undergo an adaptive process of mating and procreating with the more fit species through generations.  One thing to consider is that typically a change in environment will force the adaptive process to take hold.  Humans in the modern world have begun the adaptive process on the premise of medicine that enables people to be stay alive malnourished with dysfunctional organ function who are typically the largest reproducers in our society. Each generation in recent years are being introduced to new “chemicals” that our physiology is unable to process or at least unable to process yet.  Something like obesity or cancer would be probably side effects to this metabolic nightmare. I once read a theory that pegged the introduction of processed food to causing a smaller jaw structure which made our wisdom teeth obsolete.  Regardless of the truth in that theory, I am opposed to the idea of genocide which many unknowingly support through a number of mediums and belief systems. Many people would simply hate on the idea of the lower class procreating at an unhealthy rate on account many of them already can’t take care of themselves. I think this is a cultural problem more so than an institutional problem even though both are to blame. Our culture promotes the life of a jellyfish floating around eating whatever it walks into rather than the life of a scientist who pays more in attention than in medical costs.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it but if you notice a weak spot in the infrastructure, attempting to patch it isn’t a bad idea.

I believe as the end result of this dialogue, we will see in my lifetime 2 species diverge out of the human race.  One group will attempt to merge with technology and gene editing. They probably will not even carry the baby in the womb.  The other group will go back into natural living. Homeopathic, less technology focused, old fashioned self sustainable. I’m sure there will be overlap within the fabric of both groups but 2 separate legal bodies will lead the way of further division and enforced manipulation of the human experience. The Transhumans vs The Humans. Personally, I embrace death as a remedy to life, but I understand the contrary argument of escaping death through technological advances in life, whether artificial or natural. To each their own until you infringe on my rights to do what is best for me. I look forward to living more like the Amish and less like a City Slicker but who knows, my mind could change one day.

Succeeding from a Sick Society


Grow My Community was started to bring the ideals of what a parallel society needs in order to deal with the sickening world we live in. I hope to inspire people to become sustainable in all areas of life.

We have become so dependent on a broken system, most people forget what life is all about amidst the fractionalized lives we live. Life is about living enough to accept death. Life shouldn’t be a flight away from the inevitable, rather a point in which we live until there is no more quality of life left to live. Death is a reminder of how precious life is. Death is a way of making the next season more fruitful than the last as the experience lived transcends time and space. Life is about continuing life and securing future generation’s lives. Life is about beauty. Life is about feeling not just the good but also understanding the good through experiencing the bad. This contrast is a part of what makes the beauty. Perhaps the bad could be experienced through education rather than 1st person experiences. That is an untested theory worthy of trying. Life is an experimental experience that we endure and one enjoy.

The idea of organizing people, places and things is a foundational concept to Grow My Community because resource allocation is an essential function to becoming self-sustainable. We know that no work at all creates restlessness and a disconnection from society compared to being overworked can do similar things to the human spirit. But designing a way to live in a healthy and purposeful manner is my dream. Making food, making art, making babies (responsibly), giving back, and practicing self-care should be our focus as a society. Instead we have been given a false sense of reality that never mapped out for my generation. Education doesn’t mean getting work. Honest work doesn’t mean you can afford the cost of living. Having a trade doesn’t mean getting gigs. As suicide and addiction rates climb, we begin to see society collapsing in front of our eyes. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can transcend the bullshit of modern life.

My first goal is to set up a food allocation system for local gardeners and farmers. After we have a mechanism to localize our food system, storing and accessing information is the next step. Once we have acquired enough information that is stored, organized and accessible that enables continuous growth in all areas of the human mind, we must create a means of international trade in order to acquire resources that are outside of the physical location where people live. Cryptocurrency can be a mechanism that allows these 3rd party jurisdictions to thrive but there still must be a good/service that is sold outside the jurisdictions that can help the communities survive and thrive. At some point, we may reach a point where the community/s are 100% self-sustainable such that no external resources are needed. That idea is far more unreasonable than a system that only has minimal interactions with the outside world.

My work with could be the tool that enables the jurisdictions to arrive at a safe and sustainable way of life. Regardless if my work with Grow My Community is a pipe dream or an actual business model, I do believe in the work I am doing and that is sufficient enough to keep me moving onward with the vision. My work has put incredible people in front of me and opened many doors through the years. Although many of those doors may never be opened again, I am confident those doors brought me to this very place that I sit. I hope people start designing their own life in such a manner that respects life and where they live. I have a dream that I’m not ashamed of sharing. I have a belief that I’m not afraid to preach. I have a way of life that I understand could bring people a lot of happiness.

Within the past year and a half since COVID-19 hit the streets, I have begun looking into moving away. It seems that the Tyranny of America has begun and I will move my family to somewhere that is safe from such Authoritarianism. A spark was lit and inspired me to continue on building a legacy out of Grow My Community. I am looking at moving to a region willing to succeed from the union. Whatever the case may be, I’m remaining an optimist at heart because I have creativity, God, and hard work on my side.

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Healthcare, Government, and Criminal Justice

There is a major problem when the government bureaucracies use the law to discern and intervene with individual’s freedoms and abilities to help one another. The medical community is arguably one of the most complicated systems aside from familial relationships because they both deal with the individual and the society at large. Healthcare workers work alongside the criminal justice system, often times because of the interplay between mental health and personal injury. Ever more recently, it also incorporates laws the put the personal perspective against the social perspective like a game of Risk.

In a system, many moving pieces work together to form the entire system.  Society itself is a conglomeration of many dynamic moving pieces and parts.  It is our job as the individual cogs in the wheel of the modern social construct that goes round and round from generation to generation to be our best as often as possible and also create jobs that run with a higher efficiency, safety, and purpose.  It seems that we are moving away from this model as our jobs become more mundane, useless, separated from the community, wasteful, destructive, inefficient and emotionally draining all the while taking up more and more of our personal time.  Time is our only relative number we can all understand.

Precedents and protocols are functions supposedly designed with reason, evidence, and logic.  Typically they follow the flow of the scientific method. As time goes on, we see these two functions obstructed by human error, ego, and corruption for the sake of political purposes as well as personal or group gain.  Money is often a common theme to dissuade a right action from a wrongful action whether the money goes directly into the pockets of an individual or to a budget to keep said service’s up and running.  When we take money out of the equation, you typically get a more honest approach.  However considering our entire economy is based around the concept of money that idea is merely a dream to differentiate any choice without a cost benefit analysis relating to money in some shape or form.

When we talk about punitive reactions to criminal activity, we first must assure an activity is indeed deserving to be illegal. Freedom to medically treat oneself with well researched substances or methods is something the police should never interfere with. It is criminal to punish someone for pursuing their own state of happiness. The line gets a little blurry when one’s pursuit interferes with others. If we built institutions to help people enjoy their freedoms and pursuits of happiness, that would be a very different story but instead we kick people in cages. Insanity is a different case but the reality is that society creates this insanity. There is an overwhelming overlap of Psych patients to the children and also adults being medications. Abuse, malnutrition (poor diet as well as starvation) and neglect also play a major role in developmental delays that can cause incapable adults. The biggest problem with homelessness is the psychological disorders that are running rampant through the population many of times in direct causation of such substance use. As we continue this topic of insanity, we trickle into the argument of the second amendment. Crazy people really shouldn’t have guns but how exactly do diagnose crazy aside and who should be labeled as unable to protect themselves. Perhaps a solution is to make institutions that are actually quality places to live that help people grow and develop rather than the current state of institutions both criminal and mental that focuses on drugging people up and locking them in cages. This teetering scale is a difficult place to balance between because when the legal system says your dangerous based on dysfunctional laws, we have a problem. Or perhaps someone is 1013/1023 (medically held in confinement in fear of endangerment to others), and they heal or never deserved to go there, we have a problem. When someone is medicated and not crazy, but is labeled as such due to their medication, we have a problem. My big solution to this disaster is natural health and cognitive behavioral therapy. We really don’t need all of the dependence on substances if we are happy with ourselves. If our society promoted moderation and gave a place to enjoy substances in moderation, we could perhaps solve these broken points in our pursuit of happiness and right to protect oneself.

Enjoying unhealthy products and living unhealthy lives is a form of Stockholm Syndrome caused by subliminal marketing of unnatural and social norms for the continuous profit in the form of planned obsolescence pertaining to the natural state of health and wellness. Our society thrives on pushing unhealthy ways of living because there is more profit to be made. When someone becomes self sufficient with knowledge and a nutrient dense lifestyle, they no longer need to pay for other services and this disincentives the capital system. As government puts regulation over individuals communicating personal knowledge and experience to help other people out, I have a huge problem. The scare is that someone says something that could cause more damage than help but consider this, how many medication commercials where death is a byproduct on the intervention are being marketed? This risk analysis thereby encourages people to take the risk analysis into their own hands. As Artificial Intelligent systems progress, we begin to realize the individual encompasses far more power than the capacity of a medical doctors capabilities. People in the medical field scoff at the idea of people self diagnosing, but the main difference of what a doctor can do and what an individual can do is the access to medical equipment which is getting so cheap, it has pretty much reached the hobbyist market. Much of this drive for health to become a hobbyist enthused system is the supplement market as well as the failure of the medical system doing anything besides throwing drugs at the problem covering up the problems.

Culture has historically designed spices/herbs, lifestyles, and ideals that naturally remedy the problems of man, but as we have become more progressive, we have lost touch with the ways of evolutionary sense of self. A large issue with the conservative mindset is the individualistic approach to neglecting those that are less fortunate or less capable. There may be a time where too many people are incapable of dealing with the real world and working due to mental impairments and/or resources misallocation. Although we are seeming to be in the best place for the human experience, we are still treading water and barely staying afloat as a western society and modern world. Socialism vs Individualism becomes the prevailing argument that is still not finalized.

When people are overworked, unhealthy, and depressed, we lose our ability to perform at the highest level. In the most important jobs, we ought to be paid well enough to not be running on fumes and also have enough support/resources to keep us able to perform at the highest level. Unfortunately, we give the most resources to the contractors that deal in the marketplace while starving the actual employees of a quality of life that can encourage our neuroreceptors to be doing our best with longevity in mind. The institutions that exist such as Prisons and Mental Health facilities could work if we implemented intelligent design that isn’t built with a planned obsolescence mindset and corrupted policy enforcement. If our society made true investments into the future and the people, we could heal our broken world but instead we pass laws and budgets with a short term mindset that helps the few and hurts the many. The system is mental, physical and ideological. We must feed all parts of the human spirit to see the rat race turn into heaven on Earth. I believe in a better tomorrow while remaining grateful for the life we have today. We have been on this road for a long time and it will be a long journey to get to a better place, but at least we know the direction. Let’s keep growing.

The Institutions Could Work

-The Story of Life’s Seed-

Society is composed of many components. There are 3 main ways that I’ll explain the organization of society.   The human’s world is an accumulation of Economic (physical), Philosophical (intellectual), and Social (environmental) inputs/outputs. These ways to interact curate the three unique types of social contracts every culture ultimately submits to in order to have order.  In a governing sense, we have a bipolarity between the emphasis of individualism and collectivism. Socialism is idealistic and Capitalism is measurable. If people could muddle past our preconceived ideas, perhaps we could start building a better community rather than arguing moot points about broken systems.

(Philosophical) Education and indoctrination are identical twins removed at birth and married amidst a midlife crisis. We walk the halls from classrooms to prisons.  But we have an Uber escape pod awaiting to be set free in the form of independent education.  Society sets unreal standards for a way of living that favors one type of neurological structure and criminalizes other Atypical folks.  This isn’t entirely societies fault considering a certain level of competence is required for a social contract to be acknowledged. I find it backwards that our education system is teaching people to act more like machines than the super computers we are. We are training for pretechnological skills that have no relevance to modern life nor life in general.  Our modern society has made us dependent on an unsustainable, toxic ecosystem that ignores the cause and effect as well as reality itself which is reinforced through our childhood’s uneducated system.  I would like to add that there are pathways, even through many public education systems that do help develop the whole person and is perfect for a particular type of person in search for a particular type of job.

(Economic) Control and Regulation mask our innovative capabilities but without them, we would more than likely erupt into pure chaos.  Government uses tools such as law, insurance, funding, international relations, and protection in return for a sustainable population.  Insurance is a private tax that is an inflated version of real money that uses fear as a means of persuasion.  Insurance is a pre-internet tool to help allocate professionals and ensure protection.  Insurance companies are in essence an enforced savings policy for a statistical probability such as a health or property disaster. In theory, the most accurate way to project expenses through insurance is by applying the most amount of people/data via the law of large numbers.  Insurance companies are forced to make a profit in their calculations of the risk analysis as they become more of a bank that manages debt than a system there to protect you. My thoughts are that adding an allocated flat tax could ensure for specific needs in the community to have money by properly designated a budget per each need.  We could then push a higher tax on items/values that increase the average costs. We have put a protective coating around our means to survive in fear of danger so much that we have suffocated our actual means to survive.

If we could incubate our Economic system with enough intelligent design, we would eradicate the world of ignorance and toxins through the means of a willing and driven population. Unfortunately, many negative forces in the world have the dealers hand when it comes to mandating laws and systems of how to live. This monopoly is supported by the swinging door of the political establishments as a means of hiring out the public’s interest for a gamification of the economic system as a whole.  Our taxation system is not regulated as a normal budget would.  Honestly, I wouldn’t budget my money either if I could just print off my deficits every year.  The regulations passed as laws are not supported by in large the collective and diverse areas of science and information.  There is also more than an economic variable that our legal system must tackle.  In our current system however, we must secure the economic stance on account our entire livelihood is dependent on a transactional relationship to money.  We must change our approach to impacting the human life while taking into account the many other entities that affect our lives.  As the economic capacity for change remains ripe, we must assert that negative trends do not overtake the attention of the changing tide. What is good for the environment could be good for the economy. What is good for our health could be good for our economy.  What is good for our society could be good for our economy.  Our next generation must not devolve purely into the unchecked cancel culture for the potential outcome of causing more problems than the solution was supposed to offer.  In pursuit of fixing these existential worldly problems, we must also entertain the freedoms that support positivity, efficacy, and longevity throughout the entire human experience. Regulation must be individualized if it were to ever be a part of real change of positivity.

(Social) Since the beginning of time there has been a sacrificial function built into the experience of life. The idea of having cake and eating it too never took into account bowel obstructions and heavy costs of medical bills. Self-preservation of the short term experience meets a difficult standstill when faced with the idea of longevity and selflessness. Personal gain vs social gain becomes one of the main battle grounds for the factions of Red vs Blue. In the pursuit of happiness, similar to Erickson’s stages of Psychological development, one must first take care of one’s own personal needs before even imagining helping others. If you shut down the economy to save global warming, then the people will starve. The new age of entrepreneurs will not just design technology, but also design systems to improve the quality of life. Our social norms will eventually evolve to entail healthy living, socio-cultural activities, with an education system that supports and works side by side with the functioning economy. Deciding upon the best type of economic/philosophical/social systems is not a single task, rather it will be a series of tweaks and mishaps that will make us fall forward into a more progressive society.

My solution is to redesign the community entirely. Make the community self-sustainable. Alleviate the financial pressures, but replace the social pressures with positively reinforced socially encouraged activities.  We must redesign how we spend out time and what we value. There is still a lot of research to continue to the further scientific understanding of happiness and purpose, but I believe it to be a lot more simple than we make it out to be. It will not be an overnight task and there will be a lot of pushback in the re-education of the human experience. Humans need work, but we don’t need to activate the amygdala with hunger to drive humans forward. We need inspiration, direction, purpose, and hope. None of these things are provided by our current governing system but there is enough of a system in place to change from within. There is a new dawn approaching and I hope to be on the horizon as it peaks. Check out to see how I am trying to help evolve our communities in all areas, Personal, Social, and Economic.

A Humble Ego

-To See The Mirror-

To believe in something and to identify with something are 2 concepts of similar conceptions that differ only by a mere technicality. To be humbled is to accept when you are wrong. To be humble is to accept you could be wrong. To have an ego is to be confident even in places of uncertainty. To be egoistical is to believe you are correct even if you are wrong. To walk a line of having a humble ego is the tight rope that Nietzsche explains as the overman. No man can follow the same path as the overman because of his focus, dexterity, and complexity to remain in control regardless of the wind pattern. This pathway is similar to health in that it is personal and situational that is only true to oneself according to what we currently understand.

What seems impossible could just be a futuristic endeavor that has yet to take place. We don’t know what we don’t know and this is where belief comes into effect. Belief is the placeholder instilled by the historical conclusions that keep cultures alive and well with longevity as a companion. The experience we have on Earth is existentially short in retrospect to the full spectrum of time itself. I believe in this short time we humans have on Earth, it is our purpose to create art in relationship to meaning and experiences while also helping our fellow companions on this planet as well as potentially beyond this planet when the time comes. To this point, every action could be considered an art form, and thereby every action we take should be treated as such. The more information and experiences we share, the quicker we can progress through prior tribulations and terrors that didn’t have solutions developed prior as a species, community, and individual. Life is cumulative and this equation will run unnecessary loops if we don’t record variables that can effect the outcome in ways that prevent prior problems.

Knowledge is a body of information that expands and integrates into reality. What we think we know thereby becomes our identity. Often times our identity is a visual confirmation of what we want others to know what we think and believe. We dress, talk, walk, and make the actions that transmutes our inner self in ways not even a camera can register. Knowledge is a premature idea of what we think we know. At the end of the day, no one really knows anything aside from the laws set in stone in reference to prior experiences/tests/statutes. Be careful becoming egotistical with what you think you know but never be ashamed for the information you believe. Hold your beliefs like a gun, accessible and close but also safe and secure. Train your knowledge so when it is time to use it, you are prepared but never be negligent of the dangers that prevalent knowledge can hold. Perhaps that is the realm of the forbidden fruit aka “the fruit of knowledge.” It evolves and if you walk on land that used to be dry but is now ridden with oceanic currents, you will find yourself not walking but drowning. To part the red seas is a mechanism of understanding how the tide of information evolves. In the moments of dire need, you must trust the lands are dry from your prior understandings.

What hill will you die on? No one wants to be a martyr if they are ultimately wrong. Many of times it is ego that drives man to such a place of flying on the wrong hill. What role will you play in the bigger picture? Most people will be a blip, but few make an impact that changes the trajectory of the human race for the better. It is the bad as well as the good that teach us lessons and unfortunately the scape goats become the reality of such lessons. What will you allow to happen to you and what will you stand behind to prevent from happening to others? A pacifists life is desirable but unrealistic. At some point we all must fight. Whether the war is internal or external, we will have to go to war in some shape or form. This is what we know thus far in the story of man. The world is a quantum space where X never equals just Y. The multi variant combination that makes life so beautiful also makes it so darn precious, dangerous, and rare. Life is a risk analysis that we must use a combination of experience, thought, and belief to concur the right way through it all. We must accept when we are wrong, explain our reasoning for said belief and understand that our thoughts today will make tomorrow a better place so long as we make our thoughts heard.

Buddhism envelops a mechanism called the 8 fold path that gives man the tools to move through life with clarity and accuracy. The eightfold path is as followed: Right Understanding, Right Speech, Right Thought, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. I considered putting these concepts in a specific order, but in actuality, people jump from each of these concepts throughout their life to further develop the other can concepts. Study and practice each of these practices to further develop your impact on the bigger picture in the most positive manner.

Machine Learning and AI become the mechanisms that give us the opportunity to propel beyond tragedy as a species and planet. Ben Franklin has a quote that goes along the lines of any society that will give up a little liberty to gain security will deserve neither and lose both. Although he could be correct, I believe our freedoms have brought us to a state of chronic illness and depression. Our capitalistic freedoms have taken us to a complex state of predatory usery that reaps benefits from a form of indentured servitude. Technology doesn’t have to evil, it is the algorithms in place that create such discrepancies. Literature is a form of technology that has been used thus far to progress humanity but we as a species have reached a throttling point of literary capacity whereby inputs are no longer producing outputs. When we can measure data that takes into consideration all of the variables pertaining to a situation/algorithm without bias, we can potentially create solutions that we all can agree on. Unfortunately, modern AI has bias built into it, but what is can always be better. Machine Learning and AI will give us accurate projections of what will happen rather than what could happen. Now, every instance can be a learning lesson in the equation of life. We must be careful to not believe 100% with our whole heart in such projections but rather accept them as a probability. Deep deep down, this is how belief works. It’s a probability spectrum that only what I describe as God can know for certain. Walk with confidence because you speak with experience. Most people can’t handle the truth, but I have seen the mirror and know what mask I’m wearing.

