Hormones, Health, and Nature

Biology Meets “Contra”versy

-Female Anatomy-

The female is beautiful.  The way her body is the home for the creation of life and her power grips the heart of life are some things to be praised. Every month she sacrifices a part of herself in hopes of one day continuing life for the greater good.  The female organs help regulate the hormonal health beyond doing the job of procreation.

A vital part of female health is having balanced hormones. Ovaries produce hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone. These hormones work together in the fertility process but also with managing calcium and cholesterol.  They are steroid hormones which means they help with immune function, inflammation, and hydration. Follicle-Stimulating Hormones and Luteinizing Hormones are communicators from the Thydoid and Pituitary glands to the ovaries.  The average level of FSH and other hormones vary depending on the age, sex/gender, genes and individual. 

-Male Anatomy-

Testicles are the male’s reproductive organs.  Similar to the ovaries, the male reproductive system deals heavily with hormone regulation and is the source for procreation. 

Manage your hormones with diet, lifestyle, sleep, healthy sexual activity, and simple mindset training. Vitamin D, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil are all extremely beneficial nutrients to increase the health of the endocrine system. Maca Root is my favorite supplement for balancing hormones for both men and women. Make sure to get authentic Maca from South America.  If your hormones are still off, look into getting additional support from a professional health/medical specialist.

Next, I will discuss the political orientation to hormones and gender ad a sociopolitical topic.

I want to take a second to share my understanding on a controversial topic, Transgenders. This is a difficult topic in today’s climate so hang with me.  My intentions are to share my perspective.  This isn’t a hate statement, rather a scientific and honest essay.  I decided to write this piece because I care about people who don’t love themselves for who they are.  I care about people’s hormonal health.  I care enough to try and speak from my heart and mind even though fully knowing the friction amidst the conversation. Firstly, I don’t really care about what an adult is doing to their own body aside for wanting them to pursue their happiness but there are consequences to every action, especially in the space we have entered.  I am fully open to learn more and accept my state of ignorance if my current perspective is simply wrong, so leave a comment. Perhaps, this is the way of the future, but I have seen too much in the hospital and read too much about Anatomy and Physiology to not speak on my own behalf. I’m here to grow and we grow by sharing information and perspective regarding information, then listening to a response.

All humans are different but there are patterns that we can use to make sense of our past, be prepared for the present, and predict the future.  Scientifically speaking, there are natural and obvious patterns found throughout Life in general, but especially for homosapiens in order to stay relevant in this article.  Hormones and sexual organs are constants in the human race.  Typically, generalizations entail exceptions so I’ll do my best to articulate when a statement has exceptions.  A hermaphrodite, someone born with two sexual organs, is a perfect example of such exceptions.  Even hermaphrodites typically grow into and embody either male or female characteristics.  There is a fine line between rhetoric, data, science, philosophy and belief.  Keep these different approaches to perspective alive while reading the remainder of this piece.  Yes, I’m a white male.  And as the LGBTQ community has reiterated, gender and race do not matter so let’s hold back the ignorance and hate. Since we have all agreed that humans are equal, I will not tolerate sexist and racist statements. Yes, you can be sexist and racist against a white male. You do not have moral superiority because of race, sex, or status. I don’t care what the educational institutions have listed in their definitions. If you don’t like someone because of their skin or sex, you need help and an intervention. If something I say is simply wrong, I am fully open to hearing why.  This is how we grow.

