Cancel culture is a virtue signaling phenomenon rooted in a warfare of ethical ideologies. There are true virtuous concepts that I do support in the cancel culture movement but the out right will to destroy another’s sense of well being is far from empathetic and a decent way of living.  To believe in anything is not something to be taken lightly of as belief in anything is becoming a scarce commodity in today’s world.

Boycotting is a tool most popularly celebrated through the Civil rights movement. I fully support some philosophies of cancel culture but there is a risk in today’s social networking era.  I believe cancel culture is perfectly acceptable on an individual level, but when you make it a goal to systematically disenfranchise someone, other mental disorders may be a common denominator of those doing the cancelling. 

A large problem in society is the tongue twisters people are tied in while attempting to critique a situation. People are stuck between a philosophy and a hard situation.  A good mediator can distinguish the differences and similarities amidst a conversation but that takes critical thinking.  Too often we get stuck in the amygdala centered mindset causing competition to Trump the opportunity for growth and understanding. Critical thinking is another lost art form as our hierarchy of information has been designed to be distributed and trusted lacks a balanced approach to contemplating the multivariate effect of human experience. 

I do believe that Jordan Peterson had it right in supporting the hierarchical tendency that life typically envelopes but there must always be some type of symbiosis and/or competition in the ecology of any system to retain a deserving role in the time spent listening and adapting to new information.  Hence countercultures have been necessary to sustain a healthy and ethical society for the sake of keeping balance and accountability in a social structure.  Counterculture unfortunately has no place in the land of cancel culture.  This unforgiving nature to social networks brings about a scary foretelling feeling of overreach into the personal privacy of the individual’s ability to create dialogue pertaining to advancing a concept beyond a superficial baseless idea/theory/policy.

To instill comedy is another risky artform that one must tread softly while incorporating into serious topics.  Many of times, making a cynical statement can come off as lacking empathy, but I think we as a society should do a better job of letting comedy do the dirty work of sharing honest opinion.  Comedy is an cultural phenomenon that takes experience to understand.  If someone doesn’t share the same experience, they can get defensive as they could believe your truth is discrediting their truth.  If everyone is Nice, then no one is growing.  We are essentially putting flowers over mold and rot.  If you’re not laughing at pain, you’re grimacing. The Sun isn’t nice, it’s tough and you have to develop thick skin to handle the harsh rays. Life is hard and needs hard conversation.  Comedy is mechanism to poke and prod on holes in difficult situations.

As I continue to write and share my opinion and perspective, I risk the chance of losing my entire livelihood and sense of job security. This should never be the case for those searching for truth and wanting to share their truths with others.  Perhaps sharing the fruit of my thoughts is a reflection of my own sense of insecurity of beliefs with an instinct to desire a deeper state of cognitive bias.  But how am I to know if I am not allowed to communicate my exposure to information and experiences.  The “Leftists” have created formats to arguments to discredit and weaponize personal experience for the sake of the perceived “greater good.”  I understand the credibility standard to sharing information and I also fully respect the danger of poor information.  The important part of this puzzling reality of information overload is that better conversation is the remedy, not silence.  Unfortunately, many political conversations are emotionally driven with a hateful demeanor at the core making it nearly impossible to conclude and agree even if you do.

We cannot avoid honesty, truth, and being wrong.  There must be boundaries of respect in humanity, otherwise we can find ourselves in a modern holocaust systematic oppressive society through emotionally driven policy.  Hate is no answer. Forgiveness is an integral part of a happy life as grudges will darken the fabric of one’s soul in a way that stains every thought with an ugly bitterness.  To not support something is okay, it’s not necessarily hate so be careful with the Critical Race Theory approach to analyzing choices and actions.  People are the choices they make but no person has made all of the right choices and tomorrow will always offer room for more choices. Understanding mistakes and growing from them is a culture that I want to cultivate rather than thoughtless anarchy to all that aren’t registered perfect.  It comes down to the individual so lead by example starting today.  Stay woke but don’t get paranoid from not sleeping.  Stay humble, but don’t be afraid to step up and speak out.  Stay happy and learn the art of forgiveness.  Cancel as you wish but don’t do it with malicious intent or else you may too get canceled.

Published by Garrett Livingood

I write, learn, share, and experience the many flavors of life. I spent my childhood chasing sports, the next decade chasing success in the field of Media. I took a period to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness field and now focus on engineering solutions to help make a better world.

3 thoughts on “Canceled

  1. First, thanks for subscribing to my blog. Cancel culture cuts both ways. I am an unapologetic Leftist (and not the middle of the road Leftists the United States political system has to offer—AKA ‘moderates’ or ‘centrists’). My crime-worthy cancel trigger is my non-cognitive postmodern nihilism. People like JBP insist there is a structure. It’s there to find if you just look. Of course, my position is that all social structure is constructed. And that just pisses tonnes of people off. You mention your livelihood. We are in the same boat—or at least in boats not necessarily seaworthy, if even for different reasons. And good luck with you cancellations.

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    1. I am pretty open but I support the right to cancelation and would prefer my expenditures go toward the most good so incentives for putting my money where my mouth is becomes an easy pursuit.
      I appreciate you sharing. Critique lives in every crevice of every quantum thought including my own for sure.

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  2. I think cancel culture has become the toxic distillation of ignorance and social media hype. Any and all critique is valid, whatever the subject, as long as its done in a respectful and constructive manner. Sadly all too often this isn’t the case nowadays, as cancel culture usually ends up being less of a positive tool for raising issues and more of an aggressive hijacking of objectivity to drive hits and clicks or boost social media presence or influence.

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