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Night Shift Living

Growing up, I was always the first friend asleep at sleepovers. I would take a nap everyday while I school and always popped a nap during Oprah after school.  Sleep was my second nature.  My dad spent many years working night shift enduring frustrated sleep deprived days.  In my naive younger days, I swore to not live such a life.  As I grew older into my adulthood life, I realized much of life is not up to you in the moment but rather a means to get somewhere better. Currently, I’m working night shift at the hospital to enable a schedule that allows my wife and I to take care of our son while holding down the monthly bills. Getting to help people as a part of the job is a major bonus.

Health is a multifaceted approach and sleep is definitely a top priority.  But even still, some people eat crap and smoke cigarettes everyday yet live until they are 100 years old.  This analogy points to the fact that every body is different and less sleep doesn’t necessarily mean a lesser quality of life but the correlation is definitely a part of the equation.  Sleep is a way for your body to detoxify toxins, perform cytogensis (cell creation), remove plaque from the circuits in the brain, assist in digestion, repair muscular breakdown, lower cortisol levels, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health.

Everything in your life is an investment of your time to some extent.  Perseverance is a part of the human spirit.  Humans can do so much more when their heart and/or mindset is in the right place.  We can create something from seemingly nothing such that the time most are asleep, money could be made.  When we want something, we can make it happen.  We can make adjustments, sacrifice, and dig deep beyond our sliding filaments in the cross-bridge cycle of reality but there are always consequences.  Some consequences are feasible, logical, and expected.  Others are irrational, dangerous, and random. 

Sleep is something I believe to be a top priority, however sacrificing sleep for the sake of taking care of my family is something I do without question.  Night shift really takes a toll on the entire system, but where there is a will, there is a way.  I have found that paying close attention to my diet, and making sure I get sleep everyday is vital for both heart health and mental health. 

Tricks to the trade: Supplementing with hot Chamomile tea and water absorbable Magnesium Glycinate is a great way to allow the body to relax and fall asleep naturally without dosing up on something that can have lasting effects.  I also recommend using an eye mask at night to block out light.  Our bodies have naturally adapted to waking when light is present.  The light activates cortisol and other stimulating hormones while simultaneously suppressesing melatonin secretion which helps the brain come back to awakened consciousness.  Lastly, is using a sleep machine or oscillating fan that can drown out noise that occurs throughout the day.  Other helpful tools is controlling your breathing and going to sleep with gratitude.  Your breath can actually slow down your heart rate while gratitude dissuades the mind from anxiety that distract and keep the cortisol pumping.  Making sure you keep your home clean is a great tip to alleviate the anxiety naturally.

You have to live your life by design, not make it day by day. However at times, you do just have to make it until the end of the day. Once you can successfully do that, you can start preparing for tomorrow. After tomorrow is set in stone, you can put together a plan of action for the following weeks to months. Goal setting is essential for pursuing that idea we call happiness. No situation is perfect, but that friction will only make you harder and stronger.  My goal is to keep growing in all areas in life. Getting myself into a better position where I don’t have to sacrifice my health is definitely a part of that plan. Until then, I’ll keep grinding out my nights and building for a better tomorrow.

Localize Everything


Localize Everything. When I say everything, I fully acknowledge the resource allocation difficulties from varying geographic locations. We need to redesign our economy and communities so the money within a local jurisdiction does not trickle up and out of the hands of our fellow neighbors.  The further away money travels, the less impact it will have on a designated area and the more it gets filtered out of helping the little guys.  Corporate Ownership, Celebrity Culture, Monopolies, Copyrights/Regulation, and Online Algorithms are ways that the little guy next door gets overlooked and squandered. The $20 an hour conversation is typically where mainstream takes this conversation, however I intend to making an actual difference with this post. Localizing communities will save the world. We must be careful about making local jurisdictions dependent on foreign governments. For this reason, I acknowledge the need for military and national/world government. To save the world, we must first save ourselves.

Localize Media. We need to start pushing our online focus on the local community. Our current internet is broken. We need to enable feeds to support those near us.  We watch information and stories that have little to zero impact on us personally, but if we focused on local media from local people, we could divert ads, and make data have more relevance and impact. This increase of valuable content could revolutionize the amount of impact the internet can provide. My solution is to use the current online galleries, such as YouTube or Pinterest, to organize artists and other forms of media on a grassroots level. Individuals all over would have to put in the time to list local information while also paying close attention to the media they are sharing out to not let it be irrelevant celebrity content. It is certainly inconvenient but that is what a grassroots movement is. Many people doing a little bit to overrun the monopolies. It is similar to the recent Robinhood/Doge coin situation of regular people taking down big players in the stock market. was my attempt at localizing the internet. It seems to be more effective to work within the current systems and structures initially. Once there is enough local support, we can begin building local infrastructure for data and networks.

Localize Food.  From the pickings of fresh vegetation to the frying pan’s glory, food must be localized.  Localize farming, localize chefs/cooks, localize transporting and selling food. We have the technology to create greenhouse technology to replicate any climate on the world so why are we still spending the money to ship food around the world?  Some items such as oils and animals will be limited, however this is where the a flavor of anarchism becomes a relative concept to include into the new community. As for wildlife and naturally occuring substances, creating an economy that uses geographically unique material as a social/communities function, we could balance the scales of poverty. Of course people who work compared to those who don’t work deserve more, but the basic level of life should be provided in the 21st century. The government could reallocate the value of the land by using electricity, water, house, transportation, and healthcare as costs to the capital gained. Food is the root of life and the economy. When we fix the issue with food and water, we will fix the problems of this Earth.

Localize Personal Care. Focus on your immediate circle. Give attention to those closest to you. Help your family first, then help your neighbors, then help your country. I’m sure there are a million scenarios to dissuade this ideology but you really need to focus on what is most pressing. What is most pressing? Typically what is most pressing entails a locality. Try to focus on what matters. The Kardashians do not matter at all. ESPN does not matter at all. Sleep matters. Your quality of life matters. When I say localize everything, I mean focus on what you have control over. If we all focused on each other, we could overcome the neglect of our community. We have the power to push ad revenue, create talking points, and redirect the entire algorithm if we work cohesively. It takes work to make anything matter. Don’t be lazy, make it matter and make it local. #Letsgrow a more collective reality. #local #livingoodlife #locallife

Hormones, Health, and Nature

Biology Meets “Contra”versy

-Female Anatomy-

The female is beautiful.  The way her body is the home for the creation of life and her power grips the heart of life are some things to be praised. Every month she sacrifices a part of herself in hopes of one day continuing life for the greater good.  The female organs help regulate the hormonal health beyond doing the job of procreation.

A vital part of female health is having balanced hormones. Ovaries produce hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone. These hormones work together in the fertility process but also with managing calcium and cholesterol.  They are steroid hormones which means they help with immune function, inflammation, and hydration. Follicle-Stimulating Hormones and Luteinizing Hormones are communicators from the Thydoid and Pituitary glands to the ovaries.  The average level of FSH and other hormones vary depending on the age, sex/gender, genes and individual. 

-Male Anatomy-

Testicles are the male’s reproductive organs.  Similar to the ovaries, the male reproductive system deals heavily with hormone regulation and is the source for procreation. 

Manage your hormones with diet, lifestyle, sleep, healthy sexual activity, and simple mindset training. Vitamin D, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil are all extremely beneficial nutrients to increase the health of the endocrine system. Maca Root is my favorite supplement for balancing hormones for both men and women. Make sure to get authentic Maca from South America.  If your hormones are still off, look into getting additional support from a professional health/medical specialist.

Next, I will discuss the political orientation to hormones and gender ad a sociopolitical topic.

I want to take a second to share my understanding on a controversial topic, Transgenders. This is a difficult topic in today’s climate so hang with me.  My intentions are to share my perspective.  This isn’t a hate statement, rather a scientific and honest essay.  I decided to write this piece because I care about people who don’t love themselves for who they are.  I care about people’s hormonal health.  I care enough to try and speak from my heart and mind even though fully knowing the friction amidst the conversation. Firstly, I don’t really care about what an adult is doing to their own body aside for wanting them to pursue their happiness but there are consequences to every action, especially in the space we have entered.  I am fully open to learn more and accept my state of ignorance if my current perspective is simply wrong, so leave a comment. Perhaps, this is the way of the future, but I have seen too much in the hospital and read too much about Anatomy and Physiology to not speak on my own behalf. I’m here to grow and we grow by sharing information and perspective regarding information, then listening to a response.

All humans are different but there are patterns that we can use to make sense of our past, be prepared for the present, and predict the future.  Scientifically speaking, there are natural and obvious patterns found throughout Life in general, but especially for homosapiens in order to stay relevant in this article.  Hormones and sexual organs are constants in the human race.  Typically, generalizations entail exceptions so I’ll do my best to articulate when a statement has exceptions.  A hermaphrodite, someone born with two sexual organs, is a perfect example of such exceptions.  Even hermaphrodites typically grow into and embody either male or female characteristics.  There is a fine line between rhetoric, data, science, philosophy and belief.  Keep these different approaches to perspective alive while reading the remainder of this piece.  Yes, I’m a white male.  And as the LGBTQ community has reiterated, gender and race do not matter so let’s hold back the ignorance and hate. Since we have all agreed that humans are equal, I will not tolerate sexist and racist statements. Yes, you can be sexist and racist against a white male. You do not have moral superiority because of race, sex, or status. I don’t care what the educational institutions have listed in their definitions. If you don’t like someone because of their skin or sex, you need help and an intervention. If something I say is simply wrong, I am fully open to hearing why.  This is how we grow.

I want to discuss the LGBQ first before getting too deep onto the Trans conversation.  Personally, I just consider it all a form of homosexuality, similar to cake.  There are many types of cake, but they are all still cake.  I’m not making a belittling statement, I’m just categorizing an observation using a literary technique called a metaphor/simile. Homosexuality is active in many different species but when someone says it isn’t natural, they are talking about the use of sex to procreate and the function of how meiosis functions.  Sure male dogs hump each other, but there is a difference between proving dominance and a male dog around a female dog in heat.  There is a biological truth to this innate attraction.  What is natural is for a male and female to have sex.  Sex for mammalian life has been a requirement for contuing life since the beginning of mammalian life on this planet until in vitro insemination.  I fully acknowledge that what is natural does not automatically carry a moral higher-ground.  Amoebas don’t need sex, but they are irrelevant in the conversation about human biology.  The words Natural and God are interchangeable so understand that when someone uses the Bible or religion, they are using a naturalist approach.  As it pertains to marriage, the government shouldn’t even be involved in marriages.  We shouldn’t have a tax cut for marriages.  Marriage is a religious institution and if a priest wants to marry someone then so be it! The government should have nothing to say about it.  If you want to list a significant other of the same sex on your government information, then the government should not have any say over who it is.  It is not the governments place to tell me who I can be with so long as it is two willing adults.

The feminists are almost negatively effected by the Trans movement. Men exceed in most sports over women and I do believe it is important to acknowledge women as they are. Women sports are important to keep separate.  Perhaps we could have a separate gender neutral institution entirely with separate bathrooms and sports leagues.  But I want to ask that if genders don’t exist then why even distinguish between lesbian and gay or bi?  See where the logic breaks down?  It is almost like some Trans people choose this lifestyle because they are ashamed of being just Gay.  This goes completely against the actual support for the LGBQ community.  I don’t care how you dress, how to talk, how you walk, whatever.  I’m happy if you are happy!  If you aren’t happy, your sexual organs are not to blame, rather a hormonal imbalance is much more likely. But when we start taking things away from women such as sports, and we endanger our women by letting men into their restrooms and private areas, I have something to say.  If someone has gone through a full transition and they can’t rape a girl in the bathroom, then I have no problem.  People should also respect the rules of the jurisdiction.  If a municipality or private business claims it to be a threat, follow the rules and move somewhere supports your way of life.  I think a big problem is that many national problems are actually local problems.  If we took this approach, I believe we could get a more honest look at the topic and laws at hand and we as a society could work together on topics that need a national effort instead of cultural issues that could be dealt with on a local level.

Hormonal health is vital for proper metabolic, immunological, circulatory, digestive, and mental health.  Your hormones communicate with every cell and every system in your body.  Physical and also Psychological Trauma can cause hormonal dysfunction.  Your genes can establish your hormonal levels but your epigenetic factors are equally important.  I’ll emphasize more on the array of factors that deal hormone imbalances later on in the essay.  To not be happy with oneself is a condition that I would describe as unhappy/depressed. To not feel who he/she is supposed to be would be considered unfulfilled/discontent. To not like your own body is “body dysmorphia.” To want to cut on oneself as a healthy person and cause perminent damage unnecessarily is something I would not consider normal rather an actual Psychological disorder called nonsuicidal self-injury disorder (NSSID).  Abuse, neglect, absence, and unstable parental relationships can effect someone on multiple levels and cause psychological disorders or attention disorders.  Aside from the hormone imbalance and PTSD that abuse can cause, it can also cause someone to resent the other sex as a defense mechanism or simply out of resentment.  Society can also shape attraction such that an anti-male society could turn men more feminine and encourage women into taking on the male role in an attempt to boycott the genetic male. Many of these reasons are either mental problems, environmental hazards, and/or scars left over from a traumatic event/s consisting of both physiological, social and also mindset related.

One of the biggest arguments used in defense of the LBTQ movement is the heightened number of suicides in this group of people.  Growing up, homosexuality was often the butt-end of a joke but it was always just that, a joke. It was many of times a way to show that you didn’t care about homosexuality. My friends and I would “act gay” out of giggles to our social image of what it means to be a man. It was never a hateful approach of being mean. If anything, it was a way of accepting those who were in our eyes. Let’s contrast the way straight men (especially white) are talked about by this very community. Us straight men (women too) are ridiculed, slandered, and threatened for just being who we are. This twisted manipulative way of thinking and acting makes it flat out uncomfortable to being myself when around this group. You don’t fight fire with fire. This group started out as being all for the love and freedom to be who you want but it wasn’t until the transmovement did it become something else entirely. Back to the suicides. This is completely unnatural and has no place of blame aside from the one committing the act of self terror. To say that my parents are why I committed suicide is just as bad as blaming an ex girlfriend breaking up with you in the reason of taking one’s life. This is not acceptable or normal and giving people a reason to do such a horrendous act is not okay in any shape or form. Perhaps if you would be beheaded for such acts, I could see some logic there but that is no where near the case in America. This bleeds back into the instability of many in this community pertaining to hormonal health, lifestyle, and mindset. Be proud of who you are and stand up for what you believe in but don’t get lost in your beliefs.

Currently my hypothesis/understandings regarding hormonal and sexual health are as followed: Ovarian cysts, cancers of the sexual organs, emotional instability, obesity, cancers and other hormone-related problems are due for a multitude of reasons but all related to hormonal health.  Reason # 1, our women are being subjected to hormone altering drugs as young as 10 years of age.  We do not know the longterm effects, yet we are still testing them on the population (This violates standards set forth in the Nuremberg Trials).  We do know these birth control devices are extremely dangerous.  Reason # 2, our diet has hormone injected foods and other toxicities that can interfere with the endocrine system.  Our food system also does not support a healthy microbiome either, which can cause future endocrine and neurological problems.  Reason # 2.5, our diet lacks specificity per each person’s needs.  Allergens, micro/macronutrients and metabolic ratios all vary across species in a population yet are widely ignored. Reason # 3, our lifestyles are too stagnant causing poor circulation and thereby overall poor endocrine health.  Reason # 4, there is so much “#science” showing different things that interfere with our endocrine system from sanitizers to perfumes that is completely ignored in the diagnosis of problems with our population.  Reason # 5, There is a likelihood that vaccines are causing lifelong issues and immunological disorders but that last point is more of a hypothesis.

As you can see, hormonal health is vital.  Natural hormone levels do vary according to each individual, but there is a healthy range for women and for men.  These levels are established in order to keep the sexual organs and endocrine organs healthy.  Our body is a system and when we throw any one part of our system out of balance, bad things happen. Depression, Neurological disorders, metabolic disorders, immunological disorders, the list goes on.  I believe some people really are born gay. But I also believe that number is much smaller than what the current community consists of. I also believe there is a spectrum of acknowledging attraction to actually being attracted to each sex that all humans fall on. I know that is quite a statement so I respectfully accept the ignorance and probability of me being wrong, hints the use of the word believe.  That belief includes the difference between someone truly born with imbalanced hormonal levels and nuerological pathways compared to someone who developed a variance from the median in neurological pathways and hormonal levels throughout their lifetime. 

If you want to be called a lady, I will 100% respect that.  If I describe you as a guy that goes by a woman or a woman that looks manly, I’m not being disrespectful, I’m being descriptive.  Men and women literally have patterns of different bone structure and biological differences.  It’s not an insult, it is the actual truth. Typically we design attire to further distinguish someone apart from the other sex. People with a low self esteem get offended.  People who are confident are doing what they believe therefore do not flinch nor bat an eye when someone speaks out against them.  If you take offense to someone describing you as a bigger guy and you are literally registered obese, than you need to work on your self esteem and probably your health too.  Obesity is one of the main outcomes behind the many reasons people end up in the hospital and we ought not ignore that.  Of course we shouldn’t make fun of people in the name of hurting their feelings, but we can’t kill comedy and we can’t ignore scientific data.  We need more honesty in society.  Honesty is hard because it takes both putting yourself out there, hurting someone, and risking being wrong. 

This may seem like a paragraph of bullying, but it’s not.  It’s just being honest and I see no problem with that.  Our society is really sick and we need to work together to make the world a healthy place again.  We must heal our minds, bodies, and spirits in order to prevent mass depression and psychological disorders.  Modern society has become so soft, we are literally allowing people to convince themselves to do genital mutilation.  If we had a healthy society full with people pursuing their passions free from trauma, I predict people would be happy with who they were born as.  This could be mass genocide of a group of people who most of which need help, not hate. They will not procreate. When it comes to legal paperwork and situations, I believe unless you are literally a hermaphrodite, or have gone through an entire procedure and no longer have your natural born organs, you ought to have to list that you transitioned.  I fully understand the idea of getting rid of “gender roles” in society but understand there will still be archetypes that will prevail.  There is a reason *most women/mothers do so well with newborns and young children and *most men do well with kids as they get older.  There is a reason most men are stronger than most women.  There is a reason most women are really good teachers and most men are good engineers.  We are wired a little differently and our sexual organs are a part of that wiring.  Of course people can do jobs they aren’t naturally born to do and of course many women serve as great engineers.  That should go understood without having to be said, but I just want to cover my basis.  As it pertains to letting children get a transition, I think that is a grotesque proposition.  Children conform to society and for society to allow genital mutilation on underdeveloped minds in a praising manner is something I abhor and cannot imagine being considered sane nor acceptable. Children’s brains are still developing.  Your brain is developing all the way into your mid 20s.  You don’t even embody your “gender/sex” until you reachq puberty anyhow.  Elementary school kids are all very similar regarding their “gender.”  Almost every kid says they don’t want to be a parent when they are young.  As we get older and learn more about the important things in life, procreation and raising the next generation is something I would describe as innate in the form of coming of age.  Why would we take that away from our adult selves?  Are we actively involving ourselves in genetic cleansing?  If a grown adult (fully developed brain) wants to go through with the process of transitioning fully, I believe he/she should be allowed to do so.  I also believe however that we should put together a sound plan of action to educate the individual on all of the future problems they will endure both physical and psychological.  Most people don’t realize the many health risks they are taking on by going through with this idea they are pursuing.  They don’t realize it takes years to heal with only more problems to come as their hormone imbalances continue to attack their body, the nerve trauma, and the overall trauma from the experience many of times followed by a life lived in shame rather than pride.  Often times, these individuals never heal, and if they have psychological damage that was the underlining reason which brought them to the point, that problem still remains even after the surgery, ignored and more than likely enhanced.  Having said this, individuals going through with this process should go through extensive cognitive therapy before and after.   They should be forced to get physically healthy to see if self confidence was the missing puzzle to their sense of self worth.  I could say the same for most unnecessary plastic surgeries, but life altering choices such as a “gender transition” should definitely require some type of physical/mental therapy.  The government should not have to pay under any type of government assisted program for someone to pursue this type of surgery and care.  Perhaps if the healthcare system was different/cheaper/more effective, my position on this could change. 