I want to discuss the LGBQ first before getting too deep onto the Trans conversation.  Personally, I just consider it all a form of homosexuality, similar to cake.  There are many types of cake, but they are all still cake.  I’m not making a belittling statement, I’m just categorizing an observation using a literary technique called a metaphor/simile. Homosexuality is active in many different species but when someone says it isn’t natural, they are talking about the use of sex to procreate and the function of how meiosis functions.  Sure male dogs hump each other, but there is a difference between proving dominance and a male dog around a female dog in heat.  There is a biological truth to this innate attraction.  What is natural is for a male and female to have sex.  Sex for mammalian life has been a requirement for contuing life since the beginning of mammalian life on this planet until in vitro insemination.  I fully acknowledge that what is natural does not automatically carry a moral higher-ground.  Amoebas don’t need sex, but they are irrelevant in the conversation about human biology.  The words Natural and God are interchangeable so understand that when someone uses the Bible or religion, they are using a naturalist approach.  As it pertains to marriage, the government shouldn’t even be involved in marriages.  We shouldn’t have a tax cut for marriages.  Marriage is a religious institution and if a priest wants to marry someone then so be it! The government should have nothing to say about it.  If you want to list a significant other of the same sex on your government information, then the government should not have any say over who it is.  It is not the governments place to tell me who I can be with so long as it is two willing adults.

The feminists are almost negatively effected by the Trans movement. Men exceed in most sports over women and I do believe it is important to acknowledge women as they are. Women sports are important to keep separate.  Perhaps we could have a separate gender neutral institution entirely with separate bathrooms and sports leagues.  But I want to ask that if genders don’t exist then why even distinguish between lesbian and gay or bi?  See where the logic breaks down?  It is almost like some Trans people choose this lifestyle because they are ashamed of being just Gay.  This goes completely against the actual support for the LGBQ community.  I don’t care how you dress, how to talk, how you walk, whatever.  I’m happy if you are happy!  If you aren’t happy, your sexual organs are not to blame, rather a hormonal imbalance is much more likely. But when we start taking things away from women such as sports, and we endanger our women by letting men into their restrooms and private areas, I have something to say.  If someone has gone through a full transition and they can’t rape a girl in the bathroom, then I have no problem.  People should also respect the rules of the jurisdiction.  If a municipality or private business claims it to be a threat, follow the rules and move somewhere supports your way of life.  I think a big problem is that many national problems are actually local problems.  If we took this approach, I believe we could get a more honest look at the topic and laws at hand and we as a society could work together on topics that need a national effort instead of cultural issues that could be dealt with on a local level.

Hormonal health is vital for proper metabolic, immunological, circulatory, digestive, and mental health.  Your hormones communicate with every cell and every system in your body.  Physical and also Psychological Trauma can cause hormonal dysfunction.  Your genes can establish your hormonal levels but your epigenetic factors are equally important.  I’ll emphasize more on the array of factors that deal hormone imbalances later on in the essay.  To not be happy with oneself is a condition that I would describe as unhappy/depressed. To not feel who he/she is supposed to be would be considered unfulfilled/discontent. To not like your own body is “body dysmorphia.” To want to cut on oneself as a healthy person and cause perminent damage unnecessarily is something I would not consider normal rather an actual Psychological disorder called nonsuicidal self-injury disorder (NSSID).  Abuse, neglect, absence, and unstable parental relationships can effect someone on multiple levels and cause psychological disorders or attention disorders.  Aside from the hormone imbalance and PTSD that abuse can cause, it can also cause someone to resent the other sex as a defense mechanism or simply out of resentment.  Society can also shape attraction such that an anti-male society could turn men more feminine and encourage women into taking on the male role in an attempt to boycott the genetic male. Many of these reasons are either mental problems, environmental hazards, and/or scars left over from a traumatic event/s consisting of both physiological, social and also mindset related.