Perhaps the human race is dividing into a group that remains humans/homosapiens and a true Trans race that biohacks our system so that true “equality” is established in every way from child birth to skeletal structure to the rewiring of the nervous system. Who am I to say what is right or will be right. I can share a perspective and ideas from what I believe to know.

I predict endocrine health will be the next big diet and public health crisis, but who am I to think, write, believe, understand, imagine, share, and know?  I’m not a doctor, but I have helped many people who doctors could not (or did not) help. I have met many people and studied quite a bit on biology and human nature.  I can interpret scientific literature and have ready many historical philosophies.  I have studied the human body over the past 10 years and I care about the future of our race.  I write this because I care. I worry about people I know who are hurting themselves. I write because I see people that need help, not ridicule. Sometimes, hearing the truth Hurts, but that pain is necessary in order for the healing to start. If this article truly offended you, then I apologize. Having an opinion and/or understanding on something that does not fit your idea on the topic should not offend you, rather excite you to educate me. Perhaps I am completely wrong and times are changing. Maybe with recent scientific discoveries such as cloning or in vitro fertilization, the Trans movement will hold a lot more ground and truth. I’m open to being wrong. Respond with respect please.

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(Dear AMA: This Is Not Medical Advice so please don’t ruin my life for sharing my individual perception)

Communicate, Don’t Hate

-Listen To Yourself-

Communication is the immunization from the viral effects of instigating stagnation in a nation constipated with obstructions beyond what the government implemented or inflated. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, This, That, The Other and Another. Word placement like a nuclear bomb erupting off the oral canvas, moral brushes, rigid from the timid self image and smooth from the bullshit you never finished. Words make an impression far deeper than blurry vision. Be careful when engaging with a wordsmith, you may get contact high if you listen with intention.

Language shapes our reality. One’s reality reflects their language.   Words are a tool, weapon, toy, and artform. Language is a duality between comprehending and expressing. This paradigm of opposites creates room for style, purpose, creativity, individualism, collectivism, emotion and logic. The balance becomes the pursuit of interest. Every conversation is like a freestyle rap intertwined with a game of tetris. Learning to communicate is the single most important human skill. Through time, concepts of how to live become engraved into genetic memories that form a complementary relationship in the culture of our species. Language cannot be suppressed, rather it must be experienced and respected to get the full spectrum of value. To become great with your words, you must understand language inside and out. To understand the language you use, you must first understand yourself. Welcome to the interior of sound’s domain. Enjoy the vehicle of communication driven by yours truly.

Self talk is the first most important type of communication. Self talk is how you develop a moral compass, accumulate confidence, utilize motivation, and allow yourself to be present in the here and now.  Society in many ways has belittled your perspective with the use of college degree systems and shortsided political ideologies that are flawed at the beginning with a brainwashing effect to provide scripted arguments for the zombies to copy that originally was written as copy.  Stop being so sensitive and accept when you are wrong to be able to self correct.  Know when you are being a little bitch to be able to access more motivation and grit. Know yourself well enough to have insight on your own knowledge and your own beliefs as to not share misinformation or disinformation. Know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How you believe to know in order be heard most effectively and efficiently.

Why? Why waste your time? Why risk embarrassing yourself and being wrong? Upon every interaction and action, pondering why is a necessary foundation. The cost benefit analysis of to speak or not to speak is the living anxiety that excites all forms of communication.  The goal is to be heard, but that is nearly impossible when taking on the role of the rest of the herd. The herd just “baaaas.” Having a “Why” built into someone’s every action helps facilitate a higher purpose.  As a higher purpose is pursued, natural biological motivators are activated. Remember your why.  Sometimes the why is a simple passing of time. Other times it is to pass time for others.  My favorite is sharing thoughts that help others but at times, I get food for my own thought. The Why is the steering wheel in the car that guides every obstacle in the road.

Where is your destination? Living in the past will get you as far as getting full from thinking about food.  Energy is always prevalent, therefore, you can never be doing nothing.  At times, your destination is unconscious.  This can either be a beautiful accidental destination or it could be a real life nightmare. Where will you take the conversation? Where are you at physically and mentally when the conversation is endured? Where will the conversation take you? The Where is the engine of the conversation.  The direction you aim towards is the fuel to keep you going.

Who is communicating? The who in conversation is the direction and also the subject of shared words. The Who isn’t just who is speaking.  The Who entails a rich mix of charismatic unique flavors.  These two separate flavors of charisma intertwine into a small batch microbrew of local ingredients and international influence.  Depending on who is speaking, further depicts the way in which the conversation is approached. Depending on who is involved in the conversation, the listening to speaking ratio may change. The Who is the radiator that helps maintain the stasis no matter the statis.

What is the topic at hand? What are you going to talk about? What interests you? What gets you off? What is the world talking about? What do you value? Know when to shut out negative conversation and when to help redirect the negativity into positivity. At times, there is no need to interject positivity and the reception of emotion is the best approach.  I find that complainers actually fulfill the 1st step in the scientific method, they define the problem.  They also unconsciously search for someone who can find an answer as they spray the problems outward until someone is capable of fixing it. The What is the transmission that shifts from idea to emotion without interfefence.

When is the communication? Timing is everything.  Not too fast, not too quick.  Timing is the rhythmic flow between two separate voices.  The space between sounds gives room for other types of language to emerge. Know when to shut up and when to speak up. Don’t be too slow responding or else the other person may develop anxiety from the awkward nature of unwanted silence. The When is the tires that must be replaced and frequently reassessed.

How is your communication? The How is the flavor introduced and what complementary flavors accompany the main course of the conversation at hand.  The flavor is commonly understood to be the Tone.  The tone is how you introduce persuasive automated responses. Tone is the strength of the reach, the look on the face, the language of the body, and the eyebrow tilt. Tone expresses the historical relevance to experience. With the right tone, you can win arguments, teach the uneducated, make the disbelievers believe and make an already pissed off human, angry enough to fight. The How is the car’s computing system that makes everything in the background seemlessly.

Tell a story. Connect with other’s stories.. You can live your life as a mute Monk, but you will still need communication skills. Just remember that everyone is a weirdo to some extent so don’t let anxiety of other people’s ignorance prevent your anecdotes from being recorded and your perspective shared. Also, no one is ever 100% right, so don’t let insecurity inhibit you from communicating and sharing what you think you know. Laughing can cure almost any miscommunication and what laughing can’t fix, empathy and envoronmental awareness can help lessen the tension. For the moments where self awareness and the emotion of laughter is unacceptable, crying can usually mend the broken moment. There are times where an apology is warranted but more times than not, just have good intention. Be aware of your environment and know who you are talking to. There are people who will be upset no matter what so don’t spend your life trying to please everyone. Speaking things into existence has some merit in my books, so take time to meditate, pray, and visualize your needs and desires. Be true to yourself and speak with your heart, feel with your gut, and believe with your memories.

To be fully honest, I have been bitter on many conversations online, especially lately where logic is a means to be cancelled. Many of times, it comes from a place of satire or frustration from the inability for the other individual to acknowledge the facts or simple perspective attempted to be shared. Tone is a vital part of the human skill communication which is something my father lacks. Tone is an external affect reactionary signal to a situation or conversation. My goal is to grow and weeding is a part of that growth. Another part of growing is knowing your environment. Know the Who, What, When, Where, and How of the conversation to grow the right material into the talking points that can help the other person also grow. Be a nutrient, not a toxin in the world of communication.

Thanks for the conversation with myself. I always enjoy it.

East vs Westworld

As I watch the HBO series Westworld, I am fascinated by the aspects of human nature that exhibit an almost exact parallel to reality itself. Although, that is the point of great art, right? Introspection.

Watching people come in and out of the Emergency Room, I see those who are corrupted, those who weren’t given the tools to survive, and those of a seeming other species entirely. The people who have it together. Those who have purpose beyond the valley in front of them.

Drones walk among us, drugged up and institutionalized by the powerful and wicked. Lives ruined for the sake of making a buck. Infants who are permanently damaged by these same institutions. It’s easy to call someone racist, but to call a system broken requires a deeper explanation. The people themselves aren’t bad, but the data is. The protocols are.

Bad food corrupts us, evil entertainment corrupts us, drugs corrupt us, yet we continue to indulge knowing the outcome. I find it ever fascinating moving from Natural Health to Pharmaceutical Health. To see the people and personalities that indulge in each way of life creates a pattern that is easy to dissect. Sure poverty is a large part of the equation, but so are parents, social norms, and social institutions.

When I take this archetype to the animal kingdom, it makes a little more sense why there is a food chain. However, consciousness is supposed to bypass the natural order. It is supposed to allow creativity into the framework of freewill as well as purpose. That is how we were designed.

So what are we doing here? This is where I stop and believe. I believe that humans are here to be great, but not Gods. Some in just one thing. Some in many things. We are not here to own. We are not here to destroy. We are here to preserve and recycle the waste just as our digestive system was designed.

Our human nature is corrupted by breaking Darwin’s theory of evolution and for that, we must deal with the consequences. The greed and pursuit of living without pain had broken the human experiment. We are slaves to simply survive in a world where we so much is unless. No time for play, nor art. We consume without any expression of care for what comes after. We numb our pain to the point of forgetting why we hurt. Eventually even sedatives can’t stop the pain. They erode the very circuits that are designed to record our reality.

You tell someone how they will die and they continue on dying a slow ignorant life. But that is not how every story goes. Luckily after involving myself in the holistic health system, I still have hope that we can thrive as a great race once again. When we tumble down the towers that obstruct the butterfly wing’ waft of air from North America to reaching the arctic circle where it was destined to reach, we may just get back in touch with who we are and why we are here. We have created a fake world where many would rather die than continue on with sleepless nights and empty stomachs no matter how hard we work. Many more would rather turn into a drone and live the rest of their life asleep.

I still have hope that people will wake up from their own nightmare and begin walking with Faith. Whatever form of faith that gives one purpose is sufficient in my books. Faith that as long as people are trying to break the cycles of evil, we will continue to grow as a species individually and collectively. Acknowledge your sins and stop. You are not a machine. You have Will Power.

Let’s Grow a better world starting with your own narrative. #growmycommunity #letsgrow #community #humandevelopment

Life’s Metaphor of Wildfires

The New Smokey Mountain

Mother Nature is a funny beast. Visiting Arizona has given me an extremely unique perspective on the difficulties of life. The humbling grandiose level of gratitude this place holds compares to nothing that I can recall. It would be as though never tasting the flavor sour and then been given a lemon tree. I’ve seen a lot compared to the average human ever to walk this Earth, but seeing this image, especially in such a state, reminds me of how little I am and how little I’ve seen. Smokey Mountains on the Westcoast inspires a better way of Livingood.

Take note that you are seeing smoke in both of these photos at The Grand Canyan. Wildfires have been raging through the region amidst my newlywed, Susan, and my honeymoon. It did block some of the visibility, but at the same time, a unique beauty was formed. The red sun, smokey topped mountain caps, and shadowed distant mountain tops really gave me a once in a lifetime view.

We often look past the proof of the most significant aspects to this universe. The little things add up to objects larger than The Grand Canyan itself. Little fires can destroy thousands of lives. But from a distance, those same fires might just be the most beautiful sunset to ever set. The countless mountain faces are each independently the most beautiful thing ever captured by my consciousness.

I sit out here and see so much potential for utilizing this land. The land may be expensive, but the living experience doesn’t have to be costly. What if the houses were underground to save on cooling costs and also to be protected from wildfires as well as other types of disasters? What if we designed mechanisms to capture the flashflood waters and redersertify the lands with organically fed animals? What if sprinkler systems could automatically link with heat sensors and projected fire locations to stop the wildfires? What if anywhere could be a smarter city that got better at fighting fires? Ideas can be a wildfire of a sort. Perhaps that’s my aim for the blog.

I am in Sedona, Arizona enjoying the honeymoon following a beautiful wet wedding in Blairsville Georgia. The contrast of draught and mountain landscapes are worth taking note of. I recently started working with so stay tuned for our future productions and collaborations on fixing societies. Hopefully we can build smarter communities in all geographic areas. I would like to note that after riding horses out in the desert earlier today, I may have fallen in love with this place. Stay blessed out there. Find beauty wherever you are.

A Grand Canyon View

Life Compared To What

Is an animal cell more important than a plant cell?  Is a breath more important than a thought?  Is an atom as important as a solar system? Is it the size of the organism or the depth of the life force? Power and meaning can have a correlation or be completely isolated.

Remain humble in your pursuits to finding meaning because the moment something shiny catches your attention, a bigger fish will appear. Individualism becomes the most powerful of scales when weighing out a cost benefit analysis to where we place our attention. We must first build our own home before helping others build their home. A solar system is useless without a soul to flourish from its fruits. An atom is useless without a cell to work within its home. Life is all of the flavors from bitter to sour to sweet to savory accompanied with the entire color spectrum, light frequencies and audio frequencies. Life is everything separately and also collectively.

What is life you ask? I ask, what will you make of your life? Will you let your electrical grid of ATP amount to a dusty pixel or accumulate to infinite opportunity of beauty and positivity? Life is hard but that contrast outlines what is important and what is not important. The moment, the place, and the thing all circulate around each individual’s perspective. The choice starts with selfishness and eventually leads into a world of selflessness. Some questions don’t have simple answers but all questions create paths that lead somewhere beyond the current Noun. Make your Nouns known.

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Interesting Experiences Open The Mind

Yesterday, while with the family at the public library, I struck up a conversation with an Autistic 40 year old and amidst the conversation I realized that our society has messed up big time. He had read half of the library. His memory was impeccable. He didn’t graduate college out of frustration from taking irrelevant classes and now works at Marta (Atlanta’s Public Transit Company) carrying coins from different locations. This man’s mind was wasting away in a library barely able to make enough to eat. This man should be a librarian or book critic or even possibly a writer himself. He had so much to talk about and it was obvious most people turn the other way. We need to start turning towards each other and lifting up our community members.

I recently spoke with a Registered Nurse who was telling me that during school and working full time as an EMT, he couldn’t barely afford food many of the weeks while in the program while also piling on roughly $50,000.00 in school loans. I understand the value of investing and working hard but at some point the math doesn’t add up. At some point, we become slaves to a broken system.

What a world we have created. My goal with Grow My Community is to create a commerce system that utilizes individual’s strengths. We live in a selfish isolated system that is starving the artists, the geniuses, the engineers, those who are doing the most important work in our world. Capitalism has been a great thing but it seems that with the loopholes embedded into the legal system and mixed public/private partnerships, we aren’t really in a capitalistic system. We don’t control our energy costs, water costs, transportation costs, housing costs, or food costs. We are totally dependent on a broken system. Join me in my mission to Growing A Better Community.

Functional Learning

An Integrated Educational Approach

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The modern day Education system is a broken and we all know it. We are stuck in a rat race being played on a mouse wheel looking backwards in time.

History with Art, Literature, and Entertainment. History is the root of all information.  As we tell history, literature is produced.  The function of the literature is to express the importance of the art that is produced.  The heart of the art, one finds the entertainment.

Math with facts. Imagine how many facts there are to know.  Imagine how many chances were missed to learn a new fact for the sake of attempting to bash mathematical concepts through your head. Math is only useful when applied, yet while in school, much of the algebraic and geometrical math had no relationship to anything real. The word problems were merely made up. Imagine if elementary math classes around the world were producing data for the top finance firms?  I mean, math is fairly simple at its root and there is no reason we cannot incorporate developmental learning ages to supporting and even evolving the actual economy.

Science with Art, Math, and Experience is an engineering masterpiece.  Science is life.  All problems asses the scientific method to solve them.  Art is the strategic mechanism to producing science.  Math is the measuring function of all science. Everything is math to some extent. An engineer utilizes the logic side of life compared to the artist who uses the creative brain. Imagination feeds the scientific pursuits. Education should be integrated in a way that allows the full experience of life to be lived while utilizing the knowledge passed through time.

Health with Personal Development, Psychology, Sociology, Functional Therapy, Healthcare, A&P are all brothers and sisters under the same paradigm.  Looking back, Health class was a joke. I mean, my Health teacher in middle school whose job it was to teach us about sex and drugs, frequently smelled of tarnished scotch and hot cigarettes while weighing in a good 100 lbs over her preferred BMI. Kids never learn how to eat healthy, how to cook healthy, and how to remain healthy. People leave high school completely useless and dependent on other broken systems such as Healthcare and Welfare.  The percentage of unhealthy and uneducated people is putting damage on the medical system on account they don’t know basic treatments nor how to instill preventative treatments.  We should learn about the psychological stages of development while also running experiments using a statistical analysis (Math plug) to develop a greater understanding to each social topic at hand and have a deeper understanding to each person you communicate with. Learning about people should be in the top of our agenda when it comes to educating people.  Can you believe that no one in our public education system is learning to move properly, sit properly, stand properly, walk properly, squat properly, bend properly, pick things up properly, or even run properly. This place is once again where our education system is failing us, our ability to move.  We sit Kids in desks all day. Our gym classes have nothing to do with biomechanics as our well intentioned teachers are putting kids at risk for life-long problems.

Life skills with real career startups should be our future and entire purpose of education.  By the time you are 18, you should already have your Associates degree on account it is basically the same information as your high school degree.  You should already have some formal training in a field as well. I was referring at the age of 12 and by the time I was 16, I had two more jobs. This shouldn’t be some quest to finding your passion, rather it should be an experience to learn how economic systems work.  You will learn about so many other careers in the process of working just one job.  You should be propped up and taught life skills through your education, not blindly passed along an imaginary idea of life called school.  You should have a life counselor to help you do the big life things like taxes, insurance, rental/buying, and everything else that goes into adulthood on the economic front.   Let the cost benefit analysis section of econ class be your own inputs and outputs. I guess what I’m getting at is our education system is broken but I am still choosing to swim in it.  We work with broken parts until we find new parts to work with. I do believe private education will be taking on a new front in the coming years as public education will become an online resource as it should already be.  Take what is given now, but keep learning for tomorrow.  The moment you stop learning is when you begin to decline in life.  Find ways to weave new information into your life in order to apply the new information at a higher level. 

We need to develop a grassroots plan of action to sweep through our nation and inspire a full spectrum educational approach integrated with the optimal experience as a human, parent, child, neighbor, friend, and fellow citizen. If we could connect families in an array of fields to work together to help teach one another’s kids, we could break the cycle of poor education and unprepared adulthood. Get on Next Door, Facebook, Text, or get out in the Neighborhood and start collecting consensus. Pool your money together to get specialists to help jumpstart your kids education. If we want change, we must take action.

Death’s Grip on Basic Life Saving Knowledge

White faced, hands clinched, glazed eyes staring at the ceiling, soaking with lifeless sweat.

This is how someone was brought to the ER recently. You know, working at the hospital could be one of the best experiences of my life. Aside from learning incredibly necessary skills, I have also gained a stomach for things I previously thought to be unimaginable to look at. To see a person, dead one moment, then the next storm out of the hospital angry that we ruined their high is something that should be reserved for the movies, but it’s not. This is real life. At times I joke saying, “I don’t even need to watch TV, I just post up in the ER.” I have learned to take life a little more seriously while understanding how short it can be. My patience has grown while my gratitude for life has expanded.

I believe everyone should experience the tales learned inside a hospital. You learn about the cycle of poverty, the need for sanitation and upkeep, you learn how to save someone’s life and how to medicate basic over the counter treatments. You learn so much about the human. Unfortunately, there isn’t much talk about movement or diet in hospitals but I do believe that immersing yourself into any one field will inherently open the doors to related fields. To know things like CPR, how to treat allergic reaction, how to hold someone’s head when they are having trouble breathing, how not to move someone who may have a spine injury, how to do the hiemlick maneuver, how to bandage a wound or pick someone up, are all skills that I want my fellow community members capable of doing. Perhaps healthcare could be a standard class in the future.

The beginning of this article references an experience of an OD who was brought to the hospital that I pulled out of the car and wheeled into a trauma room. I see a lot of stuff in the hospital and my heart goes out to those that put their hearts and souls into these places of work. My hope for this article is that we can start pushing to expose our youth to real knowledge and real experiences as to make them ready for the real world. We cannot hide from the shadow of life’s pains, but rather become resilient to the interferences in our lives.

Check out LivingoodEducation on My goal with LivingoodEducation is to organize systems of information so that people can learn what is functional instead of what the state says is important. Let’s raise a generation of humans who can take care of themselves.