One of the biggest arguments used in defense of the LBTQ movement is the heightened number of suicides in this group of people.  Growing up, homosexuality was often the butt-end of a joke but it was always just that, a joke. It was many of times a way to show that you didn’t care about homosexuality. My friends and I would “act gay” out of giggles to our social image of what it means to be a man. It was never a hateful approach of being mean. If anything, it was a way of accepting those who were in our eyes. Let’s contrast the way straight men (especially white) are talked about by this very community. Us straight men (women too) are ridiculed, slandered, and threatened for just being who we are. This twisted manipulative way of thinking and acting makes it flat out uncomfortable to being myself when around this group. You don’t fight fire with fire. This group started out as being all for the love and freedom to be who you want but it wasn’t until the transmovement did it become something else entirely. Back to the suicides. This is completely unnatural and has no place of blame aside from the one committing the act of self terror. To say that my parents are why I committed suicide is just as bad as blaming an ex girlfriend breaking up with you in the reason of taking one’s life. This is not acceptable or normal and giving people a reason to do such a horrendous act is not okay in any shape or form. Perhaps if you would be beheaded for such acts, I could see some logic there but that is no where near the case in America. This bleeds back into the instability of many in this community pertaining to hormonal health, lifestyle, and mindset. Be proud of who you are and stand up for what you believe in but don’t get lost in your beliefs.

Currently my hypothesis/understandings regarding hormonal and sexual health are as followed: Ovarian cysts, cancers of the sexual organs, emotional instability, obesity, cancers and other hormone-related problems are due for a multitude of reasons but all related to hormonal health.  Reason # 1, our women are being subjected to hormone altering drugs as young as 10 years of age.  We do not know the longterm effects, yet we are still testing them on the population (This violates standards set forth in the Nuremberg Trials).  We do know these birth control devices are extremely dangerous.  Reason # 2, our diet has hormone injected foods and other toxicities that can interfere with the endocrine system.  Our food system also does not support a healthy microbiome either, which can cause future endocrine and neurological problems.  Reason # 2.5, our diet lacks specificity per each person’s needs.  Allergens, micro/macronutrients and metabolic ratios all vary across species in a population yet are widely ignored. Reason # 3, our lifestyles are too stagnant causing poor circulation and thereby overall poor endocrine health.  Reason # 4, there is so much “#science” showing different things that interfere with our endocrine system from sanitizers to perfumes that is completely ignored in the diagnosis of problems with our population.  Reason # 5, There is a likelihood that vaccines are causing lifelong issues and immunological disorders but that last point is more of a hypothesis.

As you can see, hormonal health is vital.  Natural hormone levels do vary according to each individual, but there is a healthy range for women and for men.  These levels are established in order to keep the sexual organs and endocrine organs healthy.  Our body is a system and when we throw any one part of our system out of balance, bad things happen. Depression, Neurological disorders, metabolic disorders, immunological disorders, the list goes on.  I believe some people really are born gay. But I also believe that number is much smaller than what the current community consists of. I also believe there is a spectrum of acknowledging attraction to actually being attracted to each sex that all humans fall on. I know that is quite a statement so I respectfully accept the ignorance and probability of me being wrong, hints the use of the word believe.  That belief includes the difference between someone truly born with imbalanced hormonal levels and nuerological pathways compared to someone who developed a variance from the median in neurological pathways and hormonal levels throughout their lifetime. 

If you want to be called a lady, I will 100% respect that.  If I describe you as a guy that goes by a woman or a woman that looks manly, I’m not being disrespectful, I’m being descriptive.  Men and women literally have patterns of different bone structure and biological differences.  It’s not an insult, it is the actual truth. Typically we design attire to further distinguish someone apart from the other sex. People with a low self esteem get offended.  People who are confident are doing what they believe therefore do not flinch nor bat an eye when someone speaks out against them.  If you take offense to someone describing you as a bigger guy and you are literally registered obese, than you need to work on your self esteem and probably your health too.  Obesity is one of the main outcomes behind the many reasons people end up in the hospital and we ought not ignore that.  Of course we shouldn’t make fun of people in the name of hurting their feelings, but we can’t kill comedy and we can’t ignore scientific data.  We need more honesty in society.  Honesty is hard because it takes both putting yourself out there, hurting someone, and risking being wrong. 