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Time Travelers are God?

What if Time Travelers were our fallen angels that we consider to be God. What if they have given us the instructions of how to live through religious context? What if they can speak to us through the spirit? The idea would entail that time travelers are all knowing because they have already lived through the experience once before. These time travelers essentially become our guardian angels against the wrong way. Our livelihood will be protected so long that we live our life accordingly to the most right.

If we live our life as if every moment is recorded, perhaps our lives will be constructed with more intention and less destruction. If an atom acts differently when being observed, I would argue so does a human. Perhaps the one watching is oneself from another dimension/timeline. Perhaps it is a lineage of one’s own genetic heritage that I reviewing the spectrum of our existence. Perhaps this idea is batshit and should have never been published. 🤔

I could see this concept playing out into a movie or even book. This thought is by no means what I believe, rather a playful idea. Let your ideas roam, they may collect some data when you do. They may lead you astray. They might even take you to a place called home.


At times I wonder how much of my life I should experience and how much I should share. I am frequently reminded that many of the remaining memories I have are extentions from relics that keep the spark of such experiences alive. How many memories do you have attached to photos or other symbolic figures? All memories work on an orientation of relational circles of neurological networks of neurons. Frequent visitation upon those neural networks retains the integrity of those memories/thoughts/abilities.

I guess my point is that as an artist, I have a philosophy that creating art matters. Recording history is a part of the human experience. The ability to make and share memories expands the higher consciousness. Go out and experience, but record and share those moments with the rest of humanity.

North Georgia Beauty

A New Internet with

The problem with the internet is that it is a social utility owned by private companies with skewed and self interested persuasions in how they conduct business.  We use the internet like a drug and our society is the drug dealer. As pretty much all drugs can be used as a form of medicine, our internet service could become a medicinal remedy as well.  There are some key philosophical concepts concepts must be assessed before moving forward in this conversation. Privacy vs Functionality. Entertainment vs Education. In an ideal world, we could enjoy all 4 dimensions of content.

The internet is a network of inputs and outputs.  Let’s run through a quick analysis of all the components involved with bringing you this big bright light. It works almost exactly like the postal service with addresses, except instead of mass, we have electrical signals. The IP address is like your home address, it is the location of where the signal is transmitted from. The Network is basically the company the built the infrastructure mostly funded by the government. The Hardware is the actual lines of wire, towers, and satellites. The Interface is the hardware that the user uses to communicate with the rest of the hardware. The Backend is basically the directional language built to organize and direct information. The Great Algorithm is the way in which information populates per each search engine/website.  There are layers of the algorithm that can be used to suppress information and also promote a narrative. You see, Net Neutrality was supposed to protect the internet but now that it is gone, companies are acting without any recourse. Because these private companies own the hardware and infrastructure, they have undeserved power over who gets to say what.  Since Covid, we now see a huge oversight in independent speech/perspective.

Security, Safety, and Evil. The internet is a dark place but it can bring light beyond the color blue.  Marketing plays a big role in this truth of the dark side to the internet.  The fashion world has a lot of blame in the brainwashing efforts of manipulating the Prefrontal Cortex starting at young ages, but that is not the focus of this article.  “Copy” is persuasive language meant to a sell rather than progress humanity. At times, a product makes money and helps society progress, but that is more of a rarity. There was a time that I would accept porn as a progressive stake in the evolution of society, but at this point, it has become scorned with possessed forms of prefrontal cortex entrapment. Furthermore down this rabbit hole of evil, it sickens me how the internet promotes teen porn and there is little to zero protection for children online.  There is also zero accountability for cybercrime and identity theft. That level of disregard for the protection of our privacy makes the impression that the forces that are supposed to protect and serve are failing us immensely. Our kids are at danger, our security is in danger. Our online world is destroying the fabrics of human connection by seeing one another as a “bit” rather than biological being.

Individualized, Resource Allocation, Optimized with Geolocation is still unfortunately a dream, not reality. Google started with a mission to provide free information. I remember hearing in recent years a split amidst the core mission at Google. One set of owners wanted to remain with the goal of offering free information to the world as the other side of the company preferred to focus on the advertising and profit model of the company. It seems the advertising side of the company has taken the reigns. I still remember the CDs of The World’s Encyclopedia that blew away any library in the world. The Encyclopedia paved the way for the modern, Wikipedia, a crowd sourced information repository.  One beautiful part about the internet is that it can adapt and evolve. New websites can revolutionize a society and new communication forums could solve world peace. could help be a part of the new online paradigm. We could eventually link up transportation, finance, politics, religious, education, social functions, and economics (more prevalent) into a system that didn’t discriminate and helped allocate the resources appropriately. To organize information so that people can avoid manipulation would be revolutionary. To give people the private space to believe, make money, socialize, learn, be entertained, and help society become better. Perhaps one day, Grow My Community could build a self sustainable plot to become a city upon a hill. A man can dream right? A society can do good right? A world can believe right?

Grow My Community -Launching soon


Cancel culture is a virtue signaling phenomenon rooted in a warfare of ethical ideologies. There are true virtuous concepts that I do support in the cancel culture movement but the out right will to destroy another’s sense of well being is far from empathetic and a decent way of living.  To believe in anything is not something to be taken lightly of as belief in anything is becoming a scarce commodity in today’s world.

Boycotting is a tool most popularly celebrated through the Civil rights movement. I fully support some philosophies of cancel culture but there is a risk in today’s social networking era.  I believe cancel culture is perfectly acceptable on an individual level, but when you make it a goal to systematically disenfranchise someone, other mental disorders may be a common denominator of those doing the cancelling. 

A large problem in society is the tongue twisters people are tied in while attempting to critique a situation. People are stuck between a philosophy and a hard situation.  A good mediator can distinguish the differences and similarities amidst a conversation but that takes critical thinking.  Too often we get stuck in the amygdala centered mindset causing competition to Trump the opportunity for growth and understanding. Critical thinking is another lost art form as our hierarchy of information has been designed to be distributed and trusted lacks a balanced approach to contemplating the multivariate effect of human experience. 

I do believe that Jordan Peterson had it right in supporting the hierarchical tendency that life typically envelopes but there must always be some type of symbiosis and/or competition in the ecology of any system to retain a deserving role in the time spent listening and adapting to new information.  Hence countercultures have been necessary to sustain a healthy and ethical society for the sake of keeping balance and accountability in a social structure.  Counterculture unfortunately has no place in the land of cancel culture.  This unforgiving nature to social networks brings about a scary foretelling feeling of overreach into the personal privacy of the individual’s ability to create dialogue pertaining to advancing a concept beyond a superficial baseless idea/theory/policy.

To instill comedy is another risky artform that one must tread softly while incorporating into serious topics.  Many of times, making a cynical statement can come off as lacking empathy, but I think we as a society should do a better job of letting comedy do the dirty work of sharing honest opinion.  Comedy is an cultural phenomenon that takes experience to understand.  If someone doesn’t share the same experience, they can get defensive as they could believe your truth is discrediting their truth.  If everyone is Nice, then no one is growing.  We are essentially putting flowers over mold and rot.  If you’re not laughing at pain, you’re grimacing. The Sun isn’t nice, it’s tough and you have to develop thick skin to handle the harsh rays. Life is hard and needs hard conversation.  Comedy is mechanism to poke and prod on holes in difficult situations.

As I continue to write and share my opinion and perspective, I risk the chance of losing my entire livelihood and sense of job security. This should never be the case for those searching for truth and wanting to share their truths with others.  Perhaps sharing the fruit of my thoughts is a reflection of my own sense of insecurity of beliefs with an instinct to desire a deeper state of cognitive bias.  But how am I to know if I am not allowed to communicate my exposure to information and experiences.  The “Leftists” have created formats to arguments to discredit and weaponize personal experience for the sake of the perceived “greater good.”  I understand the credibility standard to sharing information and I also fully respect the danger of poor information.  The important part of this puzzling reality of information overload is that better conversation is the remedy, not silence.  Unfortunately, many political conversations are emotionally driven with a hateful demeanor at the core making it nearly impossible to conclude and agree even if you do.

We cannot avoid honesty, truth, and being wrong.  There must be boundaries of respect in humanity, otherwise we can find ourselves in a modern holocaust systematic oppressive society through emotionally driven policy.  Hate is no answer. Forgiveness is an integral part of a happy life as grudges will darken the fabric of one’s soul in a way that stains every thought with an ugly bitterness.  To not support something is okay, it’s not necessarily hate so be careful with the Critical Race Theory approach to analyzing choices and actions.  People are the choices they make but no person has made all of the right choices and tomorrow will always offer room for more choices. Understanding mistakes and growing from them is a culture that I want to cultivate rather than thoughtless anarchy to all that aren’t registered perfect.  It comes down to the individual so lead by example starting today.  Stay woke but don’t get paranoid from not sleeping.  Stay humble, but don’t be afraid to step up and speak out.  Stay happy and learn the art of forgiveness.  Cancel as you wish but don’t do it with malicious intent or else you may too get canceled.

Livingood Education

-Livingood Education IG-

Education and Art are two parts of the same story.  Unfortunately in our mechanistic society, we have compartmentalized the concepts of Science, Math, Art, History, Engineering, and Philosophy.  This disconnection has removed the critical analysis approach that historically created logic.  Each of these topics are useless when put by themselves due to lack of functionality and reason.  What is the point of Math when we crunch imaginary numbers?  What good is Art when it gets thrown away and nothing was gained besides wasted time?  What good is history when it neglects the philosophical lessons and focuses more on the emotional affect?

My startup, Grow My Community (, is an effort to mend the brokenness and disconnectedness amidst our information age.  Livingood Education is a leg of Grow My Community that is both a private project and also a public platform on Grow My Community’s platform.  Livingood Education’s information repository is just one program that is coming out of the umbrella of Grow My Community.  I am presenting my personal Art project as an example product to be displayed on the platform at large.  Livingood Education as a platform is technically just a directory that I originated to organize information.  Eventually, it will allow for dialogue and further categorization for the future development of policy and design, but that will be later down the road.  As for the Personal Project side of Livingood Education, I am drawing out biological and anatomical images that will be for the public domain’s use.  This initial development will hopefully lay the foundation for millions of artists and scientists to follow suit and publish their perspectives and findings without having to deal with the current politicized journals and publication platforms.  Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of owning and suing others for distributing and sharing information. I also don’t believe you need letters behind your name to legitimate and idea or theory. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Information is like DNA, you can’t own it.  These content/copyright laws are outdated and suppresses the progression of man as it feeds the idea of individual capital gain that is rarely seen.  I want to break down the wall of disorganized information in a way that inspires and catalyzes the further progression of our Communities at large.  I’m not talking about state controlled information, I’m just simply saying it should exist in the public domain. 

Grow My Community’s main goal is self-sustainability.  There is a duality to sustainability that entails an ideological aspect an also an implementation of a systematic intelligent design.  To put it in a more simple term, there must be a physical place that is developed (Real Estate) and also a technology/ies (App/Website) to organize and implement the sustainable system.  Livingood Education would serve as a data informatory that helps people use knowledge to perfect life individually and collectively.  Gardening is Science and Art. Diet is a Science and Art. Architecture is Science, Math, and Art.  Belief is a Philosophy of perception which is ultimately has traces back to Scientific findings. If people have access to the information, we can collectively design a better life individually and collectively in all areas. Knowledge is a tool but it is being used as a weapon.

With enough support, an eventual blockchain could be implemented according to the value of information someone is publishing.  Information ought not be scattered an disorganized.  Rather, we should organize, weave, layer, and theorize the data with an intention of bettering society.  Currently we are creating massive amounts of data with little to zero application to the data beyond marketing and psychological warfare.  The current research produced by our educational and government institutions that is being used for creating policies are inherently corrupt and skewed as the public/private door keeps swinging back and forth leaving the constituents in the dust. Also, due to the complexities of life, just one dataset cannot set the precedent of a law that impacts every aspect of life. Ignoring this truth is very dangerous. A prime example to this neglectful way of lawmaking is understood when assessing the horrible repercussions of only listening to a small number of Infectious Disease experts without taking into account the Psychology, Economy, History, and even Immunologists during the CV19 “epidemic.” We need more cohesion! I believe a technology like Grow My Community and Livingood Education is the glue to the chaotic state we currently exist in. Most innovation is directly correlated to public funds, so why isn’t the public benefiting?  Creating a new monetary system based off an equal and fair measurable value system that incentivises good is the future of our valuation system.  Eventually, building Server houses to house the information offline will be the next step to securing and sustaining the information at large. This idea is grandiose for sure which is why I have developed small reasonable steps that are easily implemented  that reaches towards the big idea.

In the business of startups, patience is key, but systematic planning for the varying stages of a business is just as important.  I’ve been working on this brand since around 2013 when I first started writing about the idea of localizing the economy.  It is an idea and also a formable business that I truly believe in.  Instead of complaining about society, I want to innovate as a means to help fix society.  Maybe Grow My Community will change the world.  Maybe Livingood Education will inspire another social network to do more.  At the end of the day, at least I can say I tried and that’s good enough for me.  Patience is achieved when work is applied. Happiness is received when purposed is maintained. LETS GROW Personally, Socially, and Economically.

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Poetry Is…

Poetry is more than Rhyme and Rhythm.

It’s more than perspective and depth.

Poetry is beyond emotion and story.

Poetry is complex purpose consolidated to reach most poignantly.

Poetry is beauty and poetry is horror.

Life is a poetic daydream mixed up in a paralytic nightmare tossed in a salad of a textured history that envelops time and space into a molecule of thought that transcends experience itself.

Poetry is whatever the Fuck you want.

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Cocain Mane

Cocain and Coke

Business is business just as people are people. Food is medicine but medicine can also a drug.  So let me get this straight, the same company that is causing bowel obstructions, cancer, obesity, High BP, Skin infections, GI problems, dehydration, and so much more via their product is the same company in bed with the Big Pharma who also profits off these exact illnesses.  For starters, when you talk about monitoring profit, you step into dangerous territory.  Profit deserves to be put in places that are doing good for humanity but at the same time, this swinging door has swung so far open, it can close backwards.  Also, those that are actually helping are typically not the ones getting the real money.

To complain about something is very different than to enact change.  Many of times, a simple complaint can open the door for individual change as the tool of honesty can break the cycle of ignorance.  As I talk about this topic, keep in mind that I don’t really have a direct solution besides the idea of people needing to hold themselves accountable by means of taking care of themselves. I just had an urge to write about this oxymoron and writing is what I shall do.

Coca-Cola is the largest producer of medical grade cocain such as tetracaine or lidocaine in the world.  This is actually an ingenious reuse of product.  The business model in terms of conservation and efficiency is on point, but my issue more or less deals with a bigger picture beyond this economic truth.  Do I consume Coke products? Of course, but they do own the majority of the shelf in nearly every country. Enjoying something on occasion is the heart of humanity, but moderation is not practiced by the general population. Coke stocks the vending machines in our schools, our hospitals, our public spaces, and grocery stores.  Unless you stick to tap water, it is nearly impossible to avoid Coke products. Coke has recently pushed healthi-er drinks, but the toxins are still prevalent.  Since working at the hospital though, I have become sickened by the relationship of Coke and sickly patients.  In my head, I’m thinking, “you’re in a hospital, drink water, not death!”

Coca-Cola up until 2017/18, was in a partnership with Nestlé.  What I’m getting at is these two companies have arguably singlehandedly caused more health concerns than DNA itself.  In fact, DNA mutates when put in a toxic environment due to the strain on the telemeres during the cellular division phases.  From my understanding, consuming products like Coke can increase the likelihood of mutated DNA.  The root of the toxicity is a multidimensional effect. Origins of the carcinogens/toxins are connected to Genetically Modified grown foods, neurotoxic pesticides, preservatives, malnourished soil, and the processing effect from ingredients like hydrogenated oils, bleached flour, corn starch, and many more dangerous additives. If these foods are killing us, what in the hell are they doing in the places that are supposed to be saving lives?

What we eat and drink matters, however the Medical Industrial Complex doesn’t take nutrition into account beyond some basic rules of medical diets (kidney, heart, liquid diets, etc). All night at the hospital, I imagine freshly juiced fruits and vegetables for the patients. I think about farm to table foods. I think about getting every patient’s food allergies/sensitivities tested for in order to created a distinct diet per each patient. I think about having a life coach come talk to each patient and getting massages, pedicures, and chiropractic care for the admitted patients. I think about all of these things only to silently bring patients with congestive heart failure a 500 ml of Coke as their drink of the day. I had a similar feeling of self disgust when I would be forced to serve a pregnant women soda as a bartender/server. This feeling was fed by one of the Buddhist concepts from the eightfold noble path, as it is said something along the lines of to not do work that causes misery and pain. I would argue that the medical industry ultimately does more good than harm but I am still baffled by the reality at hand. I still love what I do and at the end of the day, people do deserve to make the wrong choices.

A sin tax for unhealthy food and beverages seems to be the best option to give people the option to pursue short-term happiness while also holding them accountable in the long-term. Perhaps these companies should be taxed/penalized directly for the damage they are doing in our society. I just know that the same contents that cause dis-ease are being paraded around every institution in America like its healthy just as medication scripts are printed off by the millions like its normal. I hope that individuals begin to take their own health into their own hands, but until then, I hope the public institutions begin to do what is most right rather than what is most easy. I would love to one day design a health and wellness institution alongside Grow My Community to fix this problem. Until then, I will continue to write, work, learn, create, and believe in both myself as well as a better future. #letsgrow

Greenhouse Technology

-Georgia Winters- Greenhouse technology is the future of humanity. Whether we are growing indoors completely with sun roofs and UV lights, or we are set up in a full on Greenhouse weathering the storms.  Modern farming is unsustainable, high risk for failure, and destructive. Implementing Greenhouse technology could save the way we think about food […]

Greenhouse Technology

Appreciate The Appreciation

“The Space Between Confidence, Being Humble, and Being Present”

Appreciation is the master key to finding happiness.  A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with a note from a patient and it really did make my night.  Take time to soak up the little blessings that life offers. Gratitude is the first step toward a good attitude but it isn’t the only one. 

To be grateful is something often times overlooked or flat out ignored. In our pursuit towards perfection, we miss out on the little things.  Our attention dials in on what is done wrong instead of what is done right.  This distraction pulls our sense of awareness outside of ourselves making us lose focus on what we ought to be doing therefore making the achievement of flow state impossible.

Our society has made the idea of being humble more important the necessity of confidence.  This has made people more willing to receive criticism than an actual complement. The humble oriented attitude is an effort to not annoy other people and/or not make them feel lesser than.  However confidence and pride can annoy someone regardless if they don’t see themselves in a good light to begin with.  There is a whole mechanism behind people with low self-esteem and their approach to trying to bring others down.  Negativity is addictive and when people are around negativity, you can quickly lose your posture, lower your sensory input as the cortisol levels rise causing your PFC to shuts down and activating the amygdala. This makes negative people actually in a state of dis-ease.  These “toxic” people are to be carefully considered when analyzing how and what you say. You should never speak to hurt people and you should always accept that no matter your experience, you can still be wrong.  Keeping this thought active, you can eradicate the narcissistic tendencies that can accompany confidence.  Simply listening and responding to someone with integrity removes the narcissistic notions. You cannot let unstable, unhappy people dictate how you see yourself.  Nip that shit in the bud.  I’m not saying you have to cut off people from your life or even completely avoid them. All perspectives should be heard with some level of respect but you have to protect your own sense of self. Do speak with clarity to these people. Deflect or redirect their negativity as much as possible and if that doesn’t work, just tell them you are trying to stay positive.  I do it daily to make sure I don’t feed these toxic beasts.

Start every morning and end every night with a moment of reflection of how lucky you are.  Thank the Universe, God, Family, Friends, Employers, or whatever you can conjure up to be appreciative for.  If you are stuck in a pit of despair, stop and begin meditating. Think about all the things that frustrate you and practice a mental game of muddling through that annoyance until you can find something to be thankful for in relation to the original annoyance.  If your kid annoys you to hell and back, take a moment to think about how lucky you are that he is still alive.  If you hate your job, take a moment to be happy you can at least afford to put food on the table.  Every breath is something to celebrate.  Most importantly, be the light for others.  Train your conversation to steer people towards gratitude.  Everything is a muscle and pathway. The more you travel it, the more defined it becomes. Don’t forget to remain realistic and be a part of fixing the problems in your life that arise instead of aimlessly complaining about them.

Appreciate the appreciation and walk with the confidence so that you are the light in the day no matter where you travel. Shine through the darkness and be the nutrients needed for a positive life to be sown and grown eternally.  Education, Appreciation, Inspiration, and Honesty are the tools to utilize in order to make your light so bright that you illuminate the dark side of the moon and back.

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I’m an Author at Heart

I have always loved telling stories and delivering information. I am working on a couple other books currently, but I am thrilled to tell this story. I have dreamt of being an author since being a kid. I have 2 additional books in the works, one with an intended 2021 release date and the other either 2022 or 2023 depending on how life moves.

Livingood Forever is coming soon. I hope to help you grow.

Livingood Forever

Audiobook vs Procrastination vs Prioritization

Balancing Life’s Tasks

-Recording Material-

To do or not to do, that is the question that wonders us all creatives.  Amidst the independent productions and blog articles that I work on, I am also juggling a full time job, full time college class schedule, and full time parent/partner.  I won’t even list the part about being a friend and family member as a part of my immediate identity.  I am often questioning my level of productivity and amount of progress then comparing it to my standard of happiness. 

As I finish putting together the final touches on my 1st book, I often find myself at odds with my own to-do lists. I’ve been working on this book over the past decade.  I’m currently working on designing the book cover and recording the voice over for the audiobook.  It seems sacrifice is my best option when it comes to getting anything finished.  This way of thinking reminds me of my first year in college when a frat guy was telling me how you only have enough time for 2 of the 3 things: party, sleep, or good grades.  Oh how simple decisions used to be.

In life, we only have a certain amount of time to fulfill our God-given tasks. Having spent the past 5 years running a media company alongside a full time position, I have found times where I am completely burnt out and unfulfilled.  With side projects piling up, work filling up my time slots, and personal projects being put down like an old dog, I have learned to focus on what I have to first and what I believe in lastly.  It always feels like I am procrastinating in times of prioritizing. That feeling of incompleteness has become fuel for the willpower to keep going. At this point in time, I have reoriented my schedule and goals to be more realistic and less overwhelming.  In 2020, I officially put down my media company. In the coming year or two, I intend on relaunching a podcast as a marketing plan of action for my book but my priority is actually publishing the book. Before publishing my book, good grades and retaining my job as a Patient Care Tech at a hospital takes priority.  And before my job and school, comes my family. 

We must organize our needs and desires, otherwise we will anxiously live our lives treading water aimlessly.  Jordan Peterson encourages his patients/listeners to “clean your room”, which is a brilliant analogy for taking care of what you have control over in the most immediate order.  I have finally developed a pathway to success. This pathway entails patients, planning, prioritizing, sacrificing, and believing that I am doing what I need to at the time that I am doing it. I now have confidence that enables me to focus on the here and now. This level of mature decision making skills has landed me the gift of true self-awareness in relation to the timeline that I have been blessed with on Earth. When you learn to prioritize, your focus settles the dust from the noisy daily activities.

Growing up isn’t the only way to grow, we also grow deep and we sprawl outward. Before doing big things, make sure you take care of the little things first. The order of tasks is as important as the task itself.

The Witches Brew Strikes Back

Story time!
Last night, my mother-in-law came to visit and stay the night. She was on some over the counter cold meds with pretty heavy congestion.
I left to go to Walmart and bought: #Grapefruit, #Garlic, #Onion, #Ginger and threw in #Cloves, #GreenTea, #Cocuntoil, #Italianherbblend and #Tumeric as the blend boiled in about 4 cups of water. At times, I will add #Cayenne too but both her and Susan don’t do too well with spicy foods.

This is a version of my Witches Brew. And this is called natural health. Had I been hyper paranoid like the news wants us to be, I would have forced her to go get tested and sent her home while the test came back. She could definitely have popped a positive on a PCR test since it is very likely she was fighting off a typical Corona Virus. We can’t live like that. We are HUMANS! We are social creatures with an innate immune system that is designed for battle. The less we fight, the weaker we become.

This morning, she woke up feeling better than ever. I tell this story because we can’t live in fear, we must live with the confidence of knowing what is most right. I don’t condemn those that know no better. I also don’t deny that Covid19 is a very real virus. I’m just saying God gave us tools to fight off the evil in the world, our brain being the central processing unit for this artillery.

When I say Grow My Community, I mean let’s Grow intrinsically positive things. Let’s Grow relationships. Lets Grow quality jobs that are meaningful to oneself and/or the community at large. Let’s just Grow.

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How to Start a Nonprofit

So you found a problem you are passionate about advocating for and fixing? Starting a nonprofit could be the next best logical thing to do. Starting a Nonprofit is very similar to starting a business. Listed below are important pieces to starting your own nonprofit.

Mission and Vision Statements: An elevator pitch under 3 sentences.

Articles to incorporate with Secretary of State in your state.

File form 501c(x) with IRS. There are over 20 types, so do your research and decide which type of organization fits your needs.

Items needed:

Board Members (President, Vice President, Treasurer)

Bylaws: Must include things like Meeting Notes and must meet at least once a year.  It is best to use a template or work with your attorney/board member to legitimate this step.

Organizational Chart: Board Members listed at top.  Next is the Program Director/s and so on until every penny and job is accounted for, even if the job is free/volunteering. Advocacy is a popular job with Nonprofits. It is a form of marketing typically with an educational direction. Grant writing is another job to consider when formulating the job position. You can outsource or do this job internally.

Annual Budget: Must plan budget out annually.  Excess funds are used in following years budget. All costs are to be accounted for. Depending on which type of 501c organization you choose, your income may be tax deductible.

Programs:  State the Program and explain why it is needed and what the programs will do. List the short term and long term goals for the nonprofit to reach.

Develop an Inputs/Outputs Model: -Inputs-Costs, Talent, Equipment, Location, Utilities, Salary, etc. -Outputs-Jobs created, Community Development, whatever metric is preferred.

It starts with an idea and it ends with a lot of work. You can do it.

Recently, I recorded a podcast with Dr. Jessie Bolinger who is a Nonprofit guru. Check out Dr. Bolinger’s work at

Conscious Movement, Move Consciously.

Move consciously and be mindful of every ATP used. Conscious Movement is the brand created by Dr. Ryan Cecil to help inspire people to relearn how to move the way our bodies were designed to move.  In early 2019, I met back up with my old friend, Ryan Cecil. Dr. Ryan is a chiropractor and biomechanics specialist. This man put me back together and taught me that I wasn’t broken.  Working with Dr. Ryan inspired myself to start working in the field of healthcare and I am ever grateful for his impact on my life.

Dr. Ryan taught my body how to move.  I relearned to walk, crawl, squat, bend over, and lift properly. I was a person just moving throughout my day with pain and I thought that was normal. Here I thought I knew how to do these basic movements, especially considering the years I spent both in Physical Therapy and training with top level athletes, but I was severely mistaken.  Dr. Ryan reconnected my entire muscle fascia and helped me become the best version of myself. I’m not perfect and still have a long way to go, but I am conscious of how I move through my life.

Dr. Ryan’s training started with the most basic moves to help my biomechanics move in congruence with my entire body.  On the first day of training Dr. Ryan noticed my inward facing gate. He immediately started to train my knees forward while building up my glutes.  It blows my mind the number of scans and professional medical professionals who were completely inept in helping arguably the most basic level of the human biology.  Luckily, when I was around 16, a chiropractor I was seeing, Dr. Ladeena Russel-Hall, recommended an anti-inflammatory diet. No other MD ever came close to mentioning a change in diet.  The diet has helped me mediate the pain through the years but it is no cure by itself.

As for the back story, I dealt with tendinitis in my knees since 4th grade.  In high school, the pain had radiated up my hips through my back with additional wrist, shoulder, and ankle problems.  I ended up having hip surgery at the age of 19 causing me to give back my full ride scholarship. I’ve lived with pain pretty much my whole life and it wasn’t until I was 26 did I learn how to move as my body was intended. I went to different doctors my whole childhood regarding my knee and hip pains. By the time a doctor at Emory found something, I had already trashed my hip sockets and my career was over. 

My point for this post isn’t to bash the Medical Doctors, rather to push the need for people to see a chiropractor regularly.  Now that I work in tla Hostpital as a PCT, I often take care of patients who are in serious need of chiropractic care. I can literally feel their spine out of alignment as opiods are being used to suppress the nerve pain.  Asthmatic patients with Thoracic subluxations that are present are being neglected.  Patients with occipital pressure are given Tylenol (a neurotoxin for young children) instead of dealing with the problem at hand. Patients with intestinal disorders dealing with lumbar and sacral subluxations go untreated.  There have even been studies proving enhanced immune function via increased White Blood Cell activity from chiropractic care. We must fix the broken system that profits from the perpetually sick population.

Chiropractic works directly on the musculoskeletal side of the body.  One of the major unintended consequences is the enhanced connection of the nervous system.  The nervous system is your electrical circuit that communicates with every cell and organ system in your body.  A major distinction of Dr. Ryan’s work is his incorporation of biomechanics training.  This is a major flaw in much of the Chiropractoc philosophy in that all you need is an adjustment.  Although, if not always, usually just an adjustment is far better than no adjustment at all. Moving the bone neglects the scar tissue build up, muscular inflammation, or tendon/cartilage repair. Implementing training programs like Yoga and Plyometrics can help hold your adjustment so that it doesn’t continue to slip back out of place.  Some may say that Chiropractors depend on the residual patients just like the western medical doctors but I think it is more of negligence than it is a business choice.  I have heard some Chiropractors claim that they want to focus on their craft and have other specialists do their job which I can fully understand and respect.  I would argue this is the same mistake the Western Medical Doctors make.

As time goes on, I would like to see a larger movement in the direction of preventative health than there currently is. Much of the preventative health field entails conversations like medication and vaccines. I believe that if we focused on the movement, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle, we could elongate lifespans, increase the quality of life, and decrease the cost of care per individual in a given society. Perhaps we can curate a preventative health insurance-type group that connected dietitians, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical trainers, hobbyists, counselors, MD/DOs and herbalists with the general public. We could build an education catalog and weekly newsletter to distribute functional health knowledge.

We must see the body as an entire system. When one screw gets loose, the entire system becomes unstable. Each specialist has a purpose, but often times, specialists overlook a certain aspect of their area of expertise because of the interrelationship of other organ systems’ malfunction. This battle we have amidst the medical field is nothing new. The Salem Witch trials, the Nuremberg Trials, and the war on drugs are all examples of the continuous abuse that the holistic health field has endured over the last century. At the end of the day, no cellular makeup is the same. No skeletal structure is the exact same.  In order to build a healthier society, we must lose the ego and personalize medicine. We must take risks and challenge the old ways. I could point fingers at HIPPA or Copyright laws that inhibit further technological advances, but it must start with the individual making their own choices.  One person at a time, sharing their story, sharing their perspective and sharing their current state of knowledge is how we grow. 

-I recorded the video in this article with Dr. Ryan in 2019. We bartered his chiropractic and physical training with my video production and business development knowledge. The logo on his video is a graphic design from a photo of him that I converted into a logo although he no longer uses this logo, I haven’t had the time nor bandwidth to go back and edit his videos with the new logo. Thanks for the read and I hope you get inspired to become more conscious of how you move. #letsgrow #growmycommunity #holistichealth

Gut Feeling

-By Garrett Livingood-

Gut health is huge. One of the main reasons I see people coming into hospital and one of the main reasons I see people pass away is from issues with their colon.  Whether they have cancerous ulcers or a bowel is twisted/blocked, people with gut problems are in some of the worst pain possible.  There is a concentrated amount of nerves in the gut meaning when it gets irritated, it hurts.  Many doctors do not entertain the damage the “medicine” they are prescribing to the internal organs.  Damage to the internal organs is a slow death, one I would not wish on anyone.  Other times, after treating, doctors do not advise appropriate diet change.  The unfortunate reality is that often times, the patients are educated and they refuse to listen and do as told by their doctor.  As your gut health declines, as does your energy level, immune system, and also mental health! This is something we should be streaming on every news channel.  We could prevent far more deaths than what Covid cost us if we did these few things.

I once had a patient come in to the ER after eating spaghetti for having seizures. She had already had her vagus nerve snipped in a previous experimental surgery. I couldn’t believe a surgeon chose cutting a nerve permanently over changing diet. Perhaps diet was changed and it didn’t work, but I guarantee it would have helped.

Some major takeaways to keep your gut happy. Go get your allergies tested! This will save you a lot of time and help you cut things affecting you the most right off the bat. Drop the fried food right meow.  Eliminate the gluten and potato starches yesterday.  Eat more organic (Chick-fil-A please don’t sue me).  Eat less processed.  Cooking is a process but how many processes did your food go through?  Many of times, more natural food has bacteria that can be beneficial to the gut but is instead bleached out in the process or cleaning the food.  Drink water. PH + water is a plus.  You can easily throw a little baking soda in your water to raise the PH.  Omega-3 and anti-oxidants are essential so keep these 2 nutrients at the top of mind when choosing what to eat.   My 2 favorite general diets are the Mediterranean diet and also the anti-inflammatory diet.  Both diets are friends with the Keto diet as well.  Lastly, be nice to every meal you eat.  Be thankful for every meal.  When you eat with gratitude, you are able to rest and digest the food you are eating.  When you eat your food in an ungrateful state, your cortisol levels are active and your digestive system is no longer acting at full capacity.  The last thing to consider is to get out and move around throughout the day.  Increasing your circulation will help your digestive system as your circulatory system works hand in hand with the digestive system. Your body is a system so let it work together.

PS. I’m not a doctor.

#letsgrow and #growmycomnunity

Perspective is a Lifestyle

Pills can be medicine or a drug.

Popping your joints can be a medicine or a drug.

Food can be a medicine or a drug.

Drinks can be a medicine or a drug.

Herbs can be a medicine or a drug.

Your breath can be a medicine or a drug.

Your relationships can be a medicine or a drug.

Your sleep patterns can be a medicine or a drug.

Your mindset can be a medicine or a drug.

Your lifestyle can be a medicine or a drug.

Choose wisely. #letsgrow personally, socially, and economic.

Career vs Passion

-Paths and Roads-

This week, a patient rudely asked me what I’m doing with my life when I grow up.  I told her I’m grown.  I went on to say that I’m a Writer, Artist and Patient Care Tech who is currently taking care of her.  She was an insanely ill-mannered human and although her intentions may have been innocent, I am sick of people asking me at my place of work what I want to do when I grow up.  I’m almost 30 years old for goodness sakes and I’ve had my own company for over 5 years since graduating college on the side of every job I have worked. Every place I have worked IS a possible career choice.  Had that lady asked me a week earlier, I would have stumbled my sentences trying to explain all the things I do and my idea of an unknown future career that I’m taking classes for. Luckily, she didn’t.  I am so happy I have found myself and stopped trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

Last week, I was up late (for a night shift worker) working on homework in my office on the other side of my son’s room while he was playing with legos.  I found myself overflowing with anxiety that borded the feeling of anger all the while my beautiful and optimistic son played happily next door and my fiancé cooked a delectable dinner.  “What the fuck am I doing?” -I asked myself.  “Why am I torturing myself for classes that aren’t even directly associated to what I may end up doing in the future?” -I carried on internally.  At the very moment that I found myself angry at my online professor, I stopped myself from acting like an uncontrolled toddler, closed my laptop, went into the room next to me and played with my son’s legos.  After we finished playing together, I had a delicious dinner with the family and snuggled my fiancé to sleep, anxiety free and truly happy. 

I went back to school to knock out some prerequisites for a different job than what I’m currently doing in the field of health and wellness that would pay more.  I’m already a Patient Care Tech and hospital screener with access to as many hours as I like.  As a screener, I am able to write and draw during my shift.  The screening job has given me the ability to work on writing my books and learn whatever I want.  The job itself is extremely easy but it is the perfect balance to offset my intense PCT shifts. I really do enjoy what I do as a PCT though.  Comforting people, helping them while in pain, keeping them alive, and simply making them feel human in a cold world is enough to make my heart full.  Currently, I don’t really want to work any other job in the hospital for a number of reasons regardless of the pay.  I already make enough money to live good (not extravagant). I am also missing out on my son’s childhood as well as precious time with my fiancé. On that day last week, I stopped trying to be someone else.  I decided that I am an artist and writer.  My life is already enough. I will not sacrifice time with my son and partner for the petty pursuits of ego and money.

A path is only a path until you pave it and turn it into a road. Don’t worry about whether your path is more or less traveled.  In the process of building a road, some trees may be sacrificed for the bigger picture. Since entering into the age of adulthood, I had yet to feel fully in my own skin throughout the many paths I have crossed. That is until now. Perhaps it had been my low self-esteem from losing my identity as an athlete. Maybe it was financial insecurity, or it could have been due to the fact of becoming a father at an age where I could barely take care of myself. Regardless of the cause to my discomfort, I continued to make myself more uncomfortable in pursuit of finding meaning and value within my own life. I finally know who I am and I am proud to be myself.

I have touted the idea that I like the feeling of being uncomfortable for years. I believe there are a couple origins behind this seemingly bizarre outlook on life.  There is a quantum relationship to the human experience and the concept of energetics. In order to produce energy, one must spend energy.  This analogy feeds in to the idea of investing into your future.  I believe one reason to my attraction for discomfort goes back to the feeling of euphoria caused from pushing through extreme pain as an athlete.  This shortsided and manic way of pursuing goals landed me injured and unable to perform competitively.  I respect the Goggins approach as it has its place but I do not agree with most of it and describe much of his actions as ignorant and reckless. 

Putting myself in undesirable situations, such as being the youngest person in business networking events or doing demeaning jobs, has helped calcify my immature feelings of caring too much about what others think.  It is purely nerve racking being a broke young 20 something trying to talk to seasoned business professionals who think of you as an imbecile.  As important as it is to not let your sense of self be dependent on other people’s perspective, listening to how others think of you is an incredible skill set to utilize. I have put a lot of mental energy into not appearing as arrogant.  This happens to be an almost impossible task as the space between humility, arrogance and confidence is a fine line of tone, timing and word choice that takes years to understand and implement. Even after perfecting this artform of communication, subjectivity will always leave room for judgement, especially in the case of a writer who shares his perspective and beliefs.  Putting yourself in a humbling situation is a way to kill arrogance off the bat.  I insist on writing and sharing perspective because I am frequently intellectually challenged with opposing views which gives me a reoccurring taste of humble pie.  Writing also encourages me to expose myself new information that could potentially help other people.  Keeping life spicy helps the natural motivators in the mind stay alive. Pushing yourself is necessary for finding purpose, comes with its perks and is necessary for the progression of life but balance is the key to longevity and happiness. 

Balance had fallen off the wagon in my life. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends of the wick for too long.  School, sleep, multiple jobs at once, family, and other relationships are all battling for a time to shine within my 24 hour day.  Unfortunately, self care has been pushed to the back of my priority list during my journey to an outdated idea of success.  I’m not shooting up McDonald’s by all means. I still eat well but eating healthy is merely a fraction of the many parts of a happy and healthy life. Working night shift has destroyed my natural sleep patterns. I also haven’t been physically active lately.  This inactivity is beginning to take a toll on my energy level and mental clarity.  I miss precious time with my son on my days off from work because I’m trying to do school.  I am done with not being happy with my life.  I am done not being fully present for those that matter the most. You have to make your mind and body strong in order for your soul to be fed.  Your spirit must be present in order to strengthen your mind and body.

I can’t wait to start my new life with confidence and solidarity with my own identity.  Saying no to school gives me so much more time to focus on my happiness.  The comical reality is that the things that bring me more happiness can also potentially bring in an income in some form or another.  Working out, gardening/farming, writing, drawing, podcasting, pottery and whatever else that I deem interesting are now possible tasks to enjoy throughout the week. I would like to warn of attempting to do an artform for a living for you can lose touch with what you loved about your artform as I did with video production.  This is why balance is key as to not burn out.

I can finally say who I am, an Artist and Writer.  I can finally not feel insecure about my career and place in this world.  Education will be a lifelong pursuit of mine, however education comes in many forms.  Perhaps one day, I’ll find my way back into the formal University System, but only when I find something that inspires me.  Until then, I’m happy in my own shoes.  #Letsgrow a happier world, one passion at a time.  Let the fruits of your labor bring you happiness and fulfillment, not more labor and depression.