This may seem like a paragraph of bullying, but it’s not.  It’s just being honest and I see no problem with that.  Our society is really sick and we need to work together to make the world a healthy place again.  We must heal our minds, bodies, and spirits in order to prevent mass depression and psychological disorders.  Modern society has become so soft, we are literally allowing people to convince themselves to do genital mutilation.  If we had a healthy society full with people pursuing their passions free from trauma, I predict people would be happy with who they were born as.  This could be mass genocide of a group of people who most of which need help, not hate. They will not procreate. When it comes to legal paperwork and situations, I believe unless you are literally a hermaphrodite, or have gone through an entire procedure and no longer have your natural born organs, you ought to have to list that you transitioned.  I fully understand the idea of getting rid of “gender roles” in society but understand there will still be archetypes that will prevail.  There is a reason *most women/mothers do so well with newborns and young children and *most men do well with kids as they get older.  There is a reason most men are stronger than most women.  There is a reason most women are really good teachers and most men are good engineers.  We are wired a little differently and our sexual organs are a part of that wiring.  Of course people can do jobs they aren’t naturally born to do and of course many women serve as great engineers.  That should go understood without having to be said, but I just want to cover my basis.  As it pertains to letting children get a transition, I think that is a grotesque proposition.  Children conform to society and for society to allow genital mutilation on underdeveloped minds in a praising manner is something I abhor and cannot imagine being considered sane nor acceptable. Children’s brains are still developing.  Your brain is developing all the way into your mid 20s.  You don’t even embody your “gender/sex” until you reachq puberty anyhow.  Elementary school kids are all very similar regarding their “gender.”  Almost every kid says they don’t want to be a parent when they are young.  As we get older and learn more about the important things in life, procreation and raising the next generation is something I would describe as innate in the form of coming of age.  Why would we take that away from our adult selves?  Are we actively involving ourselves in genetic cleansing?  If a grown adult (fully developed brain) wants to go through with the process of transitioning fully, I believe he/she should be allowed to do so.  I also believe however that we should put together a sound plan of action to educate the individual on all of the future problems they will endure both physical and psychological.  Most people don’t realize the many health risks they are taking on by going through with this idea they are pursuing.  They don’t realize it takes years to heal with only more problems to come as their hormone imbalances continue to attack their body, the nerve trauma, and the overall trauma from the experience many of times followed by a life lived in shame rather than pride.  Often times, these individuals never heal, and if they have psychological damage that was the underlining reason which brought them to the point, that problem still remains even after the surgery, ignored and more than likely enhanced.  Having said this, individuals going through with this process should go through extensive cognitive therapy before and after.   They should be forced to get physically healthy to see if self confidence was the missing puzzle to their sense of self worth.  I could say the same for most unnecessary plastic surgeries, but life altering choices such as a “gender transition” should definitely require some type of physical/mental therapy.  The government should not have to pay under any type of government assisted program for someone to pursue this type of surgery and care.  Perhaps if the healthcare system was different/cheaper/more effective, my position on this could change. 

Perhaps the human race is dividing into a group that remains humans/homosapiens and a true Trans race that biohacks our system so that true “equality” is established in every way from child birth to skeletal structure to the rewiring of the nervous system. Who am I to say what is right or will be right. I can share a perspective and ideas from what I believe to know.

I predict endocrine health will be the next big diet and public health crisis, but who am I to think, write, believe, understand, imagine, share, and know?  I’m not a doctor, but I have helped many people who doctors could not (or did not) help. I have met many people and studied quite a bit on biology and human nature.  I can interpret scientific literature and have ready many historical philosophies.  I have studied the human body over the past 10 years and I care about the future of our race.  I write this because I care. I worry about people I know who are hurting themselves. I write because I see people that need help, not ridicule. Sometimes, hearing the truth Hurts, but that pain is necessary in order for the healing to start. If this article truly offended you, then I apologize. Having an opinion and/or understanding on something that does not fit your idea on the topic should not offend you, rather excite you to educate me. Perhaps I am completely wrong and times are changing. Maybe with recent scientific discoveries such as cloning or in vitro fertilization, the Trans movement will hold a lot more ground and truth. I’m open to being wrong. Respond with respect please.

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(Dear AMA: This Is Not Medical Advice so please don’t ruin my life for sharing my individual perception)

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