What Is A Community Script-2015

This is one of my first videos ever produced. I began my career in video production to promote a business/Nonprofit venture called Grow My Community. This organization is an effort to localize and organize information and resources to help prevent monopolization and increase internal growth within each localized area. At this point, Grow My Community is simply a part of my story. I intend on making it a life long goal to be a part of helping communities everywhere become more self sustainable and successful individually, socially, and economicly. is a mockup site for my hopeful venure. Feel free to add to the directory.

I.                    What is a community? And what is your community?

II.                  Hello everyone, my name is Garrett Livingood. I am the founder of an upcoming social community network called Grow My Community. In this script, I will discuss the general concepts of a community and give you a better understanding of who your community is and what it can be.

III.                So, let’s start by asking, What is a community?

A Community is:

  i.     A part of you

ii.     It is where you invest your time, energy, and money

iii.     Your community

iv.     Your culture

v.     Your friends

vi.     Your interests

I typed in the term community to find a concrete definition of the term in Google search bar and two definitions came up:

        i.     The first definition states that a community is, “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

        ii.     The following definition states that a community is, “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

IV.               My definition of a community is a collection of individuals that consists of similar or complimentary characteristics and resources. These resources and characteristics help develop and support an ecosystem of people by giving them a sense of purpose and belonging. For example, Music in itself has its own culture, sub-cultures and communities, but a musician alone does not constitute a community; however if a musician is able to connect with other musicians, then a subculture and sub-community can be formed. Along with this newly formed subcommunity, complimentary interests such as sound engineers, videographers, fans, producers, and even entertainment venues can all grow into this singular network. And this is why I named the organization Grow My Community.

See, People are disconnected from each other in a time where society is more connected than ever before. This individualized society has caused outrageous numbers in depression, addiction, poor health, conviction rates, and even poverty. People lack a sense of belonging by lacking real relationships and concrete interests. People sit on social media sites all day but find it hard to be social. Many people want to be philanthropic but don’t have the financial capacity, time in their day, don’t know where to start or where to go, and people may vote but find it hard to support and impact the local government beyond posting one sided statements on their Facebook account.

All people have common interests. We want what is best. But when we live in an individualistic society, we don’t have the capability to see other perspectives and situations. People don’t have the ability to find commonality and understanding. So we must break the walls of society and find real relationships and build up from those around us.

So ask yourself, how do you invest your time, money, and energy? What is your community involved with? Who supports you and who do you support? And what community would you like to join or create?

I hope you enjoyed your time here learning about your community.  Stay tuned to learn how to Grow Your Community through Grow My Community.

Shoot The Shit -An Anti-Anxiety Remedy

“Gif created by Love Stories Co.”

The clock is stopped as the anxiety begins to pulsate from the back of your brain to the tips of your fingernails. Stop. Breathe. Be present.

Too often, we get so caught up on an idea of being someone else, somewhere else, the idea of perfection, or something else rather than being present and actually enjoying the moment as a someone just doing their best to be their best self however you want to measure it. We put an enormous emphasis on being right, being accepted, and getting ahead. Rarely in today’s world do we praise the present moment by laughing and indulging in an old fashioned face to face conversation. Anxiety of what could be has grabbed us by the balls and won’t let go until we break the cycle.

Anxiety is a tool but we have weaponized this natural process in the name of medicine.  Anxiety is an emotional memory that is triggered to prevent future pain in response to previous interactions. It even seems as though some emotional memories are transferred genetically in the form of instincts. Depending on the species, there are innate tendencies to be weary around distinct smells, environments, and other creatures that parents do not have to directly teach their youth. Anxiety lives in the crevices created by inadequacies. If an animal feels unsafe or inadequate, anxiety becomes a likely reaction. Your mother’s anxiety and her mother’s anxiety is exactly how your genetic lineage has survived this far in life, so remember to thank her for stressing out next time you see her.

Anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system.  When anxiety hits, it is hard to focus on anything as your senses are heightened to help keep you safe. The amygdala, the reptilian brain, has taken the drivers seat. Often times, anxiety and ADHD are complementary as they both effect the body in a strikingly similar fashion.  Your digestion is obstructed in order to move the blood away from the stomach and into the skeletal muscles in case the boogeyman decides to show his face and you need to escape. Over 70% of your anti-anxiety neurotransmitter, Serotonin, is derived from your gut microbiome.  If you have a problem with anxiety, then perhaps you should see a professional and start working on your diet.  I am not a big believer in anti-anxiety medicine as it becomes incredibly addictive and can cause a rebound effect whereby you have even more anxiety. I do however believe in short term use of such medicine in extremely rare instances.  This use of psychiatric medicine is flat out dangerous and completely corrupt from the policies to education to the pharmaceutical monopoly.  The real solution is getting with a professional who can help you process the emotional memories that haunt you, learn breathing techniques to move through the anxiety attacks, lastly, assess a quality diet and lifestyle for preventative measures.

Social anxiety is a growing problem in recent years. Part of the cause of this I attribute blame is the censoring nature of the festering cancel culture. Cancel culture has taken away the ability to be honest and fully present but it has also made us hyperconscious of our actions. We are too afraid of being our authentic selves in this artificial world but no animal walks around entirely oblivious of its environment. The more that honesty is expressed, the more risk that is endured in social situations.  How often do you crack a joke with your friends that you wouldn’t dare say at work or online?  How often do you have a political stance that is squandered because it goes against the grain of the mainstream culture you are immersed in.  Learn to converse and connect with anyone. When you perfect the art of conversation, social situations become exciting moments rather than a phobia of doing the most human thing, communication.  In the pursuit of being right, don’t forget to listen to others point of view and take the chance of being wrong. Anxiety can turn a mouse into a chatterbox in a jiffy so make it a goal to evoke words from your partner/s sharing the conversation with you. It is unfortunate people are so sensitive nowadays, but for what it is worth, a good man aims for greatness, not inadequacies nor indecency. Being liked can go a long way but I would argue that being authentic goes even further.

Anxiety is a conversation with yourself. Anxiety acts as the angel on your shoulder.  If I were your angel, my solution is to be wise with your expressions and words.  In Buddhism, there’s what is called, “The Noble Eightfold Path” and is as listed: right view, right resolve, right conduct, right speech, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi.  These 8 sacred reminders help me keep my ducks in a row and remain positive in nearly every situation. Know your audience and remember to implement the classic statement, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” When you notice someone swaying away from the The Eightfold Path, don’t ridicule them.  Attempt to guide them into a conversation that is constructive.  Otherwise, get lost in your own mind and don’t involve yourself.

Get off your phone and be present.  Studies have shown direct correlation to screen time and anxiety so be conscientious of the content your are consuming. When you get emotionally roused up, your brain doesn’t process logic nearly as well.  Another helpful tip is to act as though every negative interaction with other humans is interrelated to the other person being special needs.  It helps lower your anger levels when someone is incapable of controlling themselves.  This sounds like a cruel joke, I promise you it works.  Next road rage incident, tell yourself, “that poor guy is bipolar. I’ll pray for him.” Just like that, you have processed that emotional memory and stored it in a way so that you don’t endanger yourself and everyone else on the road. Let go and let God as they say. Don’t get caught up overthinking. Stagnation breeds bacteria so don’t let laziness build up into feelings of anxiety either. Break all tasks into micro actions. I recommend always starting with deep breaths. This helps lower the anxiety by making the task at hand easier to handle mentally and also physically. Changing your breathing patterns literally helps regulate your parasympathetic system.  Practice training your anxiety with cleaning your room. Yes, Jordan Peterson’s brilliant response to ending chaos in one’s life. Break down the steps to clean your room into single tasks.  One item of clothes at a time, then vacuum one strip at a time, then wipe one dresser off at a time.  Before you know it, your room will become spotless.  Keep your composure and become confident in what you believe.  The more anti-anxiety skills you practice, the more confident you become.  The more confident you become, the better posture you acquire as Jordan Peterson so brilliantly explains through the Lobster story. A productively happy man deals with his anxiety, not medicates it.  Also, don’t be a dick either. Be the best version of your self and don’t stop progressing.  Shoot the shit when the time allots it. Don’t give a shit when time doesn’t allot for it.  Know your environment to become the most fit wherever you are. Be You.

Comedy, Drama, Honesty

“The Human Artform”

Comedy, Drama, Honesty = Truth
These are the interpretations of the world. With one thought, one idea, and at times, one word, we can make the world of an entity, or we can lose trust and respect for him/her entirely. Our perception is either expanding or narrowing on the path for Truth, but the timing and place is essential.
What we believe is what we understand to be true. But what happens when we can no longer sense the difference. What happens when the data is wrong? What happens when the wrong message is pushed?

We lean on what we trust. But when you are a child/citizen and you lose trust in your parental figure, who and what do you believe? When you don’t believe in anything, you sail off in wafty waters like an old man in the sea. Like the feeling I felt after watching Zeitgeist while in high school. I felt like my whole was a lie. The same feeling I felt, when I realized Santa wasn’t real. It is enough to penetrate a soft skinned human.

Everyone has a limit. Everyone has a filter. No matter how hard you try to remove it, you eventually find reason to reapply it, because things like the sun will eventually burn you.

You have to speak with confidence and fight as a samurai. Believe in what you are fighting for, not just because it gets a lot of likes. Understand all knowledge is at it’s root a believed theory based on the availability of current information. And a pivot is necessary to stay afloat.
We now live in a state where our beliefs are treading water and everyone is sticking to their guns. The institutions we grew up in are corrupt. It is a top down reality. The food system is corrupt, not the farmers. The teachers don’t have any say. The Doctors don’t have any say. The Cops don’t have any say. Voters don’t even have any say.
We are engineered to live in smaller groups because we should only empathize and sympathize for what we can control over. It is infuriating when things affect us directly that we can’t control. We look outside of ourselves for solutions. We begin to obsess about that anger as it leaches on our soul and sucks our happiness dry.

We forget to be human. We need to start doing human things again. We need to step back and analyze what makes us happy. So many people have ostracized our lives so deep into the rabbit hole, we begin to suffocate in the bull shit.

Bull shit is a part of the process. You need fertilizer to grow. You have to become creative in designing your life. These social platforms serve a purpose to an extent but how much of your dopamine receptors are dependent it. We in infovores. We eat information, but there is more than one way to do that though. There is more than one way to write a sentence but what has the most impact? What had the greatest reach? How can you speak with enough direction and force to enact change? You perfect your art form until you can become a master. You don’t have to live with trial and error anymore so you don’t have to stick to one thing either. However, focusing on one art form at a time is how you develop the precision needed to become great at what you do. Eventually you can apply these archetypes in life to benefit you in all areas. Before you can find your voice, you have to experience the world. Once you can diagnose a means for happiness enjoy it, master it, then get back up and look for more.

That is the pursuit of happiness. Are you pursuing it, or letting the system take control over you.

(This essay is reposted from my Facebook post back in 2020)


Gardening A New Generation

“Landscaping for the Garden”
“Tilling the Soil”
“Preserving the Seeds”
“Germinating the Seeds”

You reap what you sew so make sure to tend to your own garden.  There is a reason countless sayings incorporate something related to gardens and plants.  Gardening is a life force. However, where there is life, there can also be snakes and sin.  Gardening has always been a part of the human experience, that is until recent years.  Unfortunately, modern culture as a whole has decided to pursue shallow endeavors such as convenience, taste and low price rather than holistic attributes such as nutrients, source, and quality.  Gardening has become a favorite past time of mine that I wish more people would indulge in. I find gardening to be a reason to work up a sweat, manage stress, and simply get out of bed.  Getting out and gardening also trains the brain to recognize and crave real food for both medicinal and quality of life purposes. Fall in love with what makes us humane, gardening.

Food is culture and culture is how we raise the next generation.  I think it is fair to say that we have completely poisoned modern culture, especially on the West side of the globe.  Our culture thrives on sugary highs with little to zero regard for sacrificial efforts towards longterm initiatives.  Our obsession with the short term has created a breeding ground for toxicity both personally and universally. It seems the majority of modern people have become cheap like a whore and lazy like cow as their food embodies a perfect representation of such a sinful way of living. We have wiped out the good in our culture in an attempt to erase the hunger similar to an antibiotic destroying both the good and bad bacteria.  Our culture lacks culture, flavor, nutrients, and purpose while having a surplus of ignorance and negativity.  At the root of culture is reoccurring themes of organized historical knowledge.  These areas of focus are herbal remedies, spiritual pursuits, communal responsibilities, entertainment and also education. Recently, these systems of culture have become a corrosive bastardized repulsion from the original beauty and purpose that resides within culture.  The content we consume will hardwire our biochemical makeup.  Choose wisely, your survival and happiness depends on it.

The survival of the fittest is a concept that no longer applies to the species of the Homo Sapien. Darwin’s theory has officially ran out of steam. As society became more advanced, niche tasks were assigned to appropriate contributors to the tribe.  Thence a hierarchy was born. Communal tasks were given a cost benefit analysis in relation to the well-being of the community.  Under this social structure, people became disconnected from one another as money became a representative value of each person in the culture/society rather than the physical work/labor they produced. People became invisible compared to the mighty dollar. People no longer cared about the quality of their work nor the impact of their work, they just wanted to survive. People slowly stopped taking care of their community directly and indirect economic relationships arose.  I believe it is likely that the erosion of communal relationships originated when people stopped being responsible for their own food.  With our disconnected food and economic system, people have lost a sense of value to place on food entirely. Gluttony became a natural byproduct since there was no longer personal and social responsibility related to the food consumed.  As the quality of food declines, so does the sense of respect for oneself and his/her neighbor.  It seems mighty convenient that in a day and age where people seem to be the least empathetic and grateful towards one another, we are simultaneously the most disconnected from the source of our energy via food as well.

Our current food system is unsustainable and flat out unethical.  I try to push the least amount of blame onto the political stage regarding problems in our world, but there is some undeniable credit deserved to the FDA and USDA among other politically oriented groups/organizations for the broken food web and unethical dealings of our food and environment. A quick political solution would be to subsidize local healthy foods and implement higher taxes on unhealthy and unsustainable foods. Herbs and spices are basically forms of microdosing for an assortment of immunological and nootropic functions but the AMA has put strict obstructions to the freedom of speech to share such information.  Other huge benefits from gardening is the excess Vitamin D absorbed while outside. Both physical health and emotional well-being are heightened when a sufficient amount of Vitamin D is present in the body.  Your body also prefers to eat seasonal foods since our digestive organs have adapted to this annual schedule over the many eons. In a day and age where a culture has lost communication with the past, scientifically tested cultural remedies are also lost in translation.  Beyond the direct correlation of gardening to personal well-being, the inverse reaction to not gardening is detrimental.  We are ruining our planet with microplastics surging into our wildlife and pollution caused by unnecessary transportation of food across the entire world and back before hitting the shelves.  A simple solution would be large scale greenhouses locally built. I recently saw a Nordic country implementing this technology proving it to be more efficient and environmentally savvy. We can use temperature controlled greenhouses to replicate any type of weather on this planet.  There is simply no need to grow food in an unsustainable manner on the other side of the world to put into a grocery store where 1/2 of it is thrown away.  If we developed a more functional supply chain, we wouldn’t have to use the amount of plastics nor preservatives that are currently in use while eradicating the waste produced by our current system.  If we got back to our roots, we could plant our feet and grow an optimum future.

Listed below is my current gardening process.  I am not an expert, but I am happy to share my setup and get some feedback.  I am a true believer that everyone should share what they think they know. Knowledge is meant to be shared for a number of reasons.  Not only is this how you become aware of your own misunderstandings/fallacies, it can also bring about innovation. In the pictures listed above are seeds from the past 2 years that are sealed in air tight containers.  I have been storing the seeds under my house since the temperature remains around 55-75 degrees year round.  From what I’ve read, you can also freeze or burry your seeds as well.  I am about a month behind my preferred schedule of starting my seeds as I had hoped to start closer to December, but better late than never.  Last year, I built an 8×6 greenhouse allowing me to germinate my seeds sooner and also grow herbs year round.  For the germination of the seeds, we wrote the name of each type of seed on a disposable plate and spread out the seeds in between 2 wet paper towels per each type of seed. Each pattern had around 50 seeds on it. In roughly a week, I will cut out the separate germinated seeds out from the paper towel as the seeds will start growing through the fabric of the paper towels and put the hatching seeds in their own small cup of soil to finish out their seedling stage.  My plan is to use the greenhouse that I built last year to slowly introduce the plants to the outside weather so to not shock them when I bring them outside.  Our soil is a blend of Georgia red clay, compost, chicken poop, top soil, and store bought fertilizer. We keep a compost but most of our table scraps are fed to our neighbors chickens that we help take care of. A few of my beds have sand blended in them as well, mostly for the potatoes.  Throughout our garden, we use hoses that leak water to create a drip system.  This lowers the amount of water we use while also simplifying the daily task of watering each and every plant.  Surrounding 1/2 our garden is a privacy fence with chicken wire stapled to the inside of the fence and the other 1/2 is just chicken wire. This helps keep the critters out, especially our dogs but also those pesky little rabbits.  In total, I have 7 beds ranging from 4×4 ft to 12×4 ft.  My goal is to eventually become 100% self sustainable.  Although this house will not be my self-sustainable dream home, I take this time to make mistakes, learn techniques, acquire equipment, and simply enjoy my time.  Take control of your food chain and fall in love with life by learning to love gardening.



Not at the table, not at work, not with your family, not in public, better yet, just don’t do it. Be political, that is. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”(-Eleanor Roosevelt)  A political mind knows who he is talking to and entertains that person as the politician meets his/her audience where they are at.  Politics is merely a social game of charismatic charades.  Political topics are conversations regarding something the majority is actively conscious of. Hot topics if you will. People who can dominate these media driven talking points will accel in the social paradigm.  People who oppose these social constructs end up being forgotten by the algorithm and/or neglected by the rest of the herd.  You simply cannot have a great democracy when it is filled with small minds. There are a couple of personality types and a politician (aka a people pleaser) is one of them.  I don’t want to universally paint a politician as a bad person in this essay.  A successful social creature is persuasive but when the persuasion becomes purely selfish, you find the meaning of persuasion devolve into manipulation. My goal is to try and persuade you to think for yourself.

See, people connect based on commonalities.  Whether it is the commonality of time, place or a thing regarding an interest and/or experience, people vibe across race, gender, and generation.  A politician knows how to say what people want to hear.  This is where politics weasels its way into the modernized mechanical heart.  Media and journalism are partially to blame because they create narratives that emotionally affect personality types, cultural truths, and income level/job types.  We are pegged as Me vs. You because it is much easier to divide and conquer this way.  Another reason is because journalism is selling their content rather than sharing it with an altruistic approach. It is also much easier to paint a simple picture in a unidimensional manner than it is to explain all the layers of unintended consequences and related factors that have an effect on a situation or thing.  This act of laziness and also pursuit of the dollar has caused a world of disinformation, a generation of uninformed constituents, and a political state whereby politicians entrust their honor and duty towards the multi-billion dollar industries that are technically running our country rather than what is best for the people and Earth.

The majority of people act with their amygdala rather than prefrontal cortex. This becomes a key weapon in the eyes of political initiatives. Competition creates comradery and euphoria creates empathy.  Empathy isn’t always good and euphoria isn’t always pleasing. Empathy turns sour when virtue signaling becomes the method of showcasing empathetic feelings. Empathy can be a tool to gage and understand morals as well as perspective but it can also be a mechanism to excuse hatred in the name of supporting a cause that you don’t fully understand.  Comradery on the other hand becomes toxic like cancer when it leeches onto ignorant stances that which both the left and right political parties push due to the lazy work ethic and business minded approach by the media.  It isn’t that I believe in some grand conspiracy that lizards are trying to take over the world, rather I believe we are being shafted by the egomaniacs that control our supply chain driving the people to succumb to an inefficient, irresponsible, and depressive country.

Political topics entail all things that effect the population.  Economics, Moral/Cultural Philosophy, Innovation, Education, Wellness, and even personal truths.  There are two goals in conversation, to share an experience or idea and to listen to an experience or idea.  All information is at some level theoretical and a belief.  We must believe our eyes/ears, believe the data, believe the entity sharing the information, and remember the information at hand correctly.  We are living in a day and age whereby people take information as a matter of fact. When dealing with policies that effect people’s lives, you must be as certain as possible.  It is vital to remain humble when it comes to what you know. Specialists in every field are proven wrong in their own field daily, so who is to say that a processed piece of information spewed out by a tainted political narrative holds any validity at all?

Metaphors and similes are my favorite ways to explain something because it gives room for the creative spirit to understand without having to explain every little detail. This use of correlating themes expedites the learning curve and also gives insight of comprehension.  It seems that memories and relationships have much more in common than previously considered. Memory is formed by circles of neurons that entail information almost like segments of code from a website.  As more information gets piled into the cranial cavity, the brain makes the best use of ATP (biological energy) by branching off old memories to build new structures of neurons.  Memory is formed by the association of relative sensory inputs.  Relationships amongst people, similarly branch out of common interests and the level of convenience in meeting. You are who you surround yourself with but you don’t have to be.  Don’t be cheap with the information you believe and don’t be fake like a politician saying what is only wanted to be said.  Become an artist with your words so that you can delineate your thoughts appropriately and effectively. 

I wonder if there is some kind of intimate quantum entangled neurological intercourse when two individuals divulge in a conversation they are equally interested in as if the memories, endorphins and neurotransmitters have their very own language.  The more time spent together, the more the entangled memory cells expand causing a more severe emotional reaction as a larger part of the brain becomes dependent on the other neurological structure as much as its own cranial cavity. What if everyone’s secular memories were connected in some universally conscious mechanism?  Perhaps the tragedy and deceit portrayed by both the media and politicians alike can awaken a source of community that brings people together based on our common experience of abuse rather than having the weak-minded masses take the bait of divided hate funded by the Technocrats, Democrats and Republicans making us all inmates in the name of USA and the economy. 

My political stance is more of a criticism to the current political narrative per each dividing topic. Borders shouldn’t necessarily exist, but at the same time, people need to be accounted for by the governing body and there ought to be a process when someone moves from one legal system to a different legal system so they are properly oriented into the new set of laws and cultural norms. Education should be free, but not when it doesn’t produce a career and executives are making millions of dollars funneled through state grants and scholarships.  I believe war is horrendous but we must fix the infrastructure of the country first before cutting off resources from around the world.  We must stop supporting slave wage both in our country and also with the companies within our country.  We never won a war on slavery, we won a war to outsource it.  The health of the planet is essential and we must take action but we cannot cripple our economy by disrupting the supply chain of basic needs so it doesn’t cause more harm than it helps.  I believe Healthcare should be free but it can’t be “free” when you have insurance companies and legal firms cherry picking billions of dollars off the top, executives making millions of dollars annually with a nation full of unhealthy and sick people who refuse to take care of themselves.  I believe drugs should be legal and safe but we also need enough preventative health/mental health investments so that people don’t need medicine/drugs. All this to say that our political system is a joke that isn’t here to help the people.  The compartmentalized governing system is too inefficient and too corrupt to sustain much longer.

There is a balance between individualism and collectivism that is attainable.  We must utilize respect, accountability, honesty, integrity, and creativity to find the middle point. It is important to remember there isn’t always a win-win solution, but there is always a better solution. History becomes a necessary memory to help avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. The singularity is coming, but it doesn’t have to be through a microchip, rather it can be through common understanding and common goals.

I don’t vote in a broken system. I am A-Political and will remain A-Political until we create a system that acknowledges the people and the environment of the people. I believe we should dissolve the United States and bring back states rights because the United States is too diverse both geographically and also culturally.  A small town has very different needs than a big city. I believe we should not vote for politicians, rather vote for professionals in an array of areas similar to the cabinet representatives, except the people would elect each cabinet member per each region.  I also believe it would be wise to create a public discussion board to allow research to be organized and shared in regards to each policy at hand so people do not get stuck in loops of pre-written rhetoric provided by the media.  Mixing a direct democracy with a representative democracy could truly work if done properly. At the end of the day, Voltaire said it best when he directs his readers to “[tend to their own garden.]” Lead by example in all social environments and only worry about what you can change.  Keep yourself busy and do something with your time that helps more than it hurts.  Most political conversations are typically outside of your power so allow these intense spaces to be a space of creativity rather than 2 opposing lectures.  People working together in grassroots movements can make a difference. Become political enough to reach people’s heart and soul but retain your integrity enough to not be a fake politician. Do what you believe is most right but always remember at some point you will be wrong. Don’t be a sore loser when you are wrong either. When a government fails, there is no winner, we all suffer.  Let’s start winning as a community again. This is no will to end America.  I believe our constitution grants us the abilities to do pretty much all that I mentioned.  I don’t vote because the vote doesn’t reflect policy action at all.  The system we have right now works regardless of how we vote. The big corporations that employ the masses are the real policy creators.  Perhaps it is for the best since they are technically the “professionals” per each policy.  I support those that vote on both sides and thoroughly enjoy hearing both sides. I could see myself voting for an intellectual that strikes a chord with me and all hope isn’t lost in our current democratic system.  You don’t have to agree in order to respect one another and believe in a common ideal of a better, safer, happier, and free society.

Remodel Your Dreams

(Master Bathroom- Before)
(Master Bathroom- After)

They say home is not a place or thing, it is a feeling.  We have been homeowners since 2018 and are finally getting around to the remodeling side of homeownership. One of the strongest motivators to remodeling is the idea of the accruing more value rather than the actual enjoyment of the new asthetics.  Regardless of the reason, updating a home is quite a fulfilling task, especially when you get to enjoy the new renovations yourself. These renovations, specifically, are enjoyed every time I greet Mr. Hankey (Southpark reference) so it was definitely worth it no matter how long we stay.

2 years ago, I worked with a general contractor for roughly 3 months. During this time, I was project managing 2 different subcontractors.  Of all the places I have worked, these subcontractors were the most jolly coworkers that I have ever worked alongside.  They were Hispanics consisting of both Guatemalans and Mexicans.  Their favorite time was “Luncho!” These guys worked their tails off through the heat, never complained, and could fix anything from plumbing to electrical to carpentry but when lunch time came around, it was 1 hour of communal jokes and rest. 

While working alongside these talented professional artists, I picked up a lot of construction knowledge which has proven to be extremely useful. The most functional tip in construction is to learn to use a new tool and you will learn to fix a new thing.  I have fixed my porch along with my step-dad’s help, put up a fence surrounding my garden, built a greenhouse, and now I have remodeled both of our bathrooms. Next will be replacing the rest of the flooring throughout the house. The master bathroom was the first to be worked on.  I began by taking out the vanity.  Initially, I intended to not need a plumber but as I was pulling out the master vanity, I clipped the cut off valve and a tiny leak began dripping.  In the middle of the night, Susan got up to use the restroom and noticed a puddle accumulating in the floor.  She rushed to turn the water off in the house and when I returned home from work in the morning I attempted to replace the cutoff valve.  After replacing two valves and still leaking, I noticed the vanity would not fit with the pipes coming through the floor. In the guest bathroom, I could simply cut the bottom of the vanity so the pipes could fit through, however, in the master bathroom, the vanity has a pull out drawer making it impossible to cut holes out for the pipes.  With the valve leaking nonstop and the vanity unable to fit, it was time to phone a friend. 

Susan went on to the Next Door app and asked for a trusted plumber in the area.  A friendly man in his 60s was referred but remember that in this business, you get what you pay for.  In this case, we sacrificed speed for cost. It took the kind man roughly 4 days to finally reroute the pipes and stop the leak but for the price of $150, I’ll take it. That could have easily cost me $600.  In the second bathroom, we were able to cut out the bottom of the vanity to not need to reroute the pipes.

After the floor was complete in each bathroom, the mirrors and lights were installed. Lights are surprisingly easy to install and cost us around $50 each. All you have to do is twist the matching color wires and screw the light in. Always make sure to cut the fuse before touching the electrical wires unless you are trying out home made shock therapy.  As for the mirror, simple drywall hooks did the trick.  Both mirrors were bought at Hobby Lobby for under $80 each.  In total, we spent roughly $600 for both bathrooms.  The value of the house went up approximately $7,500 so I would say that we did well for a bunch of newbies.

Learn to be productive.  Learn to do things, fix things, and build things. The Nike saying, “Just Do It”, really is one of the best slogans because you simply have to initiate in a task in order to learn. Once you begin the learning process, you approach the learning curve whereby momentum potentially accumulates into a never ending artistic pursuit of perfection.  The first couple times doing something will be awkward and you will probably mess up.  This experience of inadequacy can be humiliating and frustrating.  As these feelings of discomfort are felt, resilience and confidence are also developed.  Life is an investment.  Beautify your surroundings and find reasons to be proud of who you are day in and day out.  Remodel your dreams.

ADHD, The World’s Biggest Misunderstanding

A world full of a dis-ease, few live with ease.  It is a crying shame to have a name for something with no one to blame, making people unable to tame nor sustain. Inflammation in the brain causes some to go insane, mostly teachers complain as the doctors campaign, parents say God’s name in vein, and the food web is contaminated like it’s animated, hyperactive cells activated until the child is lacerated, in prison, and castrated.  We must wake up. Add up the hype, and dis becomes the order of the next generation.

I have studied ADHD and similar neurological “dis-orders” for quite a few years now.  My son has been through the ringer when it comes to this diagnosis and my fiancé and myself have struggled with attention since being a kid, however I didn’t see a doctor until trying Adderall my senior year and my fiancé didn’t get off her meds until I met her and helped encourage her to do so.  A couple things to preface before getting too deep in this topic is that no person’s neurological makeup is the same and no one knows their mind and body like themselves nor their parents.  It is a very easy solution to the problem of modern parenting to just say that kids nowadays need a good ass whooping.  In fact, abuse could be the problem and simultaneously, that statement could hold some merit.  I share my thoughts, my perspective, the information I have come across, and personal beliefs because perspective is how we build consensus.  I don’t share this story to hurt anyone nor act like a parent isn’t doing enough.  I hope you can extract something useful out of this piece of work.

To start, I would like to redefine the idea of autism and other neurological “dis-orders” while making the point that no brain is truly neurotypical. In my opinion, everyone deals with spouts or levels to psychological disorders. All humans are on the so-called spectrum. Neurochemistry is still a fairly new field relative to Biology.  It is important to understand that neurodiersity is vital for a successful culture because it allows for specification of skill sets.  Much of the medication we prescribe to promote a “neurotypical” activity in this space uses a trial and error methodology that excludes many other contributing factors that I will indulge in throughout this article.   Neurochemistry deals with digestive health, circulatory health, environmental security, social/relationship health, while also carrying a genetic component that which I believe he genetics ultimately play a much smaller role than the scientific community assumes. Atypical neurological makeups are really a situation where the inputs from sensory neurons do not communicate directly with the prefrontal cortex (decision making part of the brain). To further explain this, I will further dissect the way dyslexia works because dyslexia and ADD are very similar in how the brain processes the information.  Dyslexia occurs when the auditory and visual cortexes do not send information back to the prefrontal cortex for appropriate use of the data received. The signal gets “lost” as it travels around the left brain (the creative side).  This action is exactly what makes engineering geniuses, savants, artists/creators, athletes, and almost every imaginable person that exceeds societies standards of normal. Now that I have established the framework of areas that this diagnosis entails, I’ll share my story about persevering ADHD both as a parent whose child is dealing with it and as a person with it.

Neuroplasticity is a term meaning you can change the pathways of the neurological connections, essentially meaning we aren’t just born with a certain amount of neurons, rather we can grow our neurons just like a regular muscle. Brain mapping is a tool to help create new memory circles that can streamline logic and appropriate use as well as comprehension of sensory inputs. Memory builds from previous memories. I’ll explain this network formed by a point of reference neurological network.  Memory cells become stronger the more points of referential information that is retained. During the summer, my son began working with a dyslexia teacher, Tabitha Molina, who actually utilizes this technique of brain mapping.  She uses spacial memory, rhyme schemes, history of language, color triggers, catchy phrases, physical touch, and much more to help build the memory of information which will help develop and reinforce the pathways of information received. There are more limitations to the neurological growth compared to skeletal muscle whereby pretty much anyone can tone up and stack on more muscle. That is unless they have some type off degenerative disease.  Neurological connections are more of tendencies rather than an exact determined fact. After seeing my son ending his 2nd grade year not knowing the entire alphabet to being able to read chapter books within just a few months, I believe we are just getting started in the revolution of the mind beyond the broken psychological/psychiatric institutions that have monopolized our ability to parent.

Can I get a Kale Yeah!? Yes, diet is more than important. It is a crying shame that our society has made children’s food the most toxic and unhealthy while slandering natural, healthy, and wholesome foods as a trendy scheme from parental scoffs at greens during dinner to televisions effort to make unhealthy cool. Our culture has also damned every single holiday with candy and deserts while pumping every meal full with carcinogens and inflammatory foods. Almost every item directed towards kids in the average supermarket is filled with neurotoxins and inflammatory reactants. At the average restaurant in America, you see zero vegetables, extra processed foods, and an incentive to get soda and sugary juice cocktails. Parents are causing mental illness in their kids under the guise of keeping them fat and happy. Inflammation is the brains biggest enemy as it restricts circulation to hungry neurons leading to mental decay.  If the neurons do not recieve proper blood flow, they will accumulate plaque and you will lose actual memory, hormonal control, physical abilities, and eventually death.  This brings about the most important part of neurological health, diet and hydration which will be the first animal to tackle. 

“Let food be thy medicine” -Socrates. Diet is a 2 part approach.  In one direction, you have things that promote the removal of toxins and prevention of inflammation.  In the other direction, you have nutrients to fortify and help promote healthy metabolic and enzymatic processes. I liken this concept to the two ways people are motivated, towards an idea/goal/pleasure and also away from an idea/failure/danger.  Getting an allergy test is a great place to start. Another thing to do is get blood work done to see your nutrient and electrolyte levels. Things to cut out immediately are gluten, starch, simple sugars, fried food, dairy (lactose is a type of sugar) and processed foods. I do not intend to get too hairy about the field of nutrition but I will certainly lay out a basis for supplements, vitamins, and minerals that I have noticed helps. 

Drink water! If you drink too much water, you can actually deplete necessary electrolytes so don’t think that drinking gallons of water will fix anything.  Drinking higher quality water with a slightly high PH will be much more absorbent. You can add a pinch of baking soda to your water to fix that problem.  The higher PH will help combat the additional acid produced by inflammation as well. Drink water 1st thing in the morning to clean out the gut. Your body absorbs water best on an empty stomach.  Now that we have established the importance of water, supplements and foods that are essential for maximum brain power.  If you look at at the every day multivitamin, you will see almost everything your body needs.  The problem is that most of that pill is shit right back out and very little is absorbed, especially if your microbiome is depleted.  Stack on the Omega fish oils! Cold water fish are the best to eat.  Recent studies from the Mayo Clinic show massive improvement of neurological function after consuming high grade fish oils.  DHA fish oil is key for the brain.  The brain is a hungry little monster and it needs fat! Throw in some avocado, coconut oil, high grade olive oil like what “Olive Tree and Vine” in Cartersville Georgia offers, and an array of nuts to bulk out these Omega fats in the system. The next food group to consume are Antioxidants.  Antioxidants help replenish cells by removing free radical oxygen molecules which act like shrapnel from an explosion inside the body.  These free radicals cause inflammation and can even cause the formation of cancers.  For the foods to eat that help with free radicals and other nutrient deficiencies, consider enjoying Berries (Elderberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, etc), Citrus fruits (grapefruits, lemons, oranges), leafy green vegetables (Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Bak Choi etc.), Roots (Ginger, Carrots, Tumeric/Curcumin, Beets, Garlic, Onion, etc), and additional herbs/teas (Basil, Sage, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Ginseng, Hibiscus, Green Tea, Ginko Biloba, CBD, and more).  Bacteria, Molds, Viruses, and Fungi can all increase inflammation in the body, so consuming these foods listed above will help your body fight off these toxins. It may seem a little weird at first when you snap into a raw vegetable for a snack, but that will reside the more you realize how weird opening up a plastic container filled with pesticide sprayed, preservative filled, processed fake food that causes far more problems than it helps.  If you claim, “my kid won’t eat that.” Then you have failed as a parent because I guarantee you that a hungry human will eat food given to them.  If they go on a hunger strike, then that is their problem.  It is extremely hard to watch your kid struggle, but that is the way to show Agape, the fatherly love. Take the Hippocratic Oath with your own kids instead of taking the modernized easy way out by pushing the problem into the Doctor’s hands which are tied by the constraints of both the pharmaceutical companies and legal frameworks.  Food is culture and a way of life.  We must get back into the kitchen and garden to relearn the value that food brings into the human experience.  Gut health is essential in helping produce the necessary neurotransmitters appropriate per each situation.  Do your best to eat GMO and pesticide free.  We are not at the whims of our biology, rather our biology is at the whims of our everyday actions and lifestyle.

Dope, I mean hope, I mean soap, clean like bleach, I say nope. I digress.
I am a huge supporter of natural health while also acknowledging the value of western medicine. While on the topic of natural medicine, I would like to recommend chiropractic care as it helps support a properly functioning nervous system helping the parasympathetic system activate and align sensory inputs. Pharmaceutical industries do some good, but it could be argued that they cause as many problems as they fix.  You could also argue that the way it currently functions completely violates the Nuremberg code established to disallow the use of human experimentation while also violating the Hippocratic Oath.  The treatment for ADHD is typically an amphetamine-type substance.  This is borderline Meth. Of course it isn’t the same stuff being smoked on the streets, but it is one small chemical away. Adderall is a popular Amphetamine used that can cause psychosis, dehydration, inflammation, insomnia, stomach ulcers, depression, digestive problems, and many other abnormalities. These aren’t rare occurrences either.  The idea is that Adderall will activate the Dopamine receptors, also known as the motivation neurotransmitter, located in the prefrontal cortex.  This means it artificially activates a part of the brain that is almost nonexistent in younger children.  Let me say that again in a different way.  We are diagnosing and prescribing dangerous Drugs to treat something that is a natural process of development.  Men’s PFC (prefrontal cortex) develops at a much slower rate which would make sense why boys are more often diagnosed with ADHD than females in elementary years. In recent years, I can even tell an immense difference in my own mental clarity since reaching the age 25. Motivation is also a key component.  I guarantee you that if a tv show is on with your ADHD child that they like and are interested in, they can sit there and pay attention like a grad student prepping for his MCAT.  The kids are simply not interested in sitting down all day learning how to do adult things like read. Kids need to move and develop their social muscles (also in the PFC). Movement and heart rate variability (training physically), actually increases the neuroplastic activity in the brain.  Let the kids run around and play.  We are raising a generation of zombies who are learning to be addicted at a young age.  Screen time is also a major problem when it comes to the ADHD epidemic.  Looking at a screen also artificially activates the PFC, so be aware of how much time you are letting the TV babysit your kid. 

Lastly, we have environmental factors. You have two types of modes your body switches from, fight and flight, also referred to as the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.  When you in an unsafe environment, your parasympathetic system shuts off and your sympathetic system is activated.  This hereby, raises cortisol levels and increases the heart rate lowering your ability to digest food as all the blood runs away from your stomach and into your skeletal muscles to help you escape the dangerous environment.  Learning breathing techniques are a great way to hijack the parasympathetic system and calm the nerves. I’m very interested in the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for ADD to help with neurological activity as shown by The Mayo Clinic while working with dementia patients.  When you live in a toxic environment, your brain cannot process information effectively because it is not focused on a coloring book or creating a future career, rather it is trying to build an escape plan.  My son was living in a toxic home before living with me full time and the more time he spent at our home, the more his nerves could calm and the better his attention became. This isn’t to bash his mom at all because she does love him immensely and still get regular visits with him. For anyone who wishes to bash her can go fuck off because she did the most selfless thing by letting me have him full time. She knew I had a strong support system and a loving home to help our son. If you are a parent and cannot communicate with your significant other, get out and get help! I swear my son’s mother and I get along better than most married couples. We haven’t always agreed, but we always try to respect one another. It is not fair to the child for parents to not get along. Grow up and communicate.  Children learn from the parents. If the parents throw big tantrums all the time for stupid little things, guess what the kids will do? You guessed it, they too will have tantrums too.  Simply beating your kid will only cause more trauma instead of setting him/her straight.  Be patient with your kid, teach them manners, patience, love, respect, and do so with your tone, body language, and eye contact.  Get down on their level and speak directly to them. Spend the time to explain the rules to help the child understand cause and effect on an intellectual manner as well as physical reality.  I believe there to be an incredible amount of research to be done on prenatal care in the form of epigenetics.  To all the pregnant mothers out there, it isn’t just your body so please don’t be selfish. Love yourself enough to be able to love another life enough to make the hard choices. If you are a mother with an Atypical child, it very well may not be your fault but there is still something you can do to help.

I always like to say it is called Attention Deficit Disorder because many of times the child is deficient from attention.  When you touch, look at, and talk to someone, you are engaging with their prefrontal cortex. This truth is one major issue I have with the mask debate but that is for another day.  It is important to give attention now.  In Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, people must move through each stage. If a child is inhibited from moving through a certain stage, they could be stuck there for life.  I like to correlate and layer Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help facilitate the needs of a human in order to progress and become their best possible self.  This idea of being stuck in a mental state would make sense of the data showing the correlation to mental illness and poverty.  

Being a parent is tough and we must start becoming held accountable to the next generation that we are raising.  There are broken institutions raising our children and we must stand up against them.  Acting as a community and a neighbor is a great place to start. Find friends that support your healthy lifestyles and put distance (not necessarily cut off) with those that are more or less considered toxic.  Eat healthy, be happy, sleep (removes plaque in the brain and increases mental clarity), obtain stability, love in all the ways the Greek language uses the word love and get help when things are outside of your control.  Perhaps there is a place for short term use of Amphetamines to help fire new pathways.  I often go back and forth between the use of nootropics to increase neurological function and the acknowledgement of them used as drugs with horrendous side effects.  At the end of the day, at least try.  Try essential oils, try diet, try chiropractic, try getting into a safe environment, just simply try and don’t give up.  Don’t be so hard on yourself either. Lead with Love. Follow your gut. Believe what seems probable and forgive yourself when you are wrong.

PS. I’m not a doctor so this is not medical advice. I’m not making any money sharing my experiences and information that I have come across.  Always be sure to check with a Healthcare professional as some vitamins and herbs can cause unintended consequences just like pharmaceuticals on account drugs are made to replicate chemicals that naturally occur.  On a side note, I find it incredibly illegal via 1st amendment to enact punitive charges against someone for sharing information and experience, no matter the topic of discussion. You cannot have authoritarianism and science in one system because science is inherently built to prove itself wrong in the name of becoming more precise.

“Tame the Main Brain”

Watch “Yoga’s Purpose” on YouTube

Yoga is something we could all incorporate into our lives. In today’s ugly world, it is vital to take time to observe the beauty that is still surfacing on a daily basis. Your focus becomes a key tool to gaging what to do and what not to do. Yoga gives our mind the time to let the chaos around us quiet long enough to focus on things we have control over while also letting the things we lack control over fade away into the distance. Tatiana Mark is a true inspiration for sharing her thoughts about Yoga. #Yoga #NaturalHealth #Movement #Workouts #Wellness

I Care About Health Care

If there was ever a hippopotamus in a small room, I think the Healthcare system would take the wedding cake and the main course when it comes to problems in our society. To take on this subject, I will do my very best to approach it with extreme honesty and as gently as I possibly can.  I’m absolutely not qualified to the standards of the AMA to really talk about this subject so let this sentence be my disclaimer that this is an opinion piece and not medical advice. Healthcare is a personal situation, cultural phenomenon and also a series of systematic organizations that should work in sync together for the betterment of humanity. At the end of this piece, I will weigh in on the covid conversation. I hope to escape the idealism role in our political and social stratospheres and enter more into a direct implementation of the most agreeable truths.  At the end of this article, I shared my favorite drink to Kickstart my immune system.

Before delving too deep into the state of Healthcare affairs, I believe the single most important issue to tackle is the unhealthy nature of our country as well as world. The concept of cost benefit analysis is an essential function to weighing the pros and cons of everyday actions. People are both more unhealthy than ever while also living longer than ever before in the history of humanity.  This conundrum has created quite a difficult solution, especially as you incorporate government policy, economic vs philanthropic philosophies, personal vs social decisions, and all of the emotional angst amidst it all.

In my short time working in the hospital, I’ve noticed there are only a couple main reasons people pass away.  In no particular order, the first way is trauma.  Car wrecks, brain trauma, loss of blood or something of the sort would be the theme of this cause of death.  The next major cause of death is via infection.  Infections can come from a number of issues, from a simple cut, intestinal infections to cellulitis or a common infection from a virus that goes south.  When someone with diabetes gets an infection, their body has a really hard time both fighting the infection and also healing the wound.  Another big problem with infections is the case of becoming resistant to antibiotics.  Some of it is due to doctors preemptively over prescribing them for good reason and also the fact that antibiotics wipe out the gut bacteria which is one of the key sources of the immune system and also mental health.  Diabetes is a great segway into the next general cause of death, obesity.  Obesity is a lot of things. It isn’t just genetics, or a simple caloric equation of inputs and outputs.  Many of times, people are dehydrated and mistake thirst for hunger.  I also understand there to be a neurological relationship as well as hormonal influence on the outcome of obesity.  Once someone is obese, their circulation becomes restricted, starving cells of proper metabolic function causing a build of toxicity and acidity in the body.  A couple of terminal things can go wrong from here. Firstly, a lack of oxygen and circulation can lead to brain matter decay, also known as dementia or other neurological disorders. Cancer can form from the inability to excrete waste.  Necrosis can form from the lack of oxygen and nutrition to the cell.  Many of times, necrosis comes as a type of cancer too.  Organ failure is the other closely related problem when the circulation is obstructed.  There are other ways such as allergic reactions, but even this example relates to the previously mentioned circulatory restriction as a mechanism of death.  In some ways, gluttony is literally suicide in slow motion.  Freak accidents and genetic variances will always strike us sideways and give us moral quandaries to contemplate. Modern medicine has given us the ability to manage the vitals enough to enable us to live in an unhealthy manner.  It has also enabled us to not let common colds eradicate an entire population. In some ways, perhaps this is the pursuit of happiness, to have a cake and eat it too but I believe health is a true standard for actual happiness. Being healthy is vital for not just living, but livingood. Consuming an appropriate amount of vitamins, becoming aware of allergens and food sensitivities, getting active, seeking chiropractic care, retaining emotional health, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, sleeping, having shelter, and having healthy relationships are the keys to a happy lifestyle.

Death is half of life.  The darkness however creates a higher level attention to light.  The contrast of life beautifies all realities. It seems that by prolonging the inevitable has inadvertently caused us to become hypersensitive to the point of potential life long trauma upon every occurrence to death.  Memory has given us the ability to not make the same mistake twice so we do store an experience extra deep into our hippocampus that could prevent the end of one’s genetic lineage. Culture helps retain such rich information through the means of story.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons that urge me to write.  Regardless, with the topic of culture in mind, we must accept how much culture plays a role in the health of our nation.  One of my favorite quotes of all time is “Lead By Example” in reference to parenting as emphasized by Psychotherapist, Meghan Toups.  Our culture says money is more important than health, convenience is more important than health, taste is more important than nutrients, and unnatural is better than natural. Before we can fix the healthcare industry, we must first prioritize what really matters.  We must lead by example individually and collectively.

Lastly, in the topic of health care, we have the systematic beast to grapple with.  Firstly, the reality that economics is the driving force behind health care decisions is a major ethical violation.  With the amount of debt that Healthcare practitioners have to gamble with makes an understandable argument on their behalf, but this argument is short-sided if you were able to fix the education problem.  I’m not saying college should be entirely free per say, but higher education should at least be affordable and for those going into such industries that help people directly, these employees should never have to deal with economic hardships.  I quiver at the idea of being a Doctor with $400,000 in debt.  This was almost me had I continued my graduate program in Chiropractic.  Additional issues with the education system is both the inability to steer people in a career that society needs and can make a livable income and also the limited amount of students allowed in these programs.  I could go as far saying that the stringent GPA requirements is also a problem as it measures a very singular type of intelligence while neglecting other types of thinkers.  Insurance is the biggest scam our world has ever seen.  Insurance as an ideal is great, but when it comes to Healthcare, we should implement the concept of “the law of large numbers” and enforce a sales tax.  Personally, I believe we should utilize the “sin tax” in relation to all toxicities and nutrient deficient foods.  This would be a direct accountability program to the causes of people getting sick.  In addition to the taxation of unhealthy items in our economy, I think subsidies for healthier options could also help completely eradicate the myth of it being too expensive to eat healthy.  Another unique angle I would like to introduce into the conversation is the idea that patents are in fact atrocious in their nature when it comes to anything relating to helping save people’s lives.  The world of patents in fact withold scientific progression in the name of individual ego and economic selfishness.  Not only does it disallow the market system to drive down costs, it inhibits the speed of further innovation to the technology or disease at hand.

The entire Healthcare Industrial Complex is dealing with a broken and compartmentalized approach to help the whole person.  Hospitals are a very progressive concept when it comes to efficacy and convenience. It is great you can come to one place and have immediate results for lab work, get a multitude of scans, have a baby, and even get your prescriptions, however convenience can come at a cost.  The main problem with this level of convenience is the accidental exposure to contagions.  I do think it would be wise for there to be two different types ocontagious for this exact reason.  The first hospital would deal with infections diseases such as Corona Viruses, Rhino Viruses, the Flu, other stomach bugs, and other viruses/bacterial infections as the other hospital would deal with emergency trauma-like situations.  There are two other types of facilities that need major funding that could alleviate the current Healthcare system immensely is elderly care and also mental health.  As far as mental health goes, the criminal justice system would have to be brought into the conversation.  Rehabilitation is another dimension of mental health that is in serious need of both scientific evolution as well as treating and preventing.  The DARE program in Elementary Schools and The War Against Drugs are both treacherous failures that need to be reassessed and addressed.  Helping the overall state of well being and helping assure people have all of their basic needs would be a great place to start when talking about the mental health institutions and reducing the healthcare system in general.  There is a massive presence of the homeless population that consumes beds in the hospitals.  For elderly care, we should invest into Healthcare professionals in this industry.  The elderly care centers have a massive misappropriation of funds by understaffing the staff to the point of the staff being unable to care for their patients as they take on sometimes a 20/1 ratio of patients to Healthcare professionals.  There is a revolving door between patients both in elderly care facilities and mental health facilities to hospitals.  This poor planning of public funds and professional talent is depleting limited resources in an already famished industry.  One of my favorite quotes I have heard online regarding the current state of Healthcare goes along the lines of it isn’t the building’s capacity to hold people that is the problem as to why it takes so long for a group of people to enter into a building at the same time but the limited accessibility points into the building. We have a plethora of doctors with private practices that depend on insurance for patients, not the supply/demand of sick patients.  Most people don’t even know where to go when they are sick besides the Emergency Room.  We must take a look at the entire picture of Healthcare including the frame if we want a real chance at helping the maximum amount of people in the most effective and efficient manner. 

One huge deal breaker in the agreeability of the healthcare conversation is the argument to force others to do something for the greater good. When it comes to doing it out of respect, it should be a no-bainer, but when it comes to trusting information, we pile on a whole other level of unrecognized detail.  Vaccines and Diet become almost opposing directions to this topic.  More recently and still relative to the vaccine/diet debate is the Covid-19 debacle. To quarantine and risk economic collapse and depression for the sake of not over running hospitals and infecting at-risk patients.  To read the literature on masks and wear them in public areas with the belief that it will slow the risk of transmission or not wear a mask from the research that shows their ineffectiveness and potential cause of other illnesses.  To remain 6 feet a part and disengage from the necessary action of human to human touch for the idea of the greater good, or retain the culture of affection and handshakes.  I believe vaccines do have their place but I also believe they could be safer and should never be rushed.  I do not believe rushing vaccines nor forcing vaccines should ever be allowed on an ethical level unless we were facing an illness with something closer to a 25% death count.  A final point I would like make is that we have a problem with our freedom of speech pertaining to this topic at hand.  You are legally bound to not share ideas or information regarding someone else’s Healthcare situation.  If I read something online or have lived through something myself then decide to share that with someone else, I could get sued and possibly jailed for practicing medicine without a license.  Although I do see the reason this law was created in terms of assuring bad advice is not given, on the contrary many of times this law inhibits the ability to try new or “untested” methods.  This also stops many Healthcare workers from having a voice in a time where perspective is needed more than ever.  If big pharma cannot profit on it, you better believe there will not be an evidence-based approach developed for health professionals to utilize.  This became a huge problem when it came to taking preventative measures via supplements and diet (Zinc, Vitamin C,  Vitamin D, and Quinine) which was especially important amidst the “Fake News” obsession during the pandemic/plandemic.  These vitamins/minerals have always been my goto when getting sick.  I did in fact use this combination this year when I believe to have gotten Corona Virus 19 and almost immediately started feeling better.  The hospitals are full, but they typically remain fairly full anyways. Any uptick in the amount of patients can cause massive wait times.  The dependence on a strict budget causes hospitals to treat their staff like a restaurant, cutting the staff on typically slowerly times and pushing the staff to their limit.  For the first time ever, I did see a commercial funded by a public organization promoting healthy and preventative measures for type 2 diabetes and I have also recently noticed an increase in commercials on vitamins and minerals.  I believe that science will find a way.  It is unfortunate that we have lost trust in science and the medical system, but when you have secret courts for vaccines, doctors prescribing meds instead of preaching lifestyle, surgeons doing unnecessary surgeries or persuading patients to use their area of expertise over someone else for the sake of money and ego, pharmaceutical companies running/sponsoring Continuing Education programs as well as incentive programs, lawsuits of damage caused by drugs that come out the same year patents become public domain such as Lipitor, by Pfizer, who is one of the CoVid-19 vaccine manufacturers and most importantly, the use of skewed and falsified research for the sake of selling methods to treat someone’s illness without considering or simply suppressing the dangerous side effects.  Historically, I have been a staunch speaker against the modern Healthcare system, however since beginning work in this field, I have a much greater sense of empathy to the barriers in place preventing the best care from being given.  The Healthcare system is a slave to the legal system as we treat lawsuits as much as patients.  At the end of the day, we are living in a sick world with a massive disconnect from what we should do compared to what we are actually doing.  My hope is that people begin to take their health more seriously and our government starts choosing to make laws for the people over big pharma and the stock market. 

Listed below is a recipe for what I call “Witches Brew,” an immune booster.
Boil for 30 minutes:
-6 cups of water with Green Tea and/or Hibiscus Tea
-3 Tablespoons of Tumeric
-3 Cloves of Garlic
-1 teaspoon of Black Pepper
-2 tablespoons of Cloves or 10 whole Cloves
-2 teaspoons of Cayenne Paper
-10 thin shavings of Garlic
-1 teaspoon of water solvable Magnesium
-1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
-2 tablespoons of Raw Local Honey
-1/2 Diced Onion
-Elderberry syrup at the end or a handful of whole Elderberries boiled
-Whole Grapefruit (including peel)
-Whole Lemon squeeze
-1 Oz of Apple Cider Vinegar
-1 teaspoon of gelatin

Strain it and mix it with Orange Juice to enhance the flavor and add some extra vitamin C.  You can also add EmergenC for additional vitamins/minerals and flavor. Be careful if you have issues with blood pressure when taking this blend. As mentioned before, I am not a medical professional with the licensing ability to treat sick patients. I can tell you this recipe is full of antivirals, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory remedies, antimicrobials, antifungal, and immune supporting vitamins/minerals.  There could always be unintended consequences to taking anything outside of health professional’s knowledge or recommendation but that doesn’t stop people from putting a honey bun in their mouth or drinking a mix drink at the bar.

Live long and prosper.  Thanks for enjoying the read. -Garrett Livingood

“Writing From The Heart ❤”

What To Do

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong?
History is the story of science unfolding with relics of art and data of information beholding the idea of what used to be.  There are many ways to study humanity and life itself, each with a scientific catalog to store the body of vocabulary terms to name each observation made by a demigod on the timeline of mankind. Upon each layer we peel away, we find a more convincing theory to prey our beliefs on. Tears fill our eyes in the wake of cognitive dissonance as if it was an onion we were peeling back. The truth is, it’s a mask you eventually unveil.

We all quake when faced with the true essence of life, death. Historically, death was a commonplace. People were faced with difficulties beyond finding toilet paper.  Most simply didn’t make it to adulthood.  Centuries would pass as lifestyles and ways of life would remain constant. What we knew was simplicity. We knew survival.  We were fit. Now, we are tredding in a bowl of jello with self destruction being our main course for Life.

Since the industrial age, we have built a relationship with technology that has made us completely dependent on a broken system.  From our homes that are unsustainable to our inefficient communities to our useless jobs that typically do little to nothing to progress and protect our species. We as a species arguably work harder, at the very least longer, than ever before as we spend less and less time doing what we enjoy with who we love and care for.  Time keeps on slipping into the future of the dark matter that really ends up not mattering at all.

We are slaves to an idea few understand. We are engaged to thoughts that few respect.  We are in love with actions that erode our brain matter.  We are killing ourselves softly with the cameras rolling in the live feed. We are neither living as monsters, nor dying as heros.  We are effortlessly turning grey in a world that is losing its saturation and contrast with the lines blurring in and out of consciousness until we become enlightened enough to not be fake woke. We are humans of the 21st century and we are sorry for being so wrong about everything. 

What to do in a world that eventually proves you to be wrong? My solution is transforming an interest into an artform.  Do whatever you find interesting and become better at it each day.  For starters, practice the art of focus.  It seems that focusing is a muscle that we have lost touch with. Once you have developed the skill of focus, diversify your time with things that make you happy, things that make you feel confident, things that are complicated, and things that are pleasing.  Don’t let the comfort of gravity pull you to submission of breathing rigor mortis. Focus on building your internal structures of health and neurological development in order to break the bonds that keep you happily ignorant of the poisons we dose up on daily. Observe your set point for self satisfaction sky rocket as you build a better world starting with yourself. When we reach a point of creating societies whereby everyone attempts to follow these basic principles, we will become proud to have the DNA sequences we were born with.
-Cheers humans


It is the 1st of the year in 2021 as I decide to build this blog. I’ve been writing over the past decade while maneuvering through my early 20s. I have found writing to be a form of therapy in addition to a way to externalize thoughts and ideas that keep me motivated and interested in an assortment of subjects from Multi-Media, Health, 3D Art to Philosophy and Physics.

Currently, between working, college classes, and parenting, I’m in the process of publishing my 1st book as I work on my 2nd and 3rd book. Starting this blog is a way to continue to publish my content outside of the normal social media platforms to assure I don’t get “cancelled” and also to give myself the freedom to share my thoughts without the ridicule from the woke class of ignoramuses.

In 2020, my company GMC Productions was put to rest. Susan, my fiance, and myself started GMC Productions in 2015 as a merger between her photography and my video production.  We had a blast working together even through our most abusive clients. Building a company focused on branding could have been my single most successful failure ever accomplished in my short time here on Earth. 

At the age 28, I’ve become competent in accounting, legitimating companies, marketing, sales, online platforms, design, storytelling/copy writing, real estate, insurance, law, construction, health and wellness, and simple time management. I’m no expert yet, but I am competent enough to decipher between a sales pitch and an unbiased source that is laying out pure data.  It would be nice to call it luck that I landed such a wide range of clients to learn about their industry but I’m not a believer in luck.  I have worked incredibly hard to learn what I have learned and obtain the information I have been exposed to.

Many people dread the name of 2020, but for me, it was a year of being reborn. Not in the way of a Christian, but I did endure a form of Ego death. I lost my funding for the Doctorate of Chiropractic program I started in 2019. I definitely struggled in the program. In fact, that program was one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. I lost my funding due to my drop/pass ratio going into my 3rd quarter. This dose of reality struck deep as an entire vision of my future disappeared once again amidst my wishes to simply take a semester off as the Covid outcry shutdown all of my study spots with an internet that couldn’t support the live streamed classes.  I remind myself that I chose the choices I made. I am exactly where I am supposed to be with each day, gaining more clarity and optimism than the last.

With the 1st of January coming to an end, I sit in the ER of a local hospital working as a Patient Care Tech, writing this piece.  I’ll begin taking my remaining prerequisites over the next 5 semesters for a different Health Science program at a local Community College, Chattahoochee Technical College.  The exact program I will start in 2022 isn’t completely decided upon but a Medical Lab Technician is in the top of my choosing. I do not however intend on stopping my education with my next certification or license.

Lastly, my family. I’m engaged with my love of my life and our wedding is set for June 30th 2021. My son is with me and Susan full time and doing better than ever before.  One thing is for sure, I am happy. I am whole.

“It is a Happy New Year #2